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Rosebud GamesBy Rosebud Games
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Rosebud GamesBy Rosebud Games
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pledged of $60,000pledged of $60,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, May 2 2014 2:02 PM UTC +00:00

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House of Caravan released on Steam and other stores!

Posted by Rosebud Games (Creator)

For those who haven't been connected last days, just as a reminder, House of Caravan was released on Steam, Humble Store the 16th of April as announced!  

It is also available directly through the House of Caravan website:

We hope you enjoy exploring the house and don't hesitate to leave your own comments!!! 

Thank you all!!! 

The Rosebud Team

House of Caravan set to launch in April 16th!

Posted by Rosebud Games (Creator)

After a succesful Greenlight campaign, House of Caravan is slated for release in April 16th. It will be out initially for PC Windows, and shortly with Oculus Rift addition plus Mac and Linux versions. Stay tuned for a new promotional video out very soon!

What secrets await you in the House of Caravan?

New game House of Caravan announced!

Posted by Rosebud Games (Creator)

Hi everyone!

We are back to action! Thanks for all the support we got all this time, means a lot for each one of us. We just announced our new game, House of Caravan.

House of Caravan is a new first-person room escape and exploration game which will be available in Spring 2015, and is based on the Death in Candlewood universe! If the new game sells reasonably well, Rosebud hopes to push Death in Candlewood and complete it by the end of 2015.

For everyone who's interested in seeing also House of Caravan on Steam, there's now a Greenlight page up and running! 

 Please check the first teaser trailer:

And some screenshots:

Game description

A spine-tingling horror adventure, House of Caravan takes place in a single mansion in Candlewood, northeast USA, in the early 20th Century. Stepping into the role of a young boy captured by strangers on his way to school, you’ll be tasked with exploring the house, uncovering clues as to your kidnapping, while attempting to find a way out.

But in this apparently deserted mansion, something doesn’t feel quite right...

With a gorgeously rendered 3D environment, full voice acting, and dozens of secrets to uncover, House of Caravan is a room escape game with a sinister twist. It’s Gone Home meets Crimson Room meets PT, with lashings of Edgar Allen Poe thrown in for good measure. The game will release for PC, Mac and Linux in Spring 2015.

Key Features

  • Uncover a dark and twisted narrative to uncover, inspired by Edgar Allen Poe and classic horror films
  • Explore a gorgeously rendered house filled with riddles and conundrums – solve the puzzles to find your way out
  • A fusion of narrative exploration and point-and-click adventure – with full 3D and first-person perspective
  • 60-90 minutes of game time on first play through
  • Will launch at a very reasonable price!

- The Rosebud Team

Last Meet the Team Update

Posted by Rosebud Games (Creator)

Dear backers!

Thanks for all of the constant support and encouragement. We are trying as hard as we can to let people know about our game. This has been an amazing experience thanks to all of you, the backers. Today we have the last update about the Meet the Team series.

Raul Mora, game designer for Death in Candlewood:

Hi everyone! I'm Raul Mora, a game designer and technical artist at Rosebud. I started my career in video games a few years ago as a freelancer and game designer for a Polish company, working mostly with Unity Editor and building levels. Three years ago Toni found me and I started to help developing Death in Candlewood. Now, here we are trying to make it really happen! I love working at Rosebud with such great people.

I also love video games, of course, and have been a gamer as early I can remember. I always loved to learn and see how games are built. Whenever I could, I proofed game editors like QRadiant, Hammer, Unreal Editor etc, but I've also learned 3D modeling, texturing and the various programmes involved. Personally, my favourite engine is Unreal Engine, but as Rosebud is such a small team it’s much more useful to work with Unity Engine. Unity lets us achieve fantastic results in a short time with an easy learning curve.

As a technical artist and game designer for Death in Candlewood, I have been working in all the custom shaders for the game, especially hard surfaces such as the ones you find on the vehicles. One of the biggest challenges as a technical artist has been creating realistic damage to the vehicles: I’ve been working a lot on scratches, dirt, blood, light reflections, broken glass and wasted paint! 

If anyone is interested in my previous work, you can find a sample of it here:

Thanks for reading!


Dan Palatnik, vehicle modeler for Death in Candlewood:

Hi all! I’m Dan Palatnik, born in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. I’m a graphics illustrator and a huge fan of antique cars (particularly from the ’30s to the ’60s) and of twentieth century design in general.

I have seen some of my own models on several mods in games like Mafia or GTA: San Andreas, and for Death in Candlewood I modeled most of the vehicles. Some are made from scratch specifically for the game, like the Chevrolet Panel Delivery 1939, and others were modified to fit the game’s requirements, like the Ford Tudor 1933 or the Lincoln Zephyr 1935.

One of the most challenging tasks related to the creation of cars for Death in Candlewood is that all the vehicles can be driven, take damage and even break into pieces, which means I have to keep details on the interiors and engines as well as create each piece independently like doors, bumpers or hoods. I use 3DS Max to model my cars and VRay for the high quality renders, so let me show you the process for building a car like the Chevrolet Panel Delivery 1939 from scratch: 

It’s been a pleasure to talk with you about my work! If you’re interested in seeing more, check out my portfolio on or my personal blog, “The Digital Garage Project”, on

Dani Naimare, concept artist for Death in Candlewood:

Hi all! I’m Dani, a graphic artist, specializing in illustration, concept art and storyboards, with a degree in graphic design, knowledge of 3D, photography and multimedia concepts.

I’ve been working in the games industry for some years now and participating in such a fantastic game as Death in Candlewood has been like a milestone for me. Also I have been working as a freelance in advertising projects and graphic design, as well as collaborations on short films and exhibitions.

Before that I also worked for some years in an advertising agency specializing in fashion where I learned many tricks with Photoshop to make a quick and clean job, like providing support to the lighting in the photo shoots and retouching of fantasy for some of our customers.

I studied arts and crafts in Vic (Barcelona, Spain), with further studying for several years in illustration and comic at Joso School (Barcelona), and studied CGI with Maya and Final Cut in IDEP (Barcelona), where I also studied media. I must confess that I also missed some CAD courses!!! Lately I’m always trying to take online training courses and perform lighting, concept art, creature design etc...

My work for Death in Candlewood so far has been the creation of concept art and also I have been developing ideas and promotional concepts to enhance the game’s brand identity, like for example the promotional poster you can see in the Kickstarter main page or on the websites.

Personally, I love the surf, breaking my guitar and watching movies!

It’s been a pleasure to talk with you about myself! If anyone is interested in my work, please visit my portfolio here:


Extended gameplay video and Greenlight!

Posted by Rosebud Games (Creator)

Hi everyone!

Thanks for all the support, means a lot for us. This is the last week of the Kickstarter campaign, we are still a bit far away from reaching the base goal but it has been a great experience for the team.

Extended Gameplay Video

As many of you asked for a longer gameplay video, this is the extended gameplay trailer for Death In Candlewood:

Greenlight’s up

For everyone who's interested in seeing Death in Candlewood on Steam, there's now a Greenlight page up and running!

Ah Last but not least! Besides working very hard on the gameplay videos, we also try to respond to comments and the emails we received as much as we could. Being a very small team and all of us have other day time jobs it is difficult to reply to everyone on time. We apologize if you receive our response late. We are very happy to receive your contact and we are grateful to have your support, we will try all the possible ways to deliver Death in Candlewood to you! 

-The Rosebud Team