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The Little Prinsinn at The Brooklyn Lyceum's video poster

Help our visual dream-circus in Brooklyn, inspired by Saint-Exupery's story for grown-ups who were once children. Read more

Brooklyn, NY Mixed Media
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This project was successfully funded on May 12, 2011.

Help our visual dream-circus in Brooklyn, inspired by Saint-Exupery's story for grown-ups who were once children.

Brooklyn, NY Mixed Media
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Little Prinsinn
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Little Prinsinn

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About this project

Draw us a sheep. 

In the middle of the urban smash, the daily surge of sardine subways and twittering speed, we are artists in Brooklyn collaborating towards the wide visual world of the Little Prinsinn, inspired by Saint-Exupéry's famous fable.  For a story so well-known, translated and tattooed, we have a task set before us to do something simply beautifully. But for that, we need support.

We have a tiny budget trying to do magnificent things. Even the littlest components cost money.  Wire, tape. Gels for lights. And the big things even more: 70 feet of white muslin. Large sheets of chipboard. Bicycle Pulleys. And even wonderful artists donating their time need to eat while they build asteroid skirts and planet chandeliers. 

We are trying to build a beautiful story.  It's so expensive.  Please help us.

We'll accept your pennies and your gold.  Your support and enthusiasm. We'll give you tickets as gratitude, lullaby you with the score, dress you in fine silk-screened t-shirts. We'll have coffee over Skype and discuss horseradish baobabs and sing you courageous songs. For the gilded saviors, we'll build you a planet chandelier or cook you a six part suite of a Prinsinn feast in a Brooklyn Brownstone. But mostly, we hope you will be connected to helping make something extraordinary.

We invite you to dream awake toward a simplicity that is startlingly beautiful and gently sad at the Brooklyn Lyceum from May 11th-21st.

To stop and smell the roses.  And have it be the most lovely loss of time you've had since you were a child and could amuse yourself with twinkling laughter for hours over the way the sticks pile upon each other. The way a sunset is totally extraordinary even if it happens everyday. 


          for grown-ups who were once children

                             From Dhira Rauch and Alyssa Ciccarello

Original Score by Naren Rauch.

Planet Chandeliers by Anna Perricci, Pop-up Paintings by Baris Gokturk, Stop Animation by Sarada Rauch, Shadow Puppetry from Andy Benicasa, Costume Sculptures by Brynn Almi and the reintroduction of Dotty, the Opaque Projector. 

With Maya Orli Cohen and Michael Deroos.  Special Appearance by Megan Schenk, as the lamplighter. And many thanks to Kate Coltun, volcano tender and illumination middler. 

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    A _This is not a hat_ digital decal. First 20 people pledging at least $10 get one.
    "Stick" it over your desktop image/ front page news/ photos from work.

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    A ticket to the show on the evening of your choosing.

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    A live call from Dhira or someone from the grand crew singing a song of thanks.
    (Like Carl Kasell on your home answering machine)

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    MP3 download of the Little Prinsinn Suites by musician Naren Rauch, available after the show opens.

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    Limited-edition silk-screened "This Is Not A Hat" t-shirt, hand-made in Brooklyn.

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    5"x7" numbered prints of production photography by artist Anna Perricci.

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    A Little Prinsinn planet of your very own by artist Anna Perricci, to tend and care for. One of a kind piece.

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