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As StarCraft II gains popularity as a spectator sport, people are making a living playing, coaching, and commentating on games.
As StarCraft II gains popularity as a spectator sport, people are making a living playing, coaching, and commentating on games.
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Getting closer.

Hey guys, Justin here!

We are well underway with the edit for Star Nation as Andrew and I are working between paying jobs.  The documentary film editing process is a slow long winding path that one needs to deliberately pick their way through.  As a first time documentary film director/editor I have certainly been learning a lot!  Quite a bit different then editing my teaser videos.  I want to thank you for your patience throughout this process.  I am doing my best to reward it.

The film is on track to finish this year.  I know there has been some concern regarding scope creep given the extended project deadline but I want to reassure you that we have been very focused.  Our narrative structure explores meaningful change in peoples' lives over time.  From the past to the present and into the future.  Even in the documentary film making world there is always concern when making a character driven piece that there never is a clear place to exit a person's life.  Obviously, when the documentary is over their life still goes on and there is always more story to be told.  But in the last few months it has become abundantly clear to me that we are reaching a clear finishing point.

Three main story lines will be told in Star Nation.  eSports, NaNiwa, and WhiteRa.

The story of eSports surrounding StarCraft through the multitude of voices and experiences of players, casters, developers, fans, tournament organizers  and industry professionals.  This portion of the story will relay the complexities, ambitions, passion, and challenges of this emerging industry.  I've been given the opportunity for a very intimate view that very few have been afforded and I am extremely grateful.

The young hungry fierce competitor in NaNiwa.  A lot has happened with Johan since we have been following him and I am excited to illustrate his story for you.  Obviously winning is very important in a highly competitive game like StarCraft II and at times I understand how much of a distraction a documentary crew can pose.  I want to personally thank him for putting up with us as much as he did throughout this whole process.  Despite what some StarCraft fans think of NaNiwa, he is a very good guy.

The effervescent WhiteRa, the most beloved and oldest progamer.  I find everything about his story to be remarkable.  Where he came from, his history in SC1, his entrepreneurship, his family.  Everything.  I often shared a hotel room with Aleksey at events and eventually got to know him very well.  I consider him to be a close friend.  I want to thank him for letting me into his world and believing in me as a filmmaker.  He has an awesome family and his mother is a great cook!

Over the next few months we will be pulling together the edit.  We are still hunting down some finishing funds to make this movie as spectacular as I know it can be.  It generally feels like we have one or two more shoots to wrap it all up.

My highest hopes for Star Nation is for it to become a vehicle to show the world how wonderful the world of eSports really is.

Feel free to hit us up for any comments or questions on facebook or twitter.  Here is fine too but we are usually a bit slower to respond.

If you haven't run into this yet, here is a piece we put together for Day[9]'s the Heart of Swarm launch party and was also shown at the MLG Dallas 2013 event the following weekend:


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    1. Justin Agnew Creator on May 20, 2013

      Oops, 'not quite sure'!

    2. Justin Agnew Creator on May 20, 2013

      I'm quite sure to be honest. His story line has a few different exit points that would wrap it up nicely. Possibly though, all depends on where the edit wants me to take it!

    3. Fuzzwah on May 20, 2013

      Thanks for the update! The Naniwa story really got an epic shot in the arm just lately, will the doco cover his recent success?