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SEK 175,380 pledged of SEK 500,000 goal
SEK 175,380 pledged of SEK 500,000 goal


An epic board game of strategy and conquest. Build your very own feudal country in a dark fantasy world. Establish a unique nation: be it a territorial empire, an economic giant, or a small and secluded duchy. Eliminate other players, or force them to become your vassals.

Nocturn is a big strategy board game for 3 to 5 players set in a horror-themed underworld. Gameplay lasts from two and a half to four hours. Players create customized nations and fight to expand their empires in a brutal and unforgiving race for supremacy. The rise of Death threatens the very best of plans, as he attempts to reclaim his lands from the living.

Download the Rulebook.

Designed specifically with replay value in mind, Nocturn introduces several new game mechanics never seen before. Delivering a unique experience, Nocturn allows you to make varied and critical decisions, both short and long-term, as you reign over your kingdom. Will your nation rise to glory as a mighty empire? Or will it be swept into the shadowy annals of history, vassalized and humiliated by a stronger and more devious rival?

Nocturn’s main goal is to immerse players into a world that they create by their actions. Each gameplay tells a different story then the previous one. Players stay active and involved until the very end. Even if you become someone else’s vassal, you can still pursue your freedom or focus on revenge.


This is a relaunch of the Nocturn’s campaign in February. Due to popular demand, the base game has been updated with miniatures for an enhanced gameplay experience. We’ve also updated Nocturn’s art and graphics where financially feasible, with the potential for additional improvements as funding and cost may dictate in the future.

*ADDITIONAL COPIES: Additional copies of Nocturn can be obtained by adding 700 SEK, per copy, to your pledge.






Reviewed for our first campaign, the video was made using the original wooden components, and not the upgraded miniatures now available in our relaunch.
Link to a polish review of the game’s early version – Wookie Review

 Below you can see the standard gameplay of Nocturn:

*Look out: 

Because the miniatures were 3d printed, they are almost twice as big than as intended for final game. 

As of now Gameplay has english subtitles up to 45 minutes of video. The missing ones are being added, and should be all there soon.

Nocturn gives players an opportunity to govern their own nations. Players guide their empires and make decisions with long-term ramifications in mind. Unlike many other strategy board games, players are not burdened with the tediousness of micromanagement. While players may govern their nations, they do not have a total control over their lands. The cities and castles that make up their empires are in the hands of the Houses.

^photo from the gameplay

Final game minis planned size:


Houses are at the center of the Nocturn’s distinctive gameplay. They provide players with units, income, and even commanders for their armies. Nocturn strives to give players a system which emulates the experience of being a ruler as realistically as possible in a board game. The strength of the nation is dependable on its Houses’ wealth. The more lands a House owns, the more generous tributes it will give to a player. Players must take care in maintaining amicable relationships with their Houses though. If treated harshly, Houses may rebel against a player. The more powerful the House, the more calamitous the rebellion.

War and Diplomacy

Nocturn aims to give players the freedom to make diplomatic decisions that align with their ultimate goals for conquest. Because of this, diplomacy isn’t restricted by the game’s rules. Players are free to cooperate, join their armies together in battle, or resources to each other. Be wary of whom you trust, because the freedom to choose an ally also gives on the freedom to betray that ally. The only rules of allegiance are the rules you set your yourself. A Ruler can double-cross a supposed friend at any time, or backstab an ally without repercussions unnecessarily restrictive gameplay rules. Players are limited only by their skill and imagination, their decisions of friend and foe dictated by a thirst for power or a need for survival. Is the person across the table a trusted collaborator, or a devious backstabber?

Set Up

Set up in Nocturn contains many factors that lay the groundwork for shaping your country. Your starting position and direction of expansion will impact the strength of your borders, the vulnerability of your kingdom, and the technologies you’ll have access to. Throughout the game, your choices will be also influenced by the choices of your fellow players. An enemy’s success may require an adaptation of your plans. Your strategy will be constantly changing as you improvise to the game as it unfolds. Nocturn was designed with the value of replayability in mind. Each gameplay experience will be epic and different.


Players win Nocturn by accumulating the most Renown points. Players can do this by collecting Influence Cards, occupying Capitals, capturing Realms or fulfilling objectives outlined by Special Cards.


Gameplay consists of ten Rounds, each of which is divided into three Phases:

Darkness Phase: Death builds its armies, and Rulers resurrect their fallen heroes.

Action Phase: Players take turns selecting and executing the actions available to them.

Siege Phase: Players besiege and capture enemy strongholds.

Cheat Card of Gameplay/Warfare: (flips every 40s)

Examples of Actions:

Army movement. Upon activation of a House, a player can move Lords to adjacent provinces. Moving Lords can also bring units with them from the province they left. After moving, a player can decide to attack an enemy army, or besiege enemy Strongholds that are within the province.

Battle takes place when a player moving his army into a province decides to attack the enemy already present in said province. Both sides choose Tactic Cards to begin battle, which can gain them advantages over their adversary. Players then gather dice for every formation in their army and begin combat.

Technology action: Players can buy new technologies that have various effects on their countries. From trade caravans that put extra coins in their treasury to funding bandit activity in a neighboring territory, Nocturn features a host of varied Technology Actions that can be implemented to coincide with the player’s strategy.

Players do not directly control their territories. Rather, all fiefs belong to the players’ Houses. Players can gather new Treasure Chests and Brigades by taxing their Houses and requiring them to pay Tributes.

Why Kickstarter?

This is not a big money project, nor do we have large sponsors fronting our efforts. Nocturn was built through hard work and sacrifice. Our tiny budget forced us to learn to do the things we couldn’t afford. We are a true Kickstarter project, an independent and small group of creators hoping to share the fruits of our hard work with those who would truly appreciate it.

In an increasingly competitive board game market, we realize that no matter how good gameplay may be, aesthetics are still an important component of a final product. We want the art of Nocturn to be as dynamic and eye-catching as possible. A game like Nocturn benefits immensely from great art, and our small, independent status hasn’t always afforded us the funds necessary to pursue this to the extent we wish to. While Nocturn is already an amazingly playable and fun game, it’s only going to get better at the conclusion of this Kickstarter. Part of the funds we raise will be used to update the visuals of this project. Our main focus will be the card decks, with other improvements also possible depending on the success of the campaign.

Nocturn has been in the development for the past three years. Our team has grown during this time, adding amazing talent and collaborators to this independent project. We are confident that with your help, Nocturn will meet and surpass all expectations backers have for our game.

This is our first Kickstarter campaign, and we have diligently researched shipping and the best methods to get our game to backers. After studying many other Kickstarter campaigns, we’ve concluded that the safest and best practice will be to collect shipping costs after the Nocturn campaign concludes. By doing so, we will be able to allow each backer to individually choose the carrier option that best meets their needs.

To further reduce shipping costs, we will use shipping hubs located inside the EU, USA, and Australia. Additionally, if we receive enough pledges from Canada and other countries, we will engage additional hubs in those regions to reduce shipping costs for as many backers as possible.

Our estimate of the shipping charges is between 15 $ and 30 $ for shipping to a destination in the EU, USA or Australia.

This estimates are based on our findings, we will do our best to search for better and cheaper shipping to make sure you have large number of options to choose from.

About Us

We are a team of avid board gamers who have worked meticulously to create both a unique and replayable game to be enjoyed amongst our friends. As time passed and our game grew, the project transitioned from a small, somewhat casual idea to something expansive that we are very proud of.

The majority of our team is family, scattered throughout Europe (Sweden and Poland in particular), working together on a project we all truly love.

Game design, graphics and text design - Jakub Pawela

Game design, 3D design- Maciej Pawela, Bartosz Pawela

Project Manager - Oliver Pawela

Concept artist, Illustrator - Georgi Georgiev

Editing and rewriting of the campaign text - Michael Bane

Various other artists have lent their talent to create other illustrations in our game. A big thanks and nod of appreciation to Nguyen Thanh Tùng, Pablo Blayer, Andrei Pervukhin, Shen Fei, and Anselm Zielonka for contributing to the gorgeous look and feel of Nocturn.

We also want to thank people that helped with this project:

Mateusz Szelc (OneLightStudio) for filming Nocturn's gameplay and awesome editing.

Krzysztof Buratyński ( for audio to the Nocturn's opening video.

Filip Turzyński (3DGence) for 3d prints of miniatures for gameplay.

Special thanks to Łukasz Woźniak for his review that allowed us to refine Nocturn even further.

Please do not hesitate to email us directly at, find us on,, or send us a message on Kickstarter. As we do not have the big advertising budgets of an established company, word of mouth has a huge impact on helping us get exposure. Telling your friends of our efforts, or sharing our Facebook page goes a long way in making Nocturn a reality.

Thank you so much for supporting Nocturn! We are truly humbled that you have put your faith in us, and we are confident we will deliver a unique gaming experience that you will be happy with.



Risks and challenges

This is a relaunch of Nocturn, our first game and our first Kickstarter campaign. After years of development it has been rigorously playtested by our local board gaming community. The result has been a gameplay experience that is both unique and distinctive. Outside of updating card design and adding more art, Nocturn is a completed project. Our final step is taking the game from prototype to manufacturing, but this requires an amount of funding we cannot meet on our own. That is where your support comes in, helping us to create something rare and special that can be a proud piece in any gamer’s collection.

While this is our first endeavor in game publishing, our lack of experience will not hold us back. We have meticulously overseen every aspect of this project, and will continue to diligently minimize any possible risk to those who put their faith in us.

We have investigated and planned every stage of this project. The quotes we’ve received from multiple manufacturers give us confidence that we will be able to publish a game of the highest quality. While manufacturing is the most complicated step of this process, we will carefully supervise production of Nocturn to eliminate the potential mishaps that even experienced publishers encounter.

Due to factors beyond our control, there is always the possibility of damaged or incomplete copies of our game being delivered. In the event that happens, each case will be dealt with appropriately to ensure that all backers receive the entirety of their pledge in good condition.

Nocturn is a dream a long time in the making. We have worked hard and put in countless hours in getting to this point, and we have no intention of giving any less effort going forward. We are determined to overcome any obstacles that may prevent us from achieving our goal. The funding of our campaign will make Nocturn a reality. We thank you for your time and support, and look forward to giving you a fulfilling and incredible game.

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