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Theme Park Studio is a simulation game, loaded with tools that allow players to design, create, & experience amusement parks and rides.
1,885 backers pledged $101,433 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Keith Boler on

      is this product ever going to be released it so over due

    2. Pantera Entertainment Creator on

      Hi Eric, Yes, there have been many updates since then. We update through direct email. Feel free to email if you have any questions. Thanks for backing us

    3. Missing avatar

      Eric Scherer on

      Sooo... any update? It has only been almost 9 months....

    4. niels linders on

      Is the steam key for everyone? just wondering when they will be sent

    5. Tim Vogler on

      When will you send us the Steam keys?

    6. Pantera Entertainment Creator on

      @Mark L Thanks Mark, I sent you a message to follow up

    7. Mark L

      I am happy to see some progress being made.

      One (hopefully minor) feature request. I'm used to being able to rotate the world by clicking and holding the right mouse button while moving the mouse. Is there any plan for (sooner or later) allowing rotation this way?

      Also, will there eventually be the ability to customize key bindings? I know this would be down the line a ways, just wondering if it is in the plans at all or not. Thanks.

    8. Pantera Entertainment Creator on


      Thank you for your comment and for backing us. We would not be as far along without backer support!

      Regarding your concerns, our push back was not due to lack of priorities, but because of the high priority we do place on our backers and the community. The easiest action would be to release it as originally planned and cut a small profit, but we abandoned a front end business approach months ago when we decided to continue to add requested features, plus an entirely new layer of accessibility, on top of what was originally proposed. This was based on backer and community requests. Since this was originally a small budget for a project of this type, relative to the amount of work, the remaining expenses we are covering. We want the game to succeed so we are happy to do it.

      Regarding the professional version, we have not started those new features yet because Early Access, and our commitment to our existing backers, have taken priority.

      Thanks again for being a valued backer. We look forward to working with you during early access.

    9. Missing avatar

      Talor Berthelson on

      A bit unhappy with the slow progress. I understand Pantera is a business, but I also understand that customers that have already paid in full do deserve the product they paid for. You should be concerned with satisfying us first instead of amusement companies.

    10. Missing avatar

      Rich R on

      Thanks guys! I just wanted some additional information around that edition!

      Can't wait for the Early Access and the (eventual) Oculus Rift integration!

    11. Luis Zapata on

      Understood. Thanks for clearing it up. Here's hoping everything goes according to plan.

      Two more questions:

      1. When can we expect to see some Oculus Rift love?

      2. Given the Rift integration, have you thought on controlling the UI and design interface with the Hydra/STEM controller?

    12. Pantera Entertainment Creator on

      The Professional Edition is a build for industry professionals and includes custom features integrated at their request, which we need to keep confidential. I feel we have been very transparent and dedicated to our backers. Not only are we delivering the features that were promised, but we have spent months going above and beyond, adding new features to further excite our backers. The update mentions the Professional Edition will in use during 2014. It is not a finished product nor are they currently using it. It was not added to our lineup, or even considered, until months after the Kickstarter ended. I hope that clears things up a bit. We greatly appreciate your support and look forward to working with you during Early Access!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Rich R on

      Great update guys!

      I would just like to also echo Luis and ask if you could outline what this "Professional Edition" is all about? I'm a little worried that it was never mentioned to the backers and we have no details around what it is exactly. How does it compare to the top level "Platinum" edition that backers were able to fund.

      Also, this update seems to imply that Intamin is already using your software, which means you've spent time developing this "Professional" edition with backer's money even though it was never mentioned in the original campaign.

      Like I said, it is awesome to hear everything is coming along, but when things are delayed and all of a sudden there's a new version of the product announced, it seems pretty disingenuous.

    14. Missing avatar

      Steve Duane on

      @Pantera Looking forward to the beta and having backed a number of other Kickstarter projects I understand that patience is the most important quality a backer can have (apart from some disposable income to share). You are the creators, you'll know when it's done. Best of luck as you tackle the final stages of development.

    15. Pantera Entertainment Creator on


      Thank you for both your comments. We are aware the estimated date was Sept, and we are sorry for the delay. However we have tried to be very upfront and transparent through this process. Our backers have asked for additional features and an additional layer to make the title approachable for all audiences. Theme Park Studio is an advanced suite of tools that allow players to build custom parks. We have taken time to add these additional features to appeal to a larger audience. This, along with the other of features we added at no charge (like the custom train editor) is a great deal of work and we had to push the date back. We are working 50 to 60 hour weeks trying to implement all the features our backers our requesting, but it takes time and we are absorbing all the additional costs. We are offering a free early access key for Gold members, so you will be on early access soon. Regarding a final beta date, as most titles go on Early Access, it will largely depend on when our backers feel all their requests have been fulfilled since we want to make the game as perfect as possible. Early access will be a community involved program. Thank you.

    16. Pantera Entertainment Creator on

      @Bret, sorry to hear that. I will refund your pledge.

    17. Edward on

      "Estimated delivery: Sep 2013"

      So when do you think the regular backers (the tiers without closed beta access) will get to actually play this? It's coming up to 6 months after the original release date and you haven't even even the closed beta a concrete date yet - I'm pretty worried I backed some vaporware that's just been used to land some deals with the coaster manufacturers.

    18. Bret Pritchett on

      It's been so long I've lost interest in this. Wish I could get my money back.

    19. William C Crawford on

      I don't have a problem with using DRM to lock the alpha and beta down so only those who have paid can access it, so long as the release still includes a DRM-free version with full functionality.

      Personally, I like Steam, and I use it whenever possible. I just know it's possible it'll go under (or corrupt) and any game worth having is worth keeping in my library forever.

    20. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      Good news to hear of progress, but please provide an alternative means of accessing the beta rather than requiring everyone interested to sign up to Steam (with its attendant security problems, terms of service abuse and DRM issues).

    21. Luis Zapata on

      Excellent news. But wait, I thought the Platinum Edition was the top edition, and I don't see any limitations in license of use of our software. What will the Professional Edition allow that won't be possible with the Platinum Edition?

      Another question, will the beta launch with Oculus Rift support?


    22. Missing avatar

      Zachary Dufault on

      Awesome! Been looking forward to this forever thanks guys I'll let you know what bugs and whatnot I find when it's downloaded!