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by Pantera Entertainment

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    1. Noel B on

      Nice, the barn is done :) what is it? well it was a great ride when I was a kid :) Your welcome fan base !

    2. William C Crawford on

      Looks like things are going well! I'm glad you're committed to producing a quality system, and not just slapping something together. While I'm sure everyone here is anxious to get their hands on it, it'll be better for everyone involved that you take what time you need. I suspect most people will agree with that decision.

    3. Carlo Zayne on

      Sounds great! I'm not in a hurry so as long as the updates keep coming. Thanks!

    4. Dan Swartz on

      BEAUTIFUL Century Flyer train. Will certainly be a favorite of mine!

    5. Paul Yarwood on

      Thanks for the update guys. I'm so excited about this project and I'm pleased that I backed you. I'm so looking forward to seeing the finished product! Keep up the good work.

    6. Missing avatar

      Philip Grainger on

      I'm confused between what you mean when you say 'focus group' and 'early edition' as these are different terms then used within the pledge levels. I am assuming that 'focus group' = 'closed beta' and 'early edition = 'early bird special', but could you please confirm?

    7. Pantera Entertainment Creator on

      Focus groups are meetings with top tier backers to test and discuss necessary modifications to the product. It is not the beta program. Early Edition is a program that will allow backers to start reviewing the product before it reaches beta. It will only include some features, with additional features released as they are completed and polished.

    8. Missing avatar

      CP_RideOp on

      Looking at "Barn Storm" will we be able to design the queues for guests? Like similar to a real amusement park?