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Theme Park Studio is a simulation game, loaded with tools that allow players to design, create, & experience amusement parks and rides.
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Theme Park Studio Update! New Video and Announcements

Posted by Pantera Entertainment (Creator)

Hello Backers!

Much has happened since our last update. As most of you know, we finished a new custom train module. This was an unplanned feature that we recently added to our feature list. Below is a video demonstration. It also demonstrates other features like custom camera fly throughs, rail shaping, on the fly rail type and color modification, utilization of existing community custom scenery, custom train colors, and terrain texture blending,

The video also shows areas that are still incomplete. This includes steel and wood support welds, shadow fixes, POV camera adjustment, and creating features that insulate beginners and casual gamers from some of the advanced features, so they can enjoy a simple drop and play experience.

We also recently had our first focus group meeting with top tier backers. We walked through the features currently in place, and discussed how we could further improve the product. There are still a lot of items left on our plate. With new features recently added, new features planned, plus remaining tasks, we need to do another push back on the final release to April 2014. A finished beta will also need to be pushed back respectively.

However, we understand there is a lot of enthusiasm from our backers so we will be opening up an early edition program. All backers that qualify for beta are welcome to participate, which covers 90 percent of our backers. We just ask for 1 extra month to cleanup and polish. This means we are looking at mid December to get something into our backers' hands that will allow them to start building and exchanging assets. However, it will still be considered 'in development', with additional features left to implement. Backers are free to participate in the development process by not only submitting bug reports, but feature requests as well. Patches will be frequent and TOGETHER we will decide when the product is finished and ready for retail distribution. Again this is set for mid December, and definitely by Christmas!!

Finally, our newly formed alpha team will soon start creating additional videos, writing documentation, and recording video tutorials. This frees up resources from development, which is basically working overtime every week to produce the best product possible. This means video updates and tutorials will be coming soon, to prepare you for mid December.

Thank you all for backing us, and together, helping make Theme Park Studio the ultimate theme park simulator!  

Pantera Entertainment 


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    1. Jeffrey Katzman on

      This is looking great!! The early edition program will be a nice thing to have. Thank you for all the care you are taking to create a program the community wants. I don't mine the April release. Now it will be like a birthday present. ;)

    2. Christopher Frank on

      Holy Poopz!!! (My PG slang). Seriously, looking awesome! Here's hoping the layman casual computer user (aka - those who find another simulator with the initials N.Lim. too complicated - such as myself) can enjoy this game just as much as the tech savvy.

    3. Noel B on

      As always guys, each release rendition looks better and better ! keep up the great work!

    4. Edward on

      Looking great, but disappointed it's been delayed again - as a backer below the $50 pledge level it stings a lot, wish I'd have pledged more to get the beta access in December now instead.

    5. Randall Ferree on

      Keep up the good work guys!*

    6. Randall Ferree on

      Take all the time you guys need. A finished game is better than rushed game. Can't wait for the early edition program. Keep up the good guys!

    7. Missing avatar

      Rich R on

      I cannot wait for this!!! Especially walking through the park and riding the rides in the Oculus Rift!!!!

    8. Justin Bognar on

      I can wait to play with it and to have it

    9. Martin Bouman on

      It is really coming together, not :D? Great (video) update and we will make this the best product in its kind ever!

    10. Missing avatar

      Phillip Hansen on

      Please just take the time you need to finish the game. No rush, good things takes time.

    11. Missing avatar

      Stephen Marlow on

      That was one sexy video :) looking amazing, good job!

    12. Brad Dancer

      Thanks for the update, looking great, rather wait to get the best product you can make.

    13. William C Crawford on

      Honestly, this is all great news. Pushing back the release sounds really bad, but that's not far at all, and most projects don't hit their deadlines. (Or if they do, they do so with poor quality.)

      Will this early access build have Oculus Rift support? If so, I think you'll find a lot of people are very, very excited about that. :)

    14. Carlo Zayne on

      Perfect, thanks for the update! Keep up the good work guys, the game is already beautiful and the amount of customization shown is astounding. Hopefully it won't be too complicated to pick up and play while still giving full access to all the customization options.

    15. Barry Morrison on

      This is great news. With all the added features, it's going yo be a great product. Any word on a Mac version? I took a gamble and funded at the $50 level back in May, hoping the Stretch Goal of a Mac version would be reached. I've asked before but no response.