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Theme Park Studio is a simulation game, loaded with tools that allow players to design, create, & experience amusement parks and rides.
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Theme Park Studio Update! New Trains! Lighting Module!

Posted by Pantera Entertainment (Creator)

Hello Backers! 

Things are progressing well on Theme Park Studio. 

We have expanded our art team and are creating many new assets. Included in this update are renders of just some of the new trains being developed. 

We also have been fulfilling some of our rewards by developing custom trains and flat rides for applicable tiers. We have received many great ideas and are looking forward to including them into Theme Park Studio. Multiple requested rides are currently in development. 

We have also finished most of our new lighting module. Theme Park Studio offers different lighting types, each offering their own advantages, depending on your needs. You can of course control their individual parameters and placement. 

Finally, we have been expanding on our custom scenery importing. Currently Theme Park Studio supports Collada files. You can import individual objects, or entire scenes, each with their own Diffuse, Normal, and Spec maps if desired. 

Thank you all for backing us! We greatly appreciate your support!!

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    1. Pantera Entertainment Creator on

      Hello Gustavo,

      Thank you for your comment. We have been updating the Kickstarter page around once a month, however this month's update has been slow due to extended work hours devoted to the product. We did announce new release dates a few months ago, both here and on the facebook page. We are working on a video as we speak ,and will announce new dates hopefully by the end of the week.
      We have been working long hours to finish the product as fast as possible, while delivering a quality product. Thank you for backing us.

    2. Missing avatar

      Gustavo Mauro on

      Hi everyone! I see no posts either regarding a possible release date for the beta version or the progress that it's being made so far. Is the project still alive? What and when should we expect?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeff Deleon on

      Where are the updates? Is it getting close to beta? when can we expect our copies in the mail of the beta?...

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris West on

      Boraxx - if you take a look here you'll see that they actually have announced a B&M inverted coaster. As for the flying coaster and stand up coaster, I would also love to see both of those! and just so you know the inverted coaster (where you "hang under the rails") actually came far before Intamin's prototype wing coaster for example, (thats the blue and yellow one you see above).

    5. Boraxx on

      All karts shown thus far are pretty classic.
      Will there be more modern karts like those that hang under the rails, where you lie down face first or where you stand on straight

    6. Missing avatar

      Jeff Deleon on

      I agree with dennis, I think with our patience dedication we should get something for waiting so long...

    7. Missing avatar

      Dennis Caunce on

      How about sending out those digital copies of hyper rails to tide us over? ;-)

    8. Noel B on

      Amazing stuff guys, lighting looks great and love the new coaster :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Stephen Marlow on

      It's looking really impressive, can't wait to see videos of these coasters in action. Great job!

    10. Missing avatar

      Christopher Mathews on

      Chris West~ It's the train from Skyrush at Hershey Park. I think it's a Intamin winged coaster train.

    11. Missing avatar

      DeMauri Franklin on

      HURRY UP!!! .............. Just Kidding. Please take your time, everything is looking amazing. I know this will be worth the wait. Amazing Job!

    12. Jan Andersen-Page on

      Everything you are doing looks totally amazing. I want it now it looks so good! But I am very happy to wait for it because it is so worth waiting for. Well done guys - you are doing a grand job!

    13. Jalister on

      I'm a bit of a coaster fanatic, so I'm anxious for this. Take the time you need though. It's looking great.

    14. JKPACE on

      Wow amazing job!!

    15. Troy Whiteley on

      Looks absolutely great guys. Cant wait!

    16. Missing avatar

      Chris West on

      what type of train is the blue one with yellow track?

    17. Will Pembridge (Acid) on

      Yeah I'm glad they have delayed the release cause only good things can come from this

    18. Chris Sprinkle on

      STUNNING! Looks absolutely gorgeous! :D