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Theme Park Studio is a simulation game, loaded with tools that allow players to design, create, & experience amusement parks and rides.
Theme Park Studio is a simulation game, loaded with tools that allow players to design, create, & experience amusement parks and rides.
1,885 backers pledged $101,433 to help bring this project to life.

Path Layout Progress Report

Hello Backers,

First, everyone on the Theme Park Studio Team would like to say THANK YOU to all our backers. We have come a long way since we launched, and together we can see Theme Park Studio fund!! Please help spread the word about this project. 

If you are a backer, or you are considering becoming a backer, and would like emailed updates, please join our mailing list. Here is the link

We are working on the entrance video. It will show gameplay footage of creating a park entrance, with paths and vegetation, from scratch. We are hoping to include guests in this video. We are just waiting on the characters to modeled, rigged and animated. The bones engine is integrated and animated characters have been tested. We are still hoping to squeeze this in before the campaign ends.

In the meantime, we wanted to provide our backers a progress report. The path tool has been integrated and the vegetation library installed. We also setup the path object library. All these libraries can be seen in the screenshots.

These new tools are both powerful and super easy to use. Creating your park layout, adding vegetation, and dropping in environmental objects is a snap. Basically all you need to do is click any of the preset path sections, then select one of the blue spheres (seen in the screenshots). These are the path control points. Next, from the path properties (located in the lower right corner in the screenshot), simply click any of the Road, Fence, or Sidewalk buttons. Each can be independently enabled and sized. You can create anything from wide roads with deep sidewalks and high fences, to just a tall wall for creating a barrier around your scene.

Next drag the blue node anywhere in your park. The software automatically adjusts the curvature and tension, creating smooth turns with little effort. Next, simply click any of the Tree, Lamp, or Hedge buttons, or select an object from your library. Theme Park Studio automatically creates your objects for you, contouring them to your path. You can independently adjust separation, random rotation, scale, and interval distance. Or simply let the software make the right adjustments for you. Best of all, if you decide you do not like the position of the road, simply click on one of the blue nodes again and drag. All the trees, lamps, hedges, and custom objects will automatically reposition themselves wherever you have placed or shaped your path. No more hand moving objects one, by one. Of course, if you want, you can always pick an object from our extensive libraries and hand place it anywhere for that extra polish. 

All the vegetation seen in the screenshots has been procedurally built and was created using our own vegetation design tool, which is included in the Platinum edition. 

Laying out your paths is incredibly easy with these new features. We look forward to seeing all the amazing designs our backers will create.

Larger, and more detailed, versions of these images can be found on our Facebook page

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    1. Richard Dawson on

      It's looking great guys, I wish you all the best on reaching the goal!

    2. Landry Sanders on

      Love the popcorn machine

    3. Noel B on

      Wow just Wow indeed! Amazing stuff! I am sure if many more people knew of this project you could fund it for 20x as much yeah, I beleive so, being there are millions of RCT fans out there ;)

    4. Will Pembridge (Acid) on

      wow wow wow
      look at the object library list it seems almost endless
      is there a search engine for finding the objects ?

    5. Sir Jordi

      wowo! Awesome!
      these tools seem very powerful!

    6. Edward Leeder on

      But are the path tools part of the Gold edition?

    7. Missing avatar

      Roger Rother on

      Holy crap, what a useful tool.
      Can't wait to see more of this awesome game !

    8. Michael Yee on

      GREAT update! It looks fantastic! Good luck on these final few days of fundraising!

    9. Missing avatar

      Rich R on

      I CANNOT wait to put on my soon to arrive Oculus Rift and walk through a park I've created in this software. SO EXCITED.

    10. Josh Glover on

      Well done guys! This looks awesome! I have never to wish my life away for the next few months as much as I do now! Incredible!

    11. Missing avatar

      Don Schockow on

      Every time I think it can't get any gets better! I can't tell you how excited I am for this to finally be installed on my own computer! Awesome stuff.

    12. James Roberts on

      @ Pantera, I have been watching all of your updates very carefully, and I am very impressed with this one! Everything looks to be very flexible. Will queue lines be set up under a separate mechanism, and have steps already been integrated?

    13. Missing avatar

      Shaun Morton on

      Will the peeps be able to interact with objects, like sit on a bench?

    14. Pantera Entertainment Creator on

      @William Yes, they will remain in the same place.

    15. William C Crawford on

      Are the automatic placements deterministic? Like, if I load it up on a friend's computer, will all the trees/etc still be in exactly the same place? Even between OS's?

    16. Edward Leeder on

      Curved paths look super awesome!