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Theme Park Studio is a simulation game, loaded with tools that allow players to design, create, & experience amusement parks and rides.
Theme Park Studio is a simulation game, loaded with tools that allow players to design, create, & experience amusement parks and rides.
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Particle Effects And More!!

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Today we are presenting a video which showcases our particle effects module and demonstrates the following features:

Park guests are in development and coming soon!

Stations can be attached to control points. Multiple stations, or other mesh objects, can be added anywhere along the coaster path. When you move the control point, the attached object moves with it.

Tunnels can be added to any section, then freely deformed.

There is a new 'Enter' button which allows the player to take a virtual tour through the park. You can still edit your park while in this mode.

Jumps. Really just invisible tracks which have many useful purposes. For example, by creating a circuit with no station or supports, setting all tracks to invisible, and importing your own mesh, you can animate any custom object like planes, cars, etc....or even create a custom camera animation path.

Entire coasters can be moved or rotated at any time, even after being fully complete.

Ability to move and rotate environmental objects.

Dynamic shaders. In this video we changed the stained glass windows in the castle from a standard shader to an unlit shader, giving it a self-illuminated look.

Particle effects, including fire, smoke, and fountains. Our particle effects module is very versatile, allowing the player to create a wide range of effects.

Dynamic editing of particle effects parameters. At the end of the video I change the force of the emitter, creating a much larger spray. The effects are seen in realtime while walking through the park.

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    1. Raishi Fox on

      Does the particle effect generator, or any other part of the game engine, support weather effects? Probably a lot of work for a minor detail that wouldn't even get used that much, but I just love how a park looks in the rain, and with the impressive lighting effects in TPS, it would be pretty amazing.

    2. William C Crawford on

      Thanks for the answers! Sounds like you guys have that all under control. :)

      Sorry it took so long to respond.

    3. John Leonard on

      Creating an Ice track in a winter theme sounds awesome! To be able to create a Glass semi-transparent track and have it light up using blue neon lights (tron anyone?) would also be a very cool idea!!!!

    4. Adam Christian on

      All of these things sound so amazing. Thank you guys!

    5. Pantera Entertainment Creator on

      PLEASE NOTE: These features are for players that want to take advantage of our advanced tools. They are not a requirement. You can also simply drop in existing rides, particle effects, and models from our built in libraries.

    6. Pantera Entertainment Creator on

      You could import a custom mesh, then setup an invisible track for the train to follow.

      You have alpha control for imported mesh objects.

      Custom shaders are a possibility. We will definitely consider it.

    7. William C Crawford on

      Is it possible to specify your own mesh for the track? Can you specify partial-alpha, to make it look like glass or ice? Your own custom shader?