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Theme Park Studio is a simulation game, loaded with tools that allow players to design, create, & experience amusement parks and rides.
1,885 backers pledged $101,433 to help bring this project to life.

Step through the gates of your imagination and experience Oculus Rift.

Posted by Pantera Entertainment (Creator)

Due to overwhelming requests from our pledge givers and supporters throughout the gaming community, we are proud to announce Oculus Rift integration into Theme Park Studio. This exciting, cutting edge technology will be included in all versions of the product, with no stretch goal pledges required.

Pantera Entertainment has extensive experience with stereoscopic integration. We have earned Platinum grades on GameGrade3D at and have also received Nvidia's 5 Star 3D Vision Ready rating.

Besides games, Pantera also develops software for the medical industry. We are the developers behind the Neuro-Vision Rehabilitator software, a product used to treat veterans with impaired vision and balance problems due to traumatic head injuries, a product featured on WCBS news. We also used our engine to develop the 'Computer Orthoptics VTS4'. This software uses 3D stereoscopic functionality extensively, and is currently being used by doctors to treat patients with visual impairments.

We are very excited to announce the merging of our 3D stereoscopic technology into Theme Park Studio. Oculus Rift, integrated into our latest theme park simulation game, is a perfect and inevitable fit. Players will be able to control eye separation and convergence point, allowing them to fine tune their 3D experience and slip into a world of their own creation, and feel like they are actually there.

Imagine walking through your virtual theme park, waiting in line, getting in your coaster, and going on your favorite scream machine, all while being submersed in and surrounded by a stunning virtual experience in stereo 3D. We are happy to do this for those who pledge and support us, with no additional funding required. Oculus Rift integration is yet another way for TPS to help you to open the gates of your imagination and step into the future. Thank you for helping us make Theme Park Studio an awesome experience and an amazing product.

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    1. James Wood on

      Holy crap. This game with Oculus rift has the potential to be AMAZING. Already backed, but if I hadn't, I probably would be at this point.

    2. Glug on

      This is what sold me on the Kickstarter. I jumped in at the 50$ level and consider increasing that amount all the time. We will see how this continues to progress!

    3. Missing avatar

      Neal Wilson on

      I've upped my pledge a few times, and I hope others will do the same.

    4. BoltUpright on

      With Rift support, I'm in for Platinum as well! :) Looks like fun and world builder apps are where it's at, especially with good VR on it's way.

    5. Missing avatar

      John Pratt on

      You have my $50. Hope you make it!

    6. Marulu on

      You can never have enough games with Rift support.
      Backed it!

    7. William C Crawford on

      Finally! I'm in for Platinum now. This was what I was waiting for, but of course Kickstarter won't let you post if you haven't pledged.

    8. Roger Jemterud on

      Nice! + $100 for Oculus Rift support.

    9. Missing avatar

      Nathanael Ramsey on

      Sweet! You just earned yourself another $50 backer :D

      By the way, if I later decide to up my pledge for a shirt and/or poster, would that kick me out of the closed beta?

    10. DoctorBagPhD on

      So glad to hear this. Thanks Pantera!

    11. Missing avatar

      Carl Kenner on

      I backed it for the Oculus Rift support.
      But... "Players will be able to control eye separation and convergence point, allowing them to fine tune their 3D experience..." is only the way to do it for 3D monitors and 3D TVs. The Oculus Rift is different. Because on the Oculus Rift, there is *a correct answer* that it is supposed to look like. It is supposed to be rendered so that the FOV matches the FOV of the Rift, the eye separation matches your actual IPD, and the stereoscopic depth matches the real depth. It's supposed to look exactly the same as reality in terms of scale and depth. The normal MTBS3D criteria don't apply to VR, and I don't think MTBS3D have established any VR criteria yet. But trying to match reality, while supporting different IPDs is what I would recommend.

      You might as well add native support for 3D TVs and monitors while you are adding Rift support. They will need adjustable convergence and separation.

    12. Lonestar on

      Nice, but will TPS also support stereoscopic view at "normal" monitors and TVs?

    13. Missing avatar

      Josh Vazquez on

      Glad to hear it! This will increase the immersion tenfold.

    14. Rcmaniac25 on

      That's pretty awesome. I received my Rift from Kickstarter about 2 weeks ago and find it to be an awesome device to play with and, once I get some other tasks completed, something cool to develop with. TPS with Rift support will definitely be like RCT 3's Coaster Cam on steroids.

    15. Missing avatar

      Brian Sanchez on

      This means if there was a PS3 version, it could be played in 3D as well correct? That would be sweet!