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Let's turn Strong Female Protagonist, the ongoing webcomic about superheroes and social justice, into a graphic novel!
1,967 backers pledged $60,974 to help bring this project to life.

We made it!!! A thank you and a survey.

Posted by Molly Ostertag (Creator)

It's been an amazing month. Making a webcomic can often feel like throwing art into a void, not really knowing whether anyone is reading it or not (yes, we know about Google analytics, but those numbers seem so removed from actual people). Brennan and I have been truly staggered by the support that all of you, readers old and new, have shown. It's been so exciting to see your names, to email and tweet with you, and to see all the hard earned dollars that you were willing to throw at us. Strong Female Protagonist has always been a labor of love, and this Kickstarter is the first step in us making it a larger part of our lives so that we can give more energy and time to it. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us, we're so excited for the future!

Next up, we'll be making changes to the website and preparing the books and various pieces of merchandise for print. Keep an eye out for backer surveys, where we'll get your address, t-shirt size, etc.

 In the survey about what our bonus content should cover, people were far and away the most interested in hearing about the biodynamic culture of another country, and MAN OH MAN do we have some fun ideas. If you're interested, I've put together another survey about which country you'd like us to cover. Check it out and vote here:

Thank you so much, guys! You're the best fans we could ever ask for!

~Molly and Brenann


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    1. Molly Ostertag 2-time creator on

      The options are all countries whose biodynamic culture we had a strong concept for!

    2. Christopher Dawe on

      Why not Australia?

    3. Molly Ostertag 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the heads up, scantrontb! We will definitely be careful with our one precious backer survey and talk to some other creators about what they did. And yeah Ken, we have been looking at Patreon for next year perhaps, it's a pretty cool service!

    4. scantrontb

      just to make sure you know/ remind you: Kickstarter only allows ONE (1) "official" survey to be sent to backers via their system, any OTHER surveys will have to be off-site from here...
      Many of the campaigns I've been in have waited until the last possible moment before shipping, to send out the KS survey and only collected the backer's current address, with any other info like T-shirt sizes and add-on stuff being collected via surveys on other sites.

    5. Ken Gagne

      Once the Kickstarter deliverables are complete — hit up Patreon! We want to support you on an ongoing basis, too!