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OM2 is an expanded and updated version of the original Orbis Mundi, covering the reality of Medieval European Life for Role Players.
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Technical Difficulties with DTRPG

Posted by Phillip McGregor (Creator)

I have uploaded the relevant files for the Softcover PoD version of Ithura & Porthaven, did so on Monday, in fact ... but its 'Status' on DTRPG shows as ...


You must upload a cover file before we can send to the printer. 

Current content file uploaded on 2019-03-10 18:41:24 CST (50.43 MB). 

Current cover file uploaded on 2019-03-10 19:08:01 CST (0.6 MB). 


See the problem?

I have messaged DTRPG to try and confirm what the heck is going on, but have received no response.

I do not know whether the Status is in error, and the Cover File it accepts I have uploaded at the end is correct, and it will eventually progress to Printer approval or whether it doesn't actually recognise the cover file at all and I need to upload it again. 

I don't want to try and upload a 'new' (i.e. the same) file again, as this would put me back at the end of however long the approvals queue is, but until DTRPG deigns to reply to my several queries over the last several days (they're usually much better with support questions than this - perhaps the massive problems they had with their recent site upgrade are still swamping them) I don't know what the heck is going on.

I will keep you informed.


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