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OM2 is an expanded and updated version of the original Orbis Mundi, covering the reality of Medieval European Life for Role Players.
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Internet Woes

Posted by Phillip McGregor (Creator)

Our beloved national telecom, Telstra, keeps on telling me that 'your custom is important to us' ... but, of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

My landline has been out since Monday, with an estimated time to repair of the 25th ... but my ADSL internet connection was working (with intermittent dropouts every 5-6 hours) OK.

Until this morning. Which is why 'my custom is important to them'...not.

It's gone down as well, presumably due to their ineffective efforts to repair the landline (to be fair, an unspecified but 'large' number of other customers in the immediate area are also being told how important their custom is as well ... ) and now the 'to be repaired by date is 26th ... and I have little confidence that they have even the slightest clue as to when (or if) they will get their act together.

The upshot of this is that I am sending this from my local Library ... and that means that I will probably only be intermittently responding to any emails, Kickstarter IMs or other messages you post here for the next several days. Once I send this I won't have access again until Sunday (my gaming group gets together on Saturdays, and the venue is on the other side of Sydney, an hour's drive in good traffic) and then, again, only by heading down to the Library again.

So if I am off the air or slow to respond, thank Telstra because I am such an important customer for them!

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    1. Phillip McGregor 2-time creator

      Since my custom is obviously of supreme importance to them, Telstra has just informed me (and, presumably the rest of those affected) that the ETA on repairs has been extended to the 26th ... and I am not sure I believe THAT any more than (rightly) I believed the ETA of the 25th.

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      Saul Morales on

      I will agree with Luke above. Your communication has been very good. I don't think that I have had as good communication with any other KS project as yours. Hopefully they will realize how important you are and fix your phone lines.

    3. Luke Raymond

      Sorry to hear about your situation and hopefully it's resolved sometime next week. I will say though, you've had one of the best lines of communication with backers for a Kickstarter. Some big companies only give an update once a month.

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      Phil C

      Gotta love telstra! Imagine what it would be like if our custom was not important to them