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OM2 is an expanded and updated version of the original Orbis Mundi, covering the reality of Medieval European Life for Role Players.
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Hardcovers & Stretch Goals

Posted by Phillip McGregor (Creator)


The Hardcovers have been approved by Lightning Source as of Saturday and I have ordered a proof copy ... it takes around 5 days (sometimes more in my experience) for them to print such. I have paid for superfast shipping so, theoretically, UPS will have it here in Oz in 3-4 working days ... so another 10 working days and I should have it in my hands.

Since the only change is the cover (different size as it has to wrap around the edges of the hard binding) and this really only means repositioning the existing text and illustrations (which have worked perfectly on the Softcover) on a different template there should be no need for a second pass through, fingers crossed.

Assuming this is the case, then I should be able to make them available almost as soon as it arrives, hopefully by the third week of June.

Stretch Goals

Work proceeds slower than I expected ... I have the basic data (or know where I can get it) but the added creative bits is a different kettle of fish, I have about 30 pages on the Barony of Ithura so far and 5 pages on the Manor of Alford and that includes some material that sets parameters for Porthaven Castle, Porthaven Town and Fortcythwyru Abbey. This isn't complete enough to post yet, and will be much longer than the promised page count ... and the material on the Barony (the 'Regional Sourcebook' in effect) is obviously longer than the 12 pages I promised as a minimum for a start.

I think the page count for the Manor, Castle, Town and Abbey/Monastery will run at least the promised ~12 pages each, but I may be underestimating things ... as I've said before, I prefer to do things so that I feel they are complete and stand alone rather than try and squeeze them into specific page counts.

This means that the Stretch Goals will certainly take longer than I estimated - bad news. But my planned trip to Europe from July-October has had to be cancelled since my Doctor decided at the last minute that the new Blood Pressure meds she put me on in January and were OKed by my Specialist in April weren't good enough and changed them ... which meant that my Insurance wouldn't cover me until I'd been on them for three months and flow on booking delays meant the earliest I could travel would be the last week in September ... and a lot of what I wanted to see simply wouldn't be open or would be increasingly inaccessible so late in the year. 

Next year, hopefully.

So I now have July as well, as originally planned, but I suspect it may take longer for completion than estimated ... but, as I said, as soon as I have complete enough material I will post it in DropBox for Backers to access, so you'll have something before then.


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    1. Daimadoshi_CL

      Hope you recover soon mate. So that you can travel all year next year! Things happens for a reason... best wishes!

    2. Missing avatar

      Phil C

      Sorry to hear your trip got cancelled. Hope next year works