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OM2 is an expanded and updated version of the original Orbis Mundi, covering the reality of Medieval European Life for Role Players.
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Mailout done!

Posted by Phillip McGregor (Creator)

As it says. I scored an exceptionally competent Fedex contractor who, despite the parcel still being scanned as in their Botany hub (i.e. Sydney Airport) and never having left it after arrival last night, actually phoned me when I wasn't home and agreed to leave the parcel at my door despite that, on my say-so. I am actually astounded.

Anyway, the cover (the only area that occasionally seems to cause problems) was fine ... and the interior has printed out as it is in the PDF ... so I have just finished doing the RPGNow mailout to all those who backed The Marketplace.

Those of you who backed at Print on Demand level will (assuming RPGNow's mailout software works in every case ... and it demonstrably won't) get TWO emails, one with the code for the PDF and one with the At Cost code for the Print on Demand version.

Everyone else will (same caveat as above) get ONE email with the code for the PDF.

You should get these instantaneously (I sent them around 14:45 Australian Eastern Standard Time) ... if you haven't gotten them within 12 hours or so then you need to PM me through Kickstarter so I can PM you the codes directly.

Based on past experience somewhere between 5-10% of the mailed codes simply won't be sent ... but check your Spam folder first, as that can gobble them up occasionally.

Also note that, depending on your email software, simply clicking on the link code in the email either might or might not automagically take you to the RPGNow checkout page. 

IF IT DOESN'T then you will need to cut and paste the code (making sure there is no invisible blank space at the beginning or end) directly into your Browser's address bar to get it to take you to the checkout page.


Anyone who didn't back The Marketplace, either at all or for the Print on Demand version, you may pay the difference in A$ between what you paid and the level required to give you the PDF or PDF/PoD level you wish ... PM me via Kickstarter for details.

Aussie & Kiwi Backers

I have just received an email from Amazon/DHL stating that the Proof has been shipped and will arrive, most likely, MONDAY or, possibly, TUESDAY ... which is the superfast speed, which I didn't pay for. Sometimes Amazon basically seems to thrown in 'freebies' like this ...

Which means, assuming all is good with it, that I will be able to take your money to have it sent via Amazon at a much cheaper rate, and generally a much faster speed, than RPGNow/LSI and FEDEX can manage.


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    1. Remi Letourneau

      Got it but I'll wait for the Hardcover code... I find the softcover of those size to be too "floppy" to read confortably (at least the RPGNow ones... )

    2. Chris Eliasen

      Probably jumping the gun because of my excitement to read it, but I have not gotten the pdf code for the marketplace yet. Checked the spam, too. Thanks!

    3. Phillip McGregor 2-time creator

      Problems with the RPGNow software randomly doing what it pleases rather than what it is supposed to do ... I have re-sent a PoD code.

    4. Jonas Schiött

      It didn't quite work. I got 2 emails, but both codes are for the pdf.

      So, no POD in sight just yet.