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OM2 is an expanded and updated version of the original Orbis Mundi, covering the reality of Medieval European Life for Role Players.
471 backers pledged AU$ 17,777 to help bring this project to life.

Proof's Progress

Posted by Phillip McGregor (Creator)

It has now departed Frankfurt (Wednesday afternoon, German time), which, I think, is the main UPS exit hub for Europe ... so, theoretically, that means it is winging its way to Australia ... which is pushing it for a Friday delivery. Insanely optimistic, by my experience.

It is not likely to arrive today, local time (Thursday), before shipping is finalised for tomorrow, so it is not likely to make it out ... I think, theoretically, the UPS drivers do two runs a day (morning and afternoon), but my experience has been that, if they indeed do that, that my area is only ever served by a morning run, and, as noted, it is extremely unlikely that the parcel will arrive in time to actually be put on that.

It's looking more and more like Monday (but UPS has a habit, I've noticed, of being extremely slack with Friday loads for Monday, often leaving them too late to actually be ready to go out on Monday, given that it seems my area only gets one delivery run) ... so possibly Tuesday.

Or everything could go right and it might arrive on Friday ... won't be holding my breath though!

Australian Backers Only

As with OM2 Core Book I am offering the option of getting The Marketplace printed and shipped by Amazon/Createspace as it is WAY cheaper than LSI/UPS.

The cost to print (US$4.58 @ Amazon vs around US$9 at LSI) and ship (Expedited, basically 3 weeks, including printing delay, but usually closer to ten working days, is US$13.58 and Priority, 7 days, is US$26.78 ... LSI/UPS is ~US$33) ... a huge saving.

I've had the proof approved, downloaded a Digital Proof (one advantage of Amazon - it is actually as close to identical to what the Print Proof will look like as is possible on a computer screen) ... which looks fine. However, to be certain, I have ordered a print proof, Expedited, which should arrive by the 30th, but probably 10 working days after it is printed.

Once I have that on hand I will offer Expedited print and ship for A$35 and Priority for A$50 (this assumes no big change in the current exchange rate of US75c to A$1, plus a $5 buffer to allow for shipping problems) ... ordering from RPGNow would cost ~A$58.

I'll make an announcement when the proof arrives and this offer can go live.

Oh, and any Kiwis out there, check with me ... we may be able to do a similar deal.

Phil McGregor

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    1. Phillip McGregor 2-time creator

      Createspace have not only printed but also shipped the Proof ... so, fingers crossed, ten working days from today it should be here (say 25th May).

    2. Phillip McGregor 2-time creator

      OK. I can't check shipping costs until the Proof comes through (Createspace is weird like that) ... but, as far as I remember, it's somewhat more expensive for Amazon/Createspace to ship to NZ compared to Australia, but then it's still less than what RPGNow/LSI charges (which is also more expensive).

    3. Missing avatar


      One Kiwi here who is interested :-)