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OM2 is an expanded and updated version of the original Orbis Mundi, covering the reality of Medieval European Life for Role Players.
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What use is Orbis Mundi? Part 3 ...

Posted by Phillip McGregor (Creator)

While Aelfric is enjoying a well deserved, if overpriced, meal and mug of Ale at the Silver Star Tavern, let's move on to one of his acquaintances, Edgar the Black (so named because of his white blond hair)/

Edgar is the younger son of a Serf and, not having any real prospect of inheriting, or being able to afford to buy land or his freedom, but he had some skill with the Spear (not enough money to afford a Longbow) and so skipped 'town' to make his fortune as a mercenary.

Well, that was the plan.

Currently he and his fellow spearmen are attached to a Hundred of Longbowmen somewhere in France ...

... and he's just heard the alarm being raised. A Band of Frenchmen have been spotted!

So he grabs his steel cap and mail shirt and quickly shrugs it on ...


Spear armed infantry were the poorest paid, and poorest equipped soldiers in a typical English medieval army. While Edgar will probably have a steel cap (and a shield, most like), he's not likely to be able to afford a mail shirt. Not even a Longbowman could.

What he would probably have been able to acquire is an Aketon, a thick jacket of tough padded linen, probably covering him from neck to mid thigh and the arms down to the elbow or, possibly, the wrist. Hot to wear in a French summer, but the best armour he's likely to have.

He most likely wears it most of the time during the day ... but here's the problem, as far as we can tell from the primary sources, it is fastened down the back (the opening is a weak spot -- you really don't want it at the front! 

If Edgar isn't wearing it already, he's going to need assistance to put it on ... and time.

Fortunately, Edgar is wearing it ... and he's got his cap on, shield and spear in hand when he hears the clank of someone wearing armour in the nearby copse ... and a half dozen mail armoured French men-at-arms appear out of nowhere ...


Nope. Mail armour doesn't 'clank' ... or 'clink' ... or 'jingle' ... if worn properly it rustles.

Anyway, even though he's alerted, Edgar barely has time to swing himself and his spear in the direction of the attackers ... one of whom seems to have chosen him as his own personal target.

The Frenchman, swinging his sword in a mighty blow cuts off Edgar's spear just below the spearpoint ...


Medieval war spears, all of them, had a long metal tang or extension running for a foot or more down from the actual base of the spearhead to prevent such a thing happening.

Oh well, the sword slides down the haft of the spear and Edgar has to drop it before the blade cuts into his unarmoured hands ...


Medieval war spears, all of them, had flanges on the sides to prevent this happening - rather like Boar Spears, in fact. So it's unlikely that this attack is any more successful.

Edgar is able to parry the sword blow, but the Frenchman is getting in too close for comfort, inside the easy defensive range of his spear, so he boots the man at arms in the crotch in a completely unexpected move ... some dirty fighting he picked up in a number of tavern brawls ...


One problem ... medieval Shoes don't have soles. Or heels. They're basically like gloves for the feet, like Moccasins, so Edgar's more likely to break (or maybe bruise) his foot in such a move against someone wearing mail armour and, probably, at least a hardened leather codpiece.

Fortunately for Edgar, even though he badly bruises his foot and stumbles backward, falling on his back, his muttered prayer to the Virgin is answered and his blind thrust with his spear skewers the Frenchman as he darts forward to skewer Edmund ...

More on Edgar and his adventures next time ...

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