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OM2 is an expanded and updated version of the original Orbis Mundi, covering the reality of Medieval European Life for Role Players.
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Australian & New Zealand Backers

Posted by Phillip McGregor (Creator)

Hi there,

If you've ordered Print on Demand products from RPGNow/DriveThruRPG before you'll already know that the printing costs are OK, but that there are two shipping speeds ...

Snail-like (2-7 weeks) and seemingly cheap, never less than this by more than a day or two in my experience (and that rarely) and possibly 8 weeks. OM2 will cost you US$12.11 to print and US$15.68 to ship at this speed 0 US$27.79 or around A$35.68 in addition to whatever you've paid for the Kickstarter.

Lightning Fast (2-5 weeks) and extortionate, but usually here in Oz within 3-4 working days of being printed in the UK. OM2 will still cost you US$12.11 to print but will cost US$33.91 to ship at this speed - US$50.02 or around A$64.22! On top of whatever you've paid for the Kickstarter.

Around Christmas it is even slower.

There is, however, an alternative. I have placed OM2 on Amazon's CreateSpace PoD platform and, from them, at the cheapest shipping rate (quoted as 11-22 days, but usually around 11 except at Christmas), it costs US$6.46 to print and US$13.58 to ship ... ordered September 25, shipped October 1, arrived here in Sydney October 11 (. For US$20.04 = A$25.73.

And, of course, the quality is excellent.

There are three problems -

Firstly, is that this is for an untracked shipment (Amazon hasn't ever lost one sent from CreateSpace to me over the years ... and I've ordered quite a number for my other KickStarter, Road to Armageddon) and, of course, the closer we get to Christmas, well, even Amazon's excellent service can be slower than normal.

Secondly there is no mechanism for me to give anyone else an 'at cost' voucher so they can order the book at this excellent price and level of service themselves.

Thirdly, I am not sure what the difference in postage would be for NZ backers if they wish to avail themselves of this offer, I don't think it's all that much more ... and Amazon quotes shipping times of roughly a week longer than for Australia to NZ for this speed. 

Australian Backers. Since I it is quite possible that some of you might like to save some money this way, I will offer the option to add A$35 to your pledge level and I will order it myself and have it shipped direct to your address. The 'extra' $10 covers Kickstarter's ~10% fee, a hedge against the very likely decline in the value of the A$ vs the US$ even in such a short timeframe and a small amount to cover the remote possibility that a book might go missing and have to be re-ordered at my cost (think of it as insurance).

New Zealand Backers. Same deal as above, but for A$40 ... to cover the likely slightly higher postage costs.

NOTE: This is only for Australian or New Zealand Backers and it is only for the Core Book, not for The Marketplace or Regional Handbook. I will probably offer a similar deal when they are ready, but you'll have to pay me separately through PayPal if I do.

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      Allan Prewett

      Thanks, I have some drivethru pods and the quality is poor. I just pod your RtA book with lulu and although I had to fudge the cover, still great quality and fast.

    2. Missing avatar

      Phil C

      That is a very generous offer and one I intend on taking up for both copies of the book I would like. Pledge updated.