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FrackNation is a feature documentary that will tell the truth about fracking for natural gas in US and globally.
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FrackNation Director Suffers Attacks on New Project

Posted by Ann and Phelim Media LLC (Creator)


You were the first people to support me in my plan to bypass the mainstream media and tell the truth about people like Josh Fox and the lies he told.

 By helping me make FrackNation we got the truth out and now I want to ask for your help to tell the truth about environmental liars again

As you know the  truth really hurts and I know that more than ever after two "environmental" activists tried to disrupt my new play on preview night by heckling the actors. It was the first night of the $18-Billion Dollar Prize which exposes the world's biggest environmental fraud and they were not happy.

The hecklers continued arguing with the audience after the show. One member of the audience managed to get some footage of them as they were leaving. You can see the end of the argument here (sorry about the quality).

The next night we had an outstanding opening night. Every night has been a full house and the audiences (the ones not paid to disrupt it) are loving it.

The Goldstar ticketing service allows actual audience members to review what they have seen and they loved it:

"it's like seeing a Vanity Fair article come to life. Rich with detail from actual court transcripts and sometimes hard to follow, but worth the effort. Ultimately, it's a cautionary tale about what happens when we ignore warnings, stop asking questions and choose blindly to support what we hope is a greater good," said one audience member.

Another called it "excellent."

The Daily Californian, which is the newspaper of Berkley University also covered the Play and was incredibly fair about the issues. (Yes you read that correctly the Berkeley campus newspaper was fair about this story.)

It has not been easy getting the show on to the stage. The lead actor walked out during rehearsal because of politics (his, not mine). We suffered a boycott with publicists and lighting designers refusing to work with us. But we have opened to huge success.

You know how difficult opening a show like this can be - thats why you funded FrackNation and we were able to get it on TV and Netflix.

So far every night of The $18-Billion Prize has been sold out and the next show is on Thursday. There are still tickets left for that show - so please send this link to anyone who might be interested.

But I also need your help. Everyone involved in this production has been incredibly professional - they need to be paid and they deserve to be paid. I need your help to ensure the show is a success. So please give what you can here

I need your donation - I am at less than half of what i need and there are only two more weekends left. So please give what you can to make sure the truth is exposed.



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