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FrackNation is a feature documentary that will tell the truth about fracking for natural gas in US and globally.
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FrackNation Director's New Play Exposes More Environmental Lies

Posted by Ann and Phelim Media LLC (Creator)


You were so kind to help me crowdfund FrackNation. Back then crowdfunding was a new phenomenon, and I wasn't that well known, and you took a chance and together we created a wonderful documentary exposing Josh Fox and his cronies.

So I'm writing to you again because I need your help. I enjoy telling the truth. It's fun to show the world as it really is. And of course it is great fun watching people who lie get upset when their lies are exposed.

Basically I have the perfect job. It has been a pleasure telling the truth through FrackNation, the Ferguson Play, the Gosnell movie and all the other projects.

But I couldn't have done it without you and your contribution to the crowdfunding so that's why I'm writing to you again.

My new project is a play that will open shortly in San Francisco and it reveals how crooked environmentalists sued an oil company and pulled off the the biggest fraud in history.

The play is called The $18-Billion Prize and it is a shocking and at times hilarious expose of the fraud, how it was promoted by Hollywood celebs and their cheerleaders in the media and how they all almost got way with it.

Basically "environmentalists" led by Steven Donziger, a New York lawyer, sued Chevron Oil company claiming they have polluted the rainforest in Ecuador. Of course all the mainstream media uncritically reported their outrageous claims without checking or even doing basic journalism and Hollywood "stars" such as Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Sting and his wife, and Mia Farrow all jumped on the bandwagon.

But it turned out to have been a complete fraud. The "environmentalists" bribed the judge with half a million dollars and ghostwrote the judgement which secured them The $18-Billion Prize.

And we have the court documents that prove this. The court transcripts are the basis for the play. Donziger was forced to hand over thousands of documents, including a diary, where he revealed the scheming and the hilarious shenanigans of Hollywood celebs gone wild in the jungle.

The play is going to open in San Francisco on May 19th but the project is in trouble. I'm crowdfunding the project and to be honest I'm behind in the fundraising. I have raised 20% of the total but I should really be at 30% by the end of this week. Basically we have raised $14k but need to have $20k by Monday.

Can you help as you have before with FrackNation? The play is wonderful - it is mostly verbatim using the actual testimony from the court case that eventually revealed the fraud. I know it's well written because two actors, who are part of a crowd scene, are fighting over lines. In the end we compromised and the actors are taking turns and saying the lines on alternative nights.

So please give what you can and help me get to my target by Monday. The left think they own the arts and they really think they own the theater so lets show them that the truth is much more compelling than their fiction.

Thank you

Phelim McAleer

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