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FrackNation is a feature documentary that will tell the truth about fracking for natural gas in US and globally.
3,305 backers pledged $212,265 to help bring this project to life.

Thank You and two things we need you to do

Posted by Ann and Phelim Media LLC (Creator)

Dear Backers

We're writing to you today for few reasons. First, we want to thank you again for your amazing support that continually allow us to develop a documentary that will make a huge difference in the lives of people across US and the globe.

Second, this film must remain independent from the Oil and Gas industry. Therefore, if you are a senior executive of an Oil and Gas company, we must ask you to cancel your pledge immediately. We appreciate your cooperation.

Third, to everyone else. We expect the amount we've raised so far to drop because of the above cancellations. If you are able to, please increase your pledge to make up the shortfall and send the link to our page to friends who you think would like to support our project. Here is just some of the coverage we garnered for this true story about fracking for natural gas:

Washington Times

HICKS: ‘FrackNation’ digs up the not-so-scary truth

The Source with Ezra Levant (TV)

What the Frack?

Yahoo News

FrackNation’ Garners Thousands in Kickstarter Pledges

The Blaze

Fracking Crazy’ or ‘Fracking Brilliant?’: A Look at the Pro-Fracking Documentary ‘FrackNation’


State Department Promoting “Gasland”, Other Enviro Films To Foreign Audiences


Americans back pro-drilling documentary instead of film about execution of ‘innocent’ cop killer

The Telegraph

FrackNation: pay one dollar, become a movie mogul, save the world!

The Chris Stigall Show

On Air Interview

DailyMail (Blog)

Kim Kardashian fund the movie

The Ithaca Journal

New ‘FrackNation’ film challenges ‘Gasland’ science in frack debate

The Observer-Reporter (PA)

New Film Champions Natural Gas Industry

The Wayne Independent (PA)

Pro-fracking film offers executive producer credits for small investors

New York Post

OpEd: “Frack Nation” Will the truth get out?

The American Entrepreneur (Radio)

On Air Interview

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Industry gets cast in ‘FrackNation,’ the latest documentary on the drilling debate

Big Hollywood

Pro-fracking film laps anti-death penalty documentary

The Bismarck Tribune

Fracking Documentary to be shown in Minot

The Colorado Observer

New Film About Fracking Seeks to Counter Environmental Fearmongering


Movie ‘to expose’ murky fracking issue


Radio Interview: What the Frack?

Olean Times Herald

First ‘Gasland’, Now Comes ‘FrackNation’

Erie Times News

Pennsylvania highlighted in a new gas-drilling film

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Santorum returns to PA next week

Thank you again for helping us break the wall of misinformation and get the truth out there. FrackNation will be a film made of true stories, not scare stories.

Ann, Phelim and Magda


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    1. Missing avatar

      Philippe Demonceau on

      shucks, 'progresSive'...

    2. Missing avatar

      Philippe Demonceau on

      BTW, and after reading several comments, I want to state that I consider myself as "left-leaning" and "liberal" (so do my friends). Now, here in Europe, 'left' is not a four-letter word, it used to mean that we cared for the poor and that we were, huh... progressive. Cheap energy would do good to the poor, ain't it so? Just read Spiked!, that's a good start, even though I'm not 100% with them... But our European left has been hijacked by the 'Greens', who are everything but 'progresive'.
      Bear with me if I made some grammatical or speliling mistakes, but English is not my mother tongue.

    3. Missing avatar

      Philippe Demonceau on

      Sorry, not "once", but "ones"... I guess you've figured it out!

    4. Missing avatar

      Philippe Demonceau on

      A very good and apposite move. Now, all Gas executives are not delighted with US fracking, just consider Gazprom's CEO! Even Big Oil interests are not happy and neither are Big Coal's... Still, especially in the wake of Heartland, you do well.
      Not being a man of infinite wealth, I expect you to tell us all how much setback you incur from this fine decision.
      Keep up with your good work and rest assured that I have transmitted your project to all my European readers (alas, not an overwhelming bunch but at least I'm happy to say that I've convinced a few once...).