by Ann and Phelim Media LLC

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      Eagle Ford News on

      Put it on YouTube!!!!

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      Claude Pichot on

      Great! Keep it up. Please also plan on how to get this true message into social media form.

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      Lawrence Uelk on

      You are on the right track! Keep it up.

    4. Caleb Thomas on

      I'm so excited to share this with all the "gaslanders"!

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      The Filthy Engineer on

      Less than $16,000 to go.

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      Robert Crawford on

      Excellent.... The left wing media, which seems to be the majority of present day media, present lies, half truths, and selectively tell whatever biased story they want, regardless of the reality. It is nice to find someone to be able to "tell the truth" and counter the liberal media lies. Their agenda seems to be against anything that is good.

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      Max W. Mader on

      Truth is as powerful over falsehood as light is over darkness. Nothing can destroy the truth. People may hate truth, reject truth and fight truth with all their might; but truth is unaffected: it cannot be destroyed. Truth is invincible. Truth is the best insurance policy an individual or community can invest in.

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      Jason Pratt on

      The woman at the end of this clip is what convinced me to kick in -- go FrackNation team!


      Let the real truth be known, forget the liberal media.

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      Andrew on

      Not very much in the way of facts. Just a lot of opinion and it looks like an info-mercial. I hope my money will not be wasted on a lobby piece for the Oil and Gas industry.

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      Cameron Hoare on

      Andrew, As oppossed to the wealth of facts put out by the greenies. Are you really here to assist in the telling of the other side of this story and to let these people have a voice in their future or are you just a greenie troll. To make such an inane comment with a few minutes of footage suggests that you are. Perhaps you have not provided money and are only here to disrupt as much as possible.

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      Francis Di Iorio on

      Looking forward to the hard, scientific facts that back our side. Opinion can be debated all day long, but the environmentalists can't argue with the factual information. Please include objective data, not just subjective opinions aimed at the critics.

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      Thomas Steele on

      Yes, do let's have verifyable, published facts.

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      charles platt on

      Agree with Francis. While it is refreshing to hear contrary opinions there is a need for technical data. Animations explaining why it's safe, statements from geologists, statistics--and evidence to back up the claim that lies have been told.

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      Timothy C. Evans on

      Fracktual information does not lie!

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      Nicholas Maier on

      It's refreshing to hear from real people, real farmers and real ranchers about the benefits that they have seem from this technology.

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      Anna Sakkis on

      Thank yyou for making the fim. Please, please continue. America needs energy independence from the Middle East. Hollywwod can afford 5 or 10 dollars a gallon, most of us cannot.

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      Kathy Benninger on

      Go Frack. It is so evident that what the current media does not show is the side of real people. Why have we become so infatuated with Hollywood that we accept what they say - why? Their lives are based on glamor and impressing others to stay in the lime-light - they wouldn't tell you the truth if you asked what color is the sky!

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      steven r. taylor on

      If you need any volunteers for film I could help. I have a background in TV/Film Production.This will be an important film too unveil the truth rather than the current deception(s)
      Steven R Taylor