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FrackNation is a feature documentary that will tell the truth about fracking for natural gas in US and globally.
FrackNation is a feature documentary that will tell the truth about fracking for natural gas in US and globally.
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VIDEO: Closing Night CHAOS at the FERGUSON Play

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You made FrackNation possible. You supported it when we needed help, so now I'm asking for your help again. Making FrackNation was a lot of fun. Even when Julie Sautner threatened to pull a gun on me, I was happy. I was also a little nervous, but I was happy because I knew that people only get angry when you expose their lies. I was confident my journalism was on the right track.

And something similar has just happened with the closing night of FERGUSON the play in New York. Basically, a near riot situation erupted on closing night when one of the actors suddenly decided to lecture the audience with fake news and politics. Thankfully, he was quickly shut down, but that wasn't enough, as the arguments and shouting spilled out into the lobby and 30th Street Manhattan. I was accused of "White Arrogance" by cast member Cedric Benjamin.

That's right. He was claiming that it is "White Arrogance" to write a play that quotes mostly minority voices, verbatim. I think Cedric Benjamin--part of the New York "elite"--is the one who is arrogant. How dare he dismiss all those minority voices just because what they witnessed doesn't square with his political beliefs.

In this video, you can see Benjamin try and lecture the crowd with his fake news statistics. He is shut down by director Jerry Dixon, a true professional.

In this video, the cast is ordered off the stage.

And here is Benjamin accusing me of white arrogance on 30th Street outside the theater.

You can read Broadway World's report on the incident here.

I am glad they were shut down, because I'm tired of these coastal elites attacking and insulting Broadway and Hollywood audiences. That's also why I made FrackNation. I was tired of New Yorkers like Josh fox claiming he was from Pennsylvania and destroying the lives of hard-working people there.

It is important to bring the truth to people.

I was also inspired to bring FERGUSON to New York after the disgraceful way the cast of Hamilton treated Vice President Pence when they lectured him from the stage. They were sending a clear message to conservatives--to half the country, basically--you're not welcome in our audience, and we certainly don't want you producing or writing plays. Such exclusion and intolerance is unacceptable.

I will go on fighting just like I did when the actors walked out during rehearsal for the staged reading in LA. Thank you for all your help so far, but I need your help again. I tried to keep costs low, but it is expensive putting on a play in New York. We are $6,000 over budget as the show closes and the bills are coming in. Can you help? 

As I write this, we have just 15 hours to raise the money. It's important that the play is seen to break even. I want to bring it back to New York in a bigger venue and for a longer run, and to do that, I have to convince producers that there is a hunger for it. I need to show widespread support for the truth and the play.

So please give what you can, and send the link ( to anyone you think might want to support the project. We can't run away. We have to stand up to these bullies.

Thanks for all your help,


FERGUSON "too controversial" for Snowflake Students

Dear Supporters,

You supported us as we exposed Josh Fox and his lies - and what fun that was!

So I wanted you to know about the problems that have just arisen with the FERGUSON Play in New York. .

We have had a great run with a World Premiere of the full performance in NYC. It's amazing to see FERGUSON and the truth fully dramatized on stage. We have been having sold out houses every night.

So it seemed perfect when a few weeks ago a Philadelphia College approached the production saying they wanted to bring 50 students to come and see the FERGUSON Play in NYC.

The group included students from the African American studies department - it was going to be a diverse and interesting group of young people - who would bring a different energy to the audience. I was really excited and so were the cast - so I organised a group discount and a Q&A afterwards with the cast and myself. We were all looking forward to discussing the issues raised by the play.

I thought the students would really benefit from hearing, verbatim, what went on in the Grand Jury room during the Michael Brown investigation. In the end 53 tickets were booked - almost selling out the house.

They were supposed to come to the Saturday matinee performance but a few hours before they were supposed to arrive I received an email from the person organizing the group. He said almost all the students had decided not to come because of the "controversy."

Yes, that's right, students were scared of controversy but even worse they were scared of the actual words of real people - eyewitnesses to the killing of Michael Brown. Don't forget FERGUSON is Verbatim Theater - it creates the drama using only actual words from the Grand Jury transcripts. That is what these snowflake students were afraid of - the actual words of eyewitnesses - and many of these witnesses were minorities. What kind of country is this where students are scared of the "controversy" created by the verbatim recreating of minority voices?

To be honest I feel sorry for these students. I also feel sorry for the cast who were facing the prospect of putting on a show in a virtually empty theater. How disappointing for them. And they were so looking forward to discussing their roles and FERGUSON with the students.

It is a major blow for the production also. We had set the tickets aside - and marked the show as sold out - only to have the reservations cancelled at the last moment. The production has lost $2,000 as a result. And we are already behind in the crowdfunding.

Some people have suggested that the cancellations might have been a deliberate attempt to sabotage the production but I think it was just the cowardice of Generation Snowflake with a soupçon of Social Justice sprinkled on top.

It was a lot like when the nine actors walked out in Los Angeles. They couldn't handle the truth either.

So I need your help. The NYC run is coming to an end. We don't have much time to make up the crowdfunding deficit and this stay away by the students has left a huge hole in our finances. We need to raise $9,000 before the campaign closes. I know many of you have already given. Could you give again? If not could you send this link to anyone you think might want to help the truth get out in New York.

I really appreciate all your help.

Together we will bring the truth to those who don't want it - whether they like it or not.

Thank you,


Help me once again with crowdfunding for an important project near you

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You supported the making of my documentary FrackNation when I really needed it. Thank you for that - it was such a pleasure and honor that you trusted me to tell the truth about such an important issue.

I know a lot of you who donated to FrackNation live in Pennsylvania and New York so I want to invite you to come to Manhattan to see my play FERGUSON. Just like FrackNation it tells the truth about an important issue (the real truth not a manufactured story by the mainstream media).

I know some of you live a long way from Manhattan, but listen to this family who drove 8 hours from Ottawa, Canada to New York just to see the FERGUSON play.

And this father and son who drove from outside Boston.

Please come if you can - it's an amazing experience - Alan Robertson of the Duck Dynasty show said it was "powerful".

If you can't come to play please forward the details to anyone you know who might be able to come. And I'd really appreciate if you could help me once again with crowdfunding. Right now we are 63% funded and I'm worried we will not meet our target. At this stage we should be about 70% funded. So please give what you can and forward the link to anyone you think would like to promote the truth in Manhattan - where as you know, they so rarely hear the truth.

Thank you,


EXCLUSIVE: Ely and Cabot settle their fracking lawsuit


Dear Supporters,

We wanted to bring you this EXCLUSIVE news: Dimock litigant Scott "Superman" Ely and Cabot Oil and Gas have settled their lawsuit after arbitration. The terms of the settlement are unknown and confidential.

During the case it emerged:

1) Ely reported water pollution BEFORE the company started drilling

2) Despite claiming his children were poisoned he never took them to a doctor

3) His own lawyer admitted in opening arguments that they had no evidence that fracking chemicals had polluted their water. "This is not a case about Toxic materials ending up in the water. We don't have proof of that. This is not about Fracking fluid appearing in the water. We don't have proof of that," she told the court.

4) His water was so disgusting before Cabot Oil and Gas arrived in the area that they would only use bottled water in the house

5) Despite claiming his water supply was poisoned Scott Ely built a million dollar home on the site of the poisoning.


 Thank you for your support,


FERGUSON New York needs your help


Dear Supporters,

You helped me make FrackNation - I could not have done it without your contribution. So I wanted to update you on the FERGUSON New York project and ask for your help again.

Just to remind you, FERGUSON is a Verbatim Play - it only uses actual Grand Jury testimony from eyewitnesses who saw police officer Darren Wilson shoot Michael Brown. Most of them are minorities and yet their accounts are totally at odds with the stories spun by the mainstream media and activists.

When I had a staged reading of the play in LA - nine actors walked out because they couldn't handle the truth.

This is why it is so important to bring the truth to New York.

So far the mainstream media are doing their best to ignore the story - although it was covered in the UK Sunday Times at the weekend.

But the media in America have been pretty quiet.

This is why it is so important to bring the truth to New York. Obviously the New York theatrical establishment won't support this play. They seem to really detest anything that challenges their cozy consensus world view. And last night's EMMYS was just insult upon insult upon the audiences in middle America that have made these "stars" successful and wealthy.

So I need your help. We have started the crowdfunding and are at 17% of the total. Crowdfunding experts say that at this point in the campaign we should be at 25%. So we need an extra $4000 quickly to keep the momentum going. Could you help by donating to the cause?

And could you also send this link to five friends who want the truth to be told? There is currently rioting and violence and property damage taking place in St Louis as the "Ferguson effect" continues to ripple through society - even though the Ferguson story is mostly a media-manufactured myth.

So thank you for your help with FrackNation and thank you for your help in ensuring FERGUSON New York goes ahead.