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FrackNation is a feature documentary that will tell the truth about fracking for natural gas in US and globally.
FrackNation is a feature documentary that will tell the truth about fracking for natural gas in US and globally.
3,305 backers pledged $212,265 to help bring this project to life.

Helps us end the mainstream media cover-up, again.


Dear backers

You supported FrackNation because the mainstream media was covering up the facts of this important story. We wanted to tell the truth and you helped us get it out there.

You can help us again. The media tried to cover up the case of Dr Kermit Gosnell, the abortion doctor in Philadelphia who is also America's most prolific serial killer. We have written a book exposing the truth about the investigation into his crimes and his conviction for murder and a host of other horrific crimes.

We know that people hold various opinions about abortion - so did we, before we started working on this project.

But the Gosnell story is just like the FrackNation story. The mainstream media covered up Gosnell's trial just like they did with the facts about fracking.

Help us end this cover-up - order Gosnell: The Untold Story of America's Most Prolific Serial Killer today on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Books A Million.

Thank you for your support

Ann and Phelim

BREAKING NEWS: Clinton Confirms Russia Funding Anti-Fracking Groups




I wanted you to see this important fracking story. You might remember FrackNation was ridiculed for suggesting that Putin and Russia were funding anti-fracking organizations in the US and Europe:

Well, it turns out that Hillary Clinton confirmed this fact in a private speech to tinePublic on June 18, 2014.

She told the private audience that at the State Department they were up against “phony groups...funded by the Russians to stand against any effort, that pipeline, that fracking...a lot of the money supporting that effort was coming from Russia."

It has just been published on Wikileaks. Clinton had access to intelligence reports and briefings. This is a huge story.

We at FrackNation are now calling for Hillary Clinton and the State Department to release the names of all anti-fracking organization funded by Putin's Russia.

- Ann, Phelim, & Magdalena

Proof: Black Lives Matter based on lie


Dear Friends,

Greetings from Ireland. We are here on vacation but had to write to you when we saw the news about Baton Rouge. From here it's difficult to get full details on the shooting but it seems like another "Black Lives Matter" inspired hate shooting.

This is shocking coming after Dallas and all the other violence and is so wrong and so unnecessary and I have the evidence to prove it. You can see it here.

The "Black Lives Matter" movement was founded after the alleged "Hands Up Don't Shoot" shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. But this is all a myth - an evil nasty story that has no relation to the truth but has led to the deaths of countless police officers.

There was a Grand Jury investigation into the shooting. I have read all 5,000 pages of eyewitness and forensic evidence. I condensed it down into the play FERGUSON which was on stage in LA last year and also is available on YouTube. Please watch it. It is verbatim eyewitness testimony with nothing added. It's the truth.

These witnesses, mostly African-American, were clear. Michael Brown was on a drug-filled crime rampage and was attacking a police officer when he was shot. The truth was very, very different from what the mainstream media had been peddling about the shooting.

So far almost 80,000 people have watched FERGUSON on YouTube, more need to see it. These police officers are being slaughtered because of a lie. Please watch the video. Watch it with your family and then send it to your friends and neighbors and anyone who needs to see the truth.

It's important that the false stories are stopped and the killings and violence ends now.

Thank You

Phelim McAleer


New Article: "Going Green" Costs Five Lives



I want you to read this very important piece I've written about how "Going Green" led to the death of five members of one family in Ireland.

It should be an international scandal how this family, including two children, were wiped out because environmentalists insisted that it was more important to save fish than make a treacherous pier safe. But the media has not covered the story. They don't want to ask difficult questions of the green movement.

Please share this story and comment in the comment section of the newspaper. It's important that more people know about this destruction of a family by zealots who put fish above children.

Thank you,


News About Phelim's New Project: Clinton Emails on Film


Dear friends,

I wanted to let you know about the distressing news I received last night regarding my new project: In case you haven't heard, I'm producing video re-enactments of sworn testimony by Hillary Clinton's staff about her use of an "illegal," home brew server while at the State Department. We're using only the transcripts from the testimony. A judge sealed the actual videos for political reasons, but I think the truth deserves to be heard.

The actress who had agreed to play the part of Huma Abedin suddenly pulled out as she found out just what the project was about.

When she came onboard early yesterday, the actress knew it was political and was about Hillary Clinton. She was enthusiastic about the project when we started to speak on the phone, but it quickly became clear that she did not know what exactly we were doing. She probably thought we were doing a pro-Hillary film. This is Hollywood after all.

And so, a few hours after discussing the role with me and looking at the previous deposition re-enactments from links I sent, she emailed very late last night saying she had a logistical problem with the role. However, all the logistics were clearly stated in the casting call when she applied for and accepted the role.

And this is not the first time we have had actors drop out of the project as the heat of telling the truth becomes too much for them or their friends.

In fact, the actress who dropped out last night was our second choice. Earlier in the week, our first choice declined after expressing initial interest. At least she was honest and told me it was because she didn't want to deal with any backlash that might follow. Other actors for other roles in the past depositions have also pulled out after accepting because they got so much heat from their liberal friends and feared a bad reaction from future employers.

It seems some people really can't handle the truth. We faced a similar problem when producing the FERGUSON play. Many of the actors walked out because the truth contradicted their liberal bias, what they believed, or what they had been told by the media. For many people in Hollywood, their ideology is more important than the facts.

I hadn't written about this before because, frankly, we were too busy writing the scripts, finding venues and actors, and trying to raise the money.

We scrambled to find a replacement actress to play Huma Abedin. Luckily, we found a talented actress who will be great in the part. (We're recreating Huma Abedin's Deposition even if I have to put on a wig and a dress myself!)

Your donations helped us tell the truth about fracking. Now we're trying to tell the truth about Mrs. Clinton's "illegal" server. We still need donations to ensure that we can complete the project, so please give what you can or forward the link to anyone you think would be interested in helping. We know that Hillary Clinton doesn't like the truth. That's why she got the judge to suppress the tapes of these depositions. Now we know Hollywood gets nervous around the truth, too. That's the reason we're making these films.

It's time to stop the censorship.

Thank you,

Phelim Mcaleer, Director

PS. One of the actors in the depositions is a Hillary volunteer! I can't say who but they told me they took the role because they liked the idea and they love working. Perhaps there is hope for Hollywood!