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Join us in growing fresh & organic veggies on the rooftop. We're creating a vital part of a more equitable urban food system together!
181 backers pledged $13,855 to help bring this project to life.

Almost there! Not letting up...

Posted by Alex Poltorak (Creator)

*** UPDATED: Added video near bottom ***

Thanks to you all, we're at 85% funded. We have two weeks to go and we can't let up now! We'd like to show you who's helped get the project this far along and tell you what happens if we go above $10K.

In The News
All the individual, couple, and group pledgers all got to TUC's kickstarter project in one way or another. Thanks first off to Kickstarter for creating such a cool platform for innovative and interesting projects to find funding. My personal friends have been unbelievably helpful with pledging themselves and spreading the word. Keeping you anonymous, but you know who you are and I am so grateful! ...and these great organizations helped a ton:
New Chicago Beer Co (fellow tenants of The Plant): 
Bike-A-Bee ...last chance to fund their kickstarter!
Beyond Green Partners
Organic School Project
Advocates for Urban Agriculture
Rooftop Garden
Will update as I'm hoping the following will post something next week as well:
Huffington Post, The Greenhorns, The Plant, and a bunch of others. I'm not good at marketing at all so these organizations are helping a lot!

What happens above the $10K goal?
Everything will go towards creating an even better example of what a rooftop farm can be and how it works for our communities! Specifically, here's a sub-project example. Last year, we had an issue with wind hurting some of our bigger plants like tomatoes and cucumbers. This year, we plan to create a living hedge along the perimeter of the roof! This living hedge will be composed of a combination of corn, sunflowers, bamboo, berry bushes, juniper trees, and have several vining plants like beans, peas, squash, etc. to create effective wind dispersion while being pollinator attractors, delicious and beautiful! 

Also, keep in mind that Kickstarter & Amazon takes a cut of the funds, and we'll be spending a ton of dollars and time on rewards for you all.

Entonses, let's keep the momentum going! Keep spreading the word and feel encouraged to connect with us on facebook and twitter. Hoping to create a "press page" this weekend as well.

The next update will include a timeline of what the rooftop buildout will look like. 



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