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Hand drawn and colored by Devin Night and Nell Bailey. These tokens are overhead monsters from the OGL/SRD list of fantasy monsters.
Hand drawn and colored by Devin Night and Nell Bailey. These tokens are overhead monsters from the OGL/SRD list of fantasy monsters.
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Jan 29, 2013

Posted by Devin Night (Creator)

Hey everyone,

Sorry for missing last weeks post, sick children and then I got sick for several days.
Today I'll be sending out the animal tokens. I'm a bit behind on the custom tokens but I'll get them done as quickly as possible. I'll be starting the PDF files this week as well. I'm debating how to break them down into smaller PDF files.

I have T-shirts in hand and will be sending them out shortly to those of you who chose that reward.

If there are other things that I owe some of you please feel free to remind me, I want to make sure I meet all the promises I made. To that effect I owe you guys a weapon and shield sheet so that some of you can make variants.

All in all we should have this Kickstarter wrapped up in a couple weeks. Thanks for your patience and your support.

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    1. Jeremy Turnley on

      Devin, I never got the email with the link for the animal tokens either - I got all of the other ones. Can you resend it?

    2. Devin Night Creator on

      This Tuesday I will post the custom tokens and a link to the tokens. When the project ends I will send out a new email with links to all the tokens for anyone who missed one.

      If you have not been getting the emails with the links send me an email and I'll check my mail list.

    3. Flipp the Bunny on

      No animals here either..

    4. David Williams on

      I also received the update email, but no animals.

    5. Missing avatar

      Flores Cedric on

      Hello Devin,
      Sorry to bother you, but i did not received the link for the animals file. I only got the update mail.
      The tokens are wonderful and i used them weekly in my kingmaker maptool campaign to the delight of my players.

    6. Devin Night Creator on

      I have uploaded a new .zip file. K. Williams was good enough to let me that two of the files were messed up. The hi res Tiger was missing and an extra lo-res viper was in the folder.

      If you guys happen to spot anything else just let me know.

    7. Devin Night Creator on

      Once I'm done with the Kickstarter I'll be happy to take on new commissions, I already have some requests coming in.

    8. John Dale Himebaugh on

      Sorry to hear you were I'll. Bummer with sick kids as well. Glad to see that the files are coming soon but don't stress yourself to the point of relapse again. We can wait. The tokens are outstanding and I use them constantly in my GURPS Campaign. They are beautiful. When you are less busy, I want to send you a Commision for a few Special jobs for me such as mounted knight and city guards, etc. Hopefully that won't be too much.


    9. Devin Night Creator on

      No worries, I will send links to the backers of that level when they are done.

    10. Daniel Rasmussen on

      Sorry, somehow TOTALLY missed the line about the PDFs, and I can't delete my old comment. Will the links to said PDFs be emailed to us like the tokens themselves?

    11. Daniel Rasmussen on

      When will the printable layered PDF of the tokens be available?