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Hand drawn and colored by Devin Night and Nell Bailey. These tokens are overhead monsters from the OGL/SRD list of fantasy monsters.
Hand drawn and colored by Devin Night and Nell Bailey. These tokens are overhead monsters from the OGL/SRD list of fantasy monsters.
Hand drawn and colored by Devin Night and Nell Bailey. These tokens are overhead monsters from the OGL/SRD list of fantasy monsters.
261 backers pledged $11,046 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Devin Night Creator on

      Awesome, glad you really liked it.

    2. SammyH on

      Got my tshirt last night, LOVED it!!! Going to wear it Saturday night for game night with the guys!!!

      Thx again for the Kickstarter, we love the tokens and use them for our Roll20 game nights.


    3. Devin Night Creator on

      I'm going to post a new update with links for all the packs. Sorry that some of you haven't got the emails in a timely manner. I'll check my DB to make sure I didn't mess up your address'.

    4. David Williams on

      Still waiting on those animal tokens.

    5. Devin Night Creator on

      Yeah, most of the giants ended up in the kickstarter. Some of the undead, and the hobgoblins.

    6. Missing avatar

      Flores Cedric on

      Hi Devin,

      I was wondering, are some of the tokens here, included in the 21-28 tokens packs on your site ?
      Just a question before buying the tokens packs bundle.

    7. Devin Night Creator on

      If you need a Grell contact me for a custom job through my token site.

    8. Jeremy Turnley on

      Pretty sure the Grell is not OGL - it's not on the SRD sites or in Pathfinder.

    9. Missing avatar

      paydirt76 on

      I think I pledged at the $35 level right before the t-shirt stretch goal was created. I'm not really interested in either the t-shirt or the custom token (though a dwarven female in a chainmail bikini might be awesome). 300+ tokens is enough for me! My hope for the PDF is that at the bottom of the page, it will say what is what (I'm guessing you already do this). ie "Starting at top left... dire rat, dire wolverine, ..." etc. Thanks.

    10. Devin Night Creator on

      Thanks guys.
      I'm drawing up Dire animals right now... Apes are extremely tough.... dire apes are just scary. Admittedly it's hard to make a badger look ferocious when you can draw their big sharp teeth. I Also finished up the devourer today. I'll post more preview images in another day or so.

    11. Don Kosak on

      I'm all for more tokens Devin. (I have way too many t-shirts already.)

      You did a great job on this first Kickstarter project -- solid updates throughout the project and timely answers to our questions.

      I'm looking forward to your next Kickstarter project.

    12. Rob Eisenberg on

      Personally, I'm only interested in the tokens. It's really important to me that the individual files are descriptively named and well organized.

    13. Missing avatar

      Flores Cedric on

      I will be more than happy to get more tokens. But I could be interested to buy a t-shirt, as a fellow backer has suggested you could add it to your token store. (Waht would be the cost for a shipment to France).
      Congrats !!

    14. Missing avatar

      Mark Miller on

      Congratulations on funding the project plus more! I originally joined more as a way of saying "thanks" for the free tokens I've already used, but with all the stretch goals this has become an amazing package. Like others, I'm all for more tokens instead of a t-shirt. I got a bit confused during the shirt/custom token discussion, but for whatever it's worth my suggestion/request would be a dracolich.

    15. Gene M. Rozenberg on

      I vote for the "Animals" stretch goal all the way! Love your work and am glad that I could support your efforts!

    16. Devin Night Creator on

      Thanks for the idea, there are probably a few things that I can do better on my next kickstarter. However this one worked better than expected, so I'm not beating myself up. :)
      Any thoughts or suggestions are always appreciated.

    17. Alarian DarkWind

      Ah what the heck, I just bumped my pledge to $35 just to help out.

    18. Alarian DarkWind

      One suggestion I might make for your next kickstarter would be to have additional tokens you could get for higher pledge levels. I've been back to your project quite a few times over the past week or so looking for any reason to pledge higher than my $25. I wasn't interested in getting a pdf version or using them for commercial projects so there was really no reason for me to pledge higher and I really wanted to.

      Just a thought.

    19. Devin Night Creator on

      I wish there was an edit button, on those comments. On the one below it should read $25 level and higher.

    20. Devin Night Creator on

      If we reach 12,000 I will give everyone at the $25 level The "Animals" stretch goal because you earned it. Then make it either a t-shirt or the dungeon/map items. I think the dead version is just too big a stretch with 3 hours, but Dungeon items could be doable.

      If we don't reach 12,000 then it's a choice of t-shirt or Animal tokens.

    21. Echelon Game Design

      okay, commercial access understood. I was thinking, though, that if you're going to prepare the animal tokens _anyway_....

    22. Devin Night Creator on

      You can always contact me after the kickstarter to purchase the rights to use them commercially.

      If we don't reach $12,000 you get all the tokens up to and including the second stretch goal. You can also choose to get the animal tokens or the t-shirt. If you haven't already pledged the extra $5 please don't that was only an option for people I asked to do so to cover shipping of a shirt that they may opt out of getting.

    23. Echelon Game Design

      Also, at this point I have no intention to use these commercially (I have no commercial products or projects right now). I might have a non-commercial publishing use for them, but I don't at the moment. Both of these facts might change. Can I change my license after the project, when it becomes relevant?

      That is, could I get a personal license now, then either the noncommercial-publishing license or publishing license (via PayPal or something) when it looks like I'll actually use it?

    24. Echelon Game Design

      okay, I admit that I'm confused here. I'm pledged at $35 (I want the PDF). If you hit $12,000 I get all the tokens, that's clear. If I pledge $40 and you don't get to $12,000 (I think you might make it!) can I get the animal tokens too?

      I assume that if you hit $12,000, the extra $5 _doesn't_ get the all-beasties-dead tokens.

    25. Devin Night Creator on

      At the end... in 13 hours. Probably the next morning... I will send out a follow up to all backers.

    26. David Oswalt on

      Should we send you an email for the choice (shirt or tokens) I want the tokens : )

    27. Devin Night Creator on

      Hey S R Hinton,
      I would only be so lucky if Paizo gave me a chance. I haven't contacted them yet, but that is something I have thought about.

      A big thanks to Roll20 for spreading the word.

    28. SammyH on

      I am probably one of the odd ones, I am excited about the t-shirt!!

      I got in on this because of the email from (I was a backer of it as well!) So I will be one of the very few with the ultra cool t-shirt, especially since so many others are choosing the extra tokens.

      Just an aside, Paizo Game Space will be another VTT coming down the pipeline soon, might be another outlet!! (It would be cool if there was an kind of official crossover tokens at some point!)

    29. Devin Night Creator on

      Thanks David,
      The Demons and Devils are gauranteed at this point, the next stretch goal is the Animals, which you can have if you opt to have them instead of a t-shirt.

    30. David Oswalt on

      Had to bump it up to $35, I definitely want the demons and devils LOL

    31. Devin Night Creator on

      @Eric: I'll probably be making a new set of characters from the custom ones I've done and releasing them through my store. I can't sell some of the custom work because it is specific to certain IP's.

      @Ville: Thanks I'll contact everybody here at least once if I decide to do another kickstarter. The PDF will be square grid based, but there will be an option to print without any background so that should work. What's more iconic than a goblin? In truth I will have some bad art days and some really good art days. I try to make every token as unique as possible.

      @Ryan: Thank you.

    32. Ryan Sanden on

      Just a quick thanks for doing this. I've been using your free tokens in GURPS games for a long time and am a big fan of your work.

      As a data point, I also would be interested in backing a modern/scifi pack if it contained at least 250 tokens for $25, or would jump into a kickstarter which met that stretch goal.

      Thanks again!

    33. Yawnee on

      Also. Can't wait to see how the Balor will turn out! I suppose you'll be spending more time on those complex and iconic monsters than mere goblins, am I right?

    34. Yawnee on

      I have one question. Are the tokens on the PDF files printable so that the grid doesn't print? I would hope so since GURPS uses hexes.

    35. Yawnee on

      Thank you for clarifying the token/shirt thing. Also, if you're putting up a new Kickstarter for the modern and/or sci-fi tokens in the future, I'm pretty sure I'll be backing that too :)

    36. Eric Daum on

      Out of curiosity Devin...what doest allow you to package up some of the custom tokens you've done for the public?

    37. Devin Night Creator on

      Ok I'll try to clarify.
      We will reach $10,000 of that I am sure.

      Everyone who has pledged at the $25 level or higher will recieve the 150+ tokens. They will also get an additional 100 tokens from the 2 stretch goals reached. At this point you can choose to get a t-shirt or get the third stretch goal tokens instead (50), it's one or the other.

      The $5 custom token choice was a way to appologize to any of the guys or gals overseas who already chipped in the extra $5 for shipping. However if anyone, has chipped in an extra $5 above your normal pledge I will honor it and allow you to also choose a custom token to have made for the benefit of all backers at the $25 level or higher.

      At this point I am assuming most people will get the extra 50 tokens instead of the t-shirt. But I am leaving the t-shirt on the table for anyone who would rather have the t-shirt instead of the third stretch goal tokens.

      I hope that helps. I appologize to all my backers for the confusion.

    38. Missing avatar

      Leif Egil Reve on

      Hi, Devin :-)
      I'm not sure if I understand your questions/statements.

      Assume we reach 10k. (gratz) Is the question if we want what the stretch goal is, or a t-shirt? Or is it if we want additional 50 tokens added to the stretch goal instead of a t-shirt? Or is it one personal token instead of a t-shirt?
      Thanks for clarifying :-)

    39. Jason W on

      id like to toss my vote into the 'more tokens' hat

    40. Graham Brand on

      The way it's looking now is that if we all up our pledges we can get another 50 tokens for $3 each... :-)

    41. Devin Night Creator on

      Hello Radoslaw,
      I was just telling another backer that I really want to do a larger set of modern/sci-fi/alien/robots pack. It's obviously several months off. Most of my work is based off where the most commisions are coming from. However my own needs are going to require more sci-fi. If you check my blog you will find some heavily armored marines. I would have to make them a bit more generic for public sale. I have also done a bunch of starship crew tokens. Suffice to say that I'll be happily making tokens for as long as I can.

    42. Radosław Grzanka on

      Do you plan (in this KS or another or anywhere else) do some futuristic tokens? (for postapocaliptic, WH40k etc. settings?)

    43. Kevin Doswell on

      Re-reading my post want to re-phrase it....

      What I REALLY want is both :)

      Who else can I pester to get us to $10K ?

      /emote wanders off....

    44. Jeremy Turnley on

      OK, as much as I love shirts, getting 50 extra tokens is just a better deal. Shirts wear out, tokens are forever.

    45. Realm Master K

      Devin, I think your tokens are the best thing to happen to VTTs since their introduction. I absolutely vote for more tokens over a t-shirt. Your tokens are the best top down tokens out there. Sign me up for as many as you can create!

      Realm Master K

    46. Kevin Doswell on

      Much as I love the tokens I added $5 for a T-shirt to be shipped to Blighty.

      So if we get a choice at the end I'd rather have a t-shirt.

    47. Missing avatar

      Eric G on

      Put me in the 'more tokens instead of a t-shirt' camp as well. I wear t-shirts a lot, and it is a cool design, but I signed up to get tokens. Maybe consider selling the t-shirts on your website separately?

    48. Wade Hone on

      I just wanted to give my voice in favor of the 'more tokens over the T-shirt' debate. That said, I LOVED the design proposal - that's one of the coolest looking t-shirt designs that I have seen in a while! however, I rarely get to wear t-shirts, (work and personal preference is a button up the front with a collar type.) so - I'll list my opinion on the side of getting more Tokens over a T-shirt. Thanks Devin!!

    49. Jonathan Eskritt on

      @John you click the manage your pledge that's under the goal tracking. its a big blue button. from there you just add however much extra you need. so if you're at $35, because who doesn't need printable table top tokens too, you change your pledge to $40. then you scroll to the bottom and click the big green "Continue to Next Step" and you have to redo all the amazon payments stuff.

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