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MX$ 0.00 pledged of MX$ 500,000 goal
By Federico Rojas
MX$ 0.00 pledged of MX$ 500,000 goal


The idea behind this brand is not only creating clothes, but creating a new model of business that hopefully will pave the way for the fashion industry to consider new manufacturing materials, techniques and practices in general. I believe that within all communities, there are means to produce ethical clothing that can be reasonably priced and therefore provide the same opportunities that a major fashion brand does, with a better result for both manufacturers and consumers.  

While there are currently brands that offer clothing with organic fabrics and sustainable methods, they are not major players in the fashion industry, and they haven´t targeted markets like "streetware". I want to make visually attractive clothes that everybody wants to buy, and not just those looking for ethical clothing. In order to do this, I want to develop an in depth marketing and advertising campaign that can give the brand a popular image, while it´s ethical characteristics can be advertised as a benefit, rather than it becoming the identity of the brand.

Risks and challenges

The first challenge is my own lack of experience in the fashion industry, finding a designer and someone who has experience in fashion marketing.

Finding fabrics that meet the desired price range and in locations where the cost of shipping them won´t exceed the budget.

Most of the current designs include prints and embroidery, and that would elevate the cost of production as well as the final price.

Major fashion brands operate with large budgets thanks to lowering their cost of production by manufacturing in china with lesser quality materials, and striving for the same advertising potential with a limited budget is a major challenge, however social media has brought advertising budgets down, which is major benefit.

The main challenge is adjusting organic fabrics an ethical production with an affordable price.

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