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Enter Jane Austen's world of elegance, wit and romance along with your friends when you play The Jane Game

The Jane Game is a trivia board game devoted to Jane Austen’s six novels. It is designed to bring Austen admirers together to share in her stories, characters, wit and language. While playing, each participant enters Jane’s world as one of her heroines. As such, you seek after a fortunate life by becoming an accomplished woman, gaining life experience and choosing to marry or not. Through chance, expertise and choice you could become the envied Mrs. Darcy, the pitied Mrs. Collins or the new roommate of Miss Bates.

The Jane Game is for 2-7 players (Austen wrote seven heroines into her six novels) and lasts about an hour to an hour and a half, depending on how chatty and good-humored the heroines are.

 I love Jane Austen and I love people. Because I designed the game to focus on these two elements, The Jane Game gives the experience of

  • Entering Jane Austen's world (see below image)
  • Being 'excessively diverted' with your friends
  • Becoming more acquainted with some of the world's best literature and desiring to re-read Austen's works

 Why pledge now? 

  • You Become a Founder: As such, you become part of The Jane Game. Welcome! Your name is placed on our website and you get to take part in some of the decisions for the game's future.
  • Get the Game...and First: You get The Jane Game, which is "loveliness itself," is it not?  If we are able to do a larger print run and can sell them, you get the game before any other distribution begins.
  • We Need You: We have covered the cost of the game's development, but we cannot manufacture and ship the game to you with out your support.
  • Free Shipping: We are covering the cost of shipping to many areas of the world, which will not be the case if it goes retail.
  • Board 
  • Heroine Playing Pieces (7)
  • Life Tokens—Trip (7), Ball (7), Manners (7)  
  • Character Cards (7)  
  • *Trivia cards (100)  
  • Accomplishment Cards (60)  
  • Rose Cards (40)  
  • Die  
  • Rules

*See "Stretch goals" and "Budget" below

To see the rules, click here. These have not had design or layout work done to them and therefore are visually very raw. Please forgive.  To see examples of trivia and accomplishment cards, click here.

I downsized the game a little in order to manufacture it at the price noted in the "Budget" section. All its beauty and necessary elements for a full Jane Austen experience are included already. But, if we raise more than $18,000, then I can expand the game to what I designed it to be. Here are our goals:

$20,000- Suitor Tokens--Placed at the church, waiting for their heroines

$25,000- 100 More Trivia Questions

$30,000- Box for Trivia Cards 

$35,000- 100 More Trivia Questions

$45,000- From here on out I will be asking for your opinions on some ideas I have for expansion packs as well as for your suggestions.

What will the $18,000 be used for? 

As it turns out, producing a game takes quite a bit of money. I am using the funds raised from Kickstarter to supplement what I have saved up for this dream. About $23,000 is the price tag of manufacturing the game and freight shipping. About $5,000 is needed to cover shipping the games to you and Kickstarter and Amazon fees (this is a sliding scale and will be according to how many back the project). I have saved $10,000 to invest in this dream and need another $18,000 to make it a reality, which is where you and Kickstarter come in. 

If I raise more than $18,000, the extra funds will first go towards the the stretch goals that make the game more wonderful and secondly they will go to the project so I need not use my savings. After fees, manufacturing and shipping is covered, I will add expansion pack options as well as do a larger print run, if needed.

The Jane Game’s development is nearly done, a little more graphic design refinement is needed. It will then move on to the manufacturing phase. I plan on starting to communicate with the manufacturer while finishing the design work. The three month production wait time is dictated by the manufacturer. During this time I will fulfill all other deserved rewards. When I get the games, which I predict will be June, I will then send them out to you. 

The Jane Game is the only board game that has trivia from all six of Austen's novels. It is also unique in that it changes the enjoyment Jane brings from being an individual experience to one shared among friends.

My mother and I dreamed up The Jane Game’s beginnings 5 years ago. It emerged after realizing that no game with trivia from the six novels of our most beloved author existed. A year after that I decided to embark on the journey of bringing the game to its full potential. Rather than create a game to just be shared among our friends and family, I wanted to let others experience Jane Austen in a new way, too. After much brainstorming, 100s of Janeite play-testers, gamer play-testers, editors, artists, graphic designers, and a project manager advisor, the game is nearly ready for you.

  • Elizabeth Bankhead (Creator) is a scientist, dancer, singer, seamstress, reader, etc. who took on the adventure of making a Jane Austen game and bringing it to the market.  
  • Rhonda Bankhead (Co-creator) is the mother of Elizabeth and was a dual dreamer with her from the beginning. She wrote most of the trivia.  
  • Gloria Pak (Graphic Designer) is working as an art director and designer at a boutique studio. She not only did the graphic design for the game, but also has given herself as an artistic advisor for the project.  
  • Leslie Freitas (Artist) is a botanist and artist who captured the original visual essence of the game.   
  • Blair Spence (Social Media Advisor) is working as a social media consultant at a marketing agency. She assists in The Jane Game's marketing and web presence. 
  • David Kryscynski (Business Advisor) is a professor of Business Strategy and an international business consultant who has taken on the role of business and project advisor.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

I have never manufactured anything large scale, so there will most likely be a learning curve. I have communicated with many manufacturing companies, which gives me an idea of what the process will be. I also have created friendships with some game designers who have self-published. I plan on turning to them often.

In my projected timeline, I have planned for a cushion of just over two months to finish the graphics as well as communicate back and forth with the manufacturer. I feel the area that is most subject to delay is the communication between me and the manufacturer. As stated earlier, I will be picky in passing off the prototype. I will do my best to communicate well from the get go and be quick on my end of the process.


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    --Elinor Dashwood-- Thank you for your contribution! It truly helps. Receive a PDF version of The Jane Game's trivia questions. Also, your name will be featured on our website as a founding contributor. Thank you!

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    --What Austen Heroine Are You--Receive a print signed by the creator of the heroine or hero you are most similar to. Also receive all that Elinor Dashwood gets. If you would like this reward along with another reward, add $10 to your pledge and let me know.

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    --Emma Woodhouse-- Pick your favorite Jane Austen quote to go on an Accomplishment Card. Your name will be mentioned for your contribution. Also, receive all that Elizabeth Bennet gets (with same shipping details).

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