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Forget about low-battery anxiety: grab a super-thin wall charger and charge up anywhere. US/EU plugs & cables for all your devices.
Forget about low-battery anxiety: grab a super-thin wall charger and charge up anywhere. US/EU plugs & cables for all your devices.
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Kado Update: Status

Posted by Kado (Creator)

Dear backers,  

In order for us to move forward, we’re required to meet certification standards and wanted to update you with our progress in this issue.  

We recently successfully ran tests for surge protection and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) which are critical when taking into account Kado’s innovative technological features and dimensions.  

Surge protection, the most important aspect for a new product such as ours, was successfully tested for 500v, 1000v and 1500v. We’re currently solving technical aspectes regarding 2000v surge.   

EMC testing was positive for ranges of 115v-230v at 50Hz at 0%,25%,50% and 100% loads.   

As per the production of our chargers, the events we updated you of in our previous mailing required we find a new manufacturer, an issue we're very much focused on these days.

Dear backers, we thank you for letting us know your new mailing addresses. We'll be updating our address list closer to the delivery date.  

Stay tuned for more updates,
The Kado team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jaehyun Jun on


    2. Missing avatar

      Taunja on

      How can we get a refund? This project is not happening and they got away with over 100k. All links for KADO are now dead.

    3. Toney on

      their website is already gone with 404 not found.

      Yes @charles

      We lost our money.

      Is there any way can protect us?

    4. Ian on


      We've all been scammed. Kado haven't logged in now for almost 3 months. Their website domain expires on 27th September and I don't expect that it will be renewed. I'll take that as final confirmation that it is a scam.

      I hope I'm wrong but I think we've lost our money on this one.

    5. Charles Sherwood on

      What is going on? Haven't heard anything in a while.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sherry Torng on

      PLEASE REFUND ME IMMEDIATELY. I have directly messaged many times over the course of a 3 months and never receive a response. This is absurd.

    7. Missing avatar

      Shay on

      This charger will be obsolete if ever it comes out to the market.

    8. Guy C on

      Will you be re-requesting our desires for which cable to receive? When I first answered I needed a micro-USB, but now have a new phone and need the USB-C. Would be good to be able to resubmit.

    9. Missing avatar

      sam schneider on

      All expect to drop a few bucks and it will ship 2 days. As one with a bit experience in the R&D to manufacturing one knows it is a long journey. This however is not an excuse for lack of communication. You are running on other ppl funds the least you can do is give better updates more often. I am sure it will happen the q is when.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jack on

      Hark is that an update I see 🤔, nope it's just a post to try and seem professional. I seriously doubt you guys won the lawsuit, if you did you'd be already posting prototype pics or even a circuit board would do. Nah I think you guys just stick your thumb where the sun don't shine and hoped Yankee doodle would save you.

    11. Arthur W on

      @Scott -- They've been MIA a lot. Don't expect any updates for 1-2 months. Kickstarter isn't helping with refunds and this seems like a failed project. We all wish they had some sort of blog update too.

    12. Missing avatar

      Scott Haneda on

      I don’t seem to even be getting updates as to what’s going on with this project. I actually forgot about it and in looking over my Kickstarter account realized that I paid for something and I have yet to receive. I thought there must be some mistake because the year was 2017 and here I am sitting in 2018. What’s the status of this, what’s going on, where can I read a blog update and a general summary? And when in the heck am I getting my product? Can I back out now and get my money back?

    13. Missing avatar

      Jarred on

      Hi Kadonians,

      If it’s not too much trouble, while you are in testing phase, can you please add ability to charge my DMC-12 DeLorean. It’s only 1.21 Giga Watts so should not be a problem given that the entire project is make believe.
      Keep up the sporadic updates with no meaningful information.
      They are entertaining and worth the $95 alone that I flushed on this pitiful scam.
      Keep living the dream Kado

    14. Missing avatar

      Ramona Price

      And when exactly do u think this "mailing date" may actually be?!?
      You all don't actually update as well as u should so I'm hoping to get this answered before another few months go by!

    15. Ian on

      Yet another meaningless update to keep the gullible interested.

      Almost one year since funding and you haven't even found a manufacturer yet. Until a specific update is given with photos backing up anything you say I will maintain my belief that this is bullshit and a fraud.

      So far you have said or done nothing to change my view.

    16. Jay Mueller on

      Keep pushing forward guys!