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Forget about low-battery anxiety: grab a super-thin wall charger and charge up anywhere. US/EU plugs & cables for all your devices.
Forget about low-battery anxiety: grab a super-thin wall charger and charge up anywhere. US/EU plugs & cables for all your devices.
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Kado Important Update

Posted by Kado (Creator)

Dear Backers,  

We wanted to bring you up to date with a happy and important issue regarding our right to move forward with Kado.  

In the past months serious accusations have been made against Kado, some of them, unfortunately, on this platform.  

Per our legal advisers’ advice we were unable to provide you with the full details, but felt you should be aware of this event and updated you with what we could.

Following the legal struggle and measures we took to clear our name of those false accusations made against us, we were forced to take the matter to court.  

We’re now happy to inform you, dear backers, that all the claims against Kado were withdrawn.  

The court also decided that Kado will receive a small yet significant compensation for the defamation of its brand, founders and employees.  

We deeply apologize for the delay caused to you and our very limited ability to answer your questions due to this event.  

Kado is happy to resume its activity and we will do what we can to move forward with our chargers.  

Although legally some issues still remain open, we are now able to keep you updated as we progress.  

Sincerely yours,
The Kado Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Scott Haneda on

      Wow, 7-8 months since your last update!? Inhgdestabd you had legal issues but that should not stop you from your obligation to keep bsvjdrs up to date. A simple: “Project still behind schedule” would have been better than dead silence for ¾ of a year. And now, I’m ¾ a tear you were unable to find a manufacturer? iPhone gadgets come out on the release of a new phone where makers have to guess the fit abdcinish of their itofuct if they want a simultaneous release alongside phone.

      I’ve never received emails asking for my address or anything at all until now. :(

      Wow. Just read conveys in this matter. You guys suck. This is just the 3rd time I’ve been ripped. Always from overseas companies. Kickstarter should allow us to filter only USA based. Avdtgey need to grow a set of balls because I’ve reported fraud months before it happened and they blew me off.

    2. Carlo Martinelli on

      2 more months without update. I can see that this is a fraud!!

    3. Suzanne

      Hello -

      Can you please provide an update!

    4. Missing avatar

      JC Asis

      I'm expecting another update. It's been a month since this last one. I'm still trying to be hopeful that I'll get my product.

    5. Missing avatar

      Beniamino Malandrino on

      When will we finally get our product?

    6. Sam Meyer on

      I don't really care about the intricacies of your legal situation.

      What does this mean in the context of getting us the products that you were supposedly developing and manufacturing, that we've paid you a large sum of money to accomplish? I see no update on that front. I am wondering if this was organizational incompetence or intentional fraud.

    7. Joshua Sorias on

      This recent update from Kado is part of their whole scam fraudulent scheme to raise more money and take advantage of more people.

      The legal case against Kado was voluntarily closed already 3 months ago because it is a waste of time running after scumbags. Kado took backers money and ran away with it. Kado did not plan on manufacturing and never planned on bringing any product to market. It’s one big Israeli scam! Kado must refund all money they collected from the backer community.

    8. Missing avatar

      rex on

      Thank you for the update, but it stated nothing as to what we can expect regarding the product we backed. Can you provide specifics on production and delivery?

    9. Rouslan#BoycottKS #KSfraud #KSdelusion

      Good to hear team! Good luck!

    10. Missing avatar

      Jarred on

      Surely you cant be serious?
      Was Judge Judy presiding?

      Kickstarter, please grow a set and shut Kado down!!

      Very obviously a scam, live and learn, lost $95 on this one
      Most probably funded a Nigerian Prince

      Well played Kado.....

    11. Peter schuiling on

      And again another fake project.
      This is the 4th fake project i have backed.
      I have lost all my confidence in kickstarter.

    12. rolf_nei on

      i don't interest you're legal action.
      you're lost too much time, i guess cancel and refund it's good way to moving on.

    13. Ian on

      An update, three months after the last, giving virtually no information does nothing to ally my thoughts that this is a scam.

      Perhaps you should give more information if you wish to avoid 'serious accusations' on this platform.

    14. Yu on

      Hope you realized you already lost our trust!
      Why don’t you show the way to refund?
      Please give up on this;)

    15. Missing avatar

      Emanuele Donà on

      So, be clear with us:
      1) have you the product or it still be a 3d render/mockup ?
      2) have you our money to proceed with the development?
      3) timing if the answer to 2 is TRUE?

      Clear, fast and committed or give us back the money.