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Forget about low-battery anxiety: grab a super-thin wall charger and charge up anywhere. US/EU plugs & cables for all your devices.
Forget about low-battery anxiety: grab a super-thin wall charger and charge up anywhere. US/EU plugs & cables for all your devices.
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Kado Update: Status

Posted by Kado (Creator)

Dear backers,  

First we apologize for the time it took us to touch base since our previous update.  
We are aware that backing a Kickstarter project means taking a chance on a product or a company and think you’re fully entitled to know what goes on with it.   

The fact is, as updated before, that we’re still struggling in finding the best manufacturing partner for us.
Over the past month, we met with several potential manufacturers, including Asian market-leading brands, and made the necessary progress to bring Kado chargers to pre-production.
We expect this step of the process to take at least three more weeks.  

Mass producing a product with new tech and newly designed components is challenging for manufacturing parties as much as it was for us to develop them.  

This is where we’re at today and yes, sadly it means more delay in delivering the charger. It’s a frustrating stage but a necessary one for a small yet responsible company such as ours. 

 We promise you to update again as soon as things are progressing. 

 We appreciate you and your supporting us and our product.
 Your Kado team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Hector DelVillar on

      Would you guys have an update? We would like to have clarification on times and status. Thank you

    2. Missing avatar

      Johnny patel on

      I feel this has gone on way too long. You’re not even manufacturing yet!!

    3. Rouslan

      @Kado.This is not a necessity item so take your time and make it right.
      For all crying and yaing, this project is legit, so just wait and appreciate the final product, if it will be as promised.
      There is a difference between creating something on a 3D printer and finding a factory, who will be making it on a mass scale. This takes time end effort. And money.

    4. Missing avatar

      Roberto on

      Not serious and really difficult to believe that no manufacturer is able to produce this charger. Call Tim Cook for help. How can I get the money back?

    5. Missing avatar

      Wissan Mapho

      End of 2018, estimate delivery date.

    6. Ian on

      It's things like this which mean I no longer back anything on Kickstater. There is absolutely no accountability from KS, they have their percentage and they no longer care.

      Monies should be held in escrow and released over time so refunds for misrepresentation on projects like this can be given.

      Here, we have to apply to the goodwill of Kado for a refund and very little can (or will) be done if the refuse.

      If Kado wants to show some honesty and offer refunds to backers who request it, I'll take that option as I don't have much faith in this at the moment.

    7. Missing avatar

      Andreas Lundegård on

      Hi. I was sceptical in beginning but thought you already had it working. But yeah i realized how would it be possible to build in a electric transformer inside such thin thing? They are big and heavy for a reason.

    8. Missing avatar

      Emanuele Donà on

      Joe make the point: all the campaign implies that the product was already "here" or in an advanced prototyping. Again, a lack of comunication.

    9. Missing avatar

      Shlomi Barzilai on

      Hey when will i get the package to me with the phone charger ???????

    10. Missing avatar

      Ep on

      If you’re having this much trouble, you need FAR more regular updates to let backers know what’s going on.

    11. Ian on

      Have to agree with Joe.

      Four months since funding and you haven't even found a manufacturer yet. That's just ridiculous.

    12. Missing avatar

      melkor on

      you should be more responsible informing your backers.

    13. Missing avatar

      Alfonso DeLuca on

      Take your time, get it right.

    14. Arthur W on

      I agree with "Emanuele Donà" -- Please keep us updated!

    15. Missing avatar


      You haven't found a manufacturer yet wtf

    16. Missing avatar

      Emanuele Donà on

      Ok, another delay, but if you don't want others disappointed backers you must to be more present here.

    17. Missing avatar

      Diana McDonald on

      Thanks for the update. Keep up the great work on our project.