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Forget about low-battery anxiety: grab a super-thin wall charger and charge up anywhere. US/EU plugs & cables for all your devices.
Forget about low-battery anxiety: grab a super-thin wall charger and charge up anywhere. US/EU plugs & cables for all your devices.
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Kado Update: What we've been doing so far

Posted by Kado (Creator)

Dear backers,  

It has been a while since our last update and we apologize if some of you felt we’re keeping you in in the dark. We want to ensure you we’re working relentlessly to get Kado chargers into production. 

This is no simple task as there are several important and required steps to go through when dealing with an electrical product, and those take our full time and attention.  
We hope that by sharing those with you you’ll get more clarity into what we’ve been doing so far and what is still ahead. 

Below you can see an improved PCB unit from the batch we received this week.

New and improved PCBs
New and improved PCBs

Since our campaign launched we made some modifications to our older PCBs, to ensure that the certification process for Kado chargers can proceed as smoothly as possible. Certification is a crucial and major milestone towards manufacturing and we’ve got several specialized labs helping us with this process. We need to make sure Kado chargers comply fully with the safety regulations both in the US and EU.

Another important milestone we’re approaching is getting the right manufacturer for our innovative product. As Kado involves newly designed components we want to be sure we chose the best partner for this.

We’re very close to finalizing a cooperation agreement with a top-tier, highly experienced, South Korean manufacturer and we’ll keep you updated when things are set. 

Finally, Kado is now also a registered trademark in Japan! This will allow us to be more active on that market after we’ve shipped our first products to you (and hopefully will rejoice our Japanese backers). 

For us seeing Kado coming out on the market will be a dream come true, but we know there are still some major steps we need to go through to get this done.  

We invite you to keep asking us questions you may have and understand us if we do not post weekly updates. Some of the things we progress on are purely technological and operational so we really don’t want you feeling “spammed”.
We will how ever post updates every 2 to 3 weeks to keep you in the loop. 

 We appreciate the support you’ve given us so far and remain committed to provide you with the thinnest charger ever! 

Your Kado team

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    1. Joshua Sorias on

      My Name Is Joshua Sorias and I'm a product and technology solutions inventor with over twenty globally issued patents and several commercially successfully product launched that exclusively used my patents. I want to share important facts about Kado which I believe the backer community deserve to know:

      1. On August 9th 2017, my lawyers opened a litigation case in the State of Israel Court against Kado for patent infringement. I am in the process to take the same legal action in the State of New York USA to exercise and protect my patent rights.

      See link below (If link doesn't open so copy and paste it to your browser) for lawsuit documents, “State of Israel Court against the manufacturer of Kado Wallet, Inotop ad (2016) ltd. ("Kado "), the VC ALTAAIR CAPITAL and its principals, Mr. Itay Hasid And Mr. Gilad Asis,filed on 08/09/2017 alleging infringement on Sorias Patents”.…

      2. Kado launched their Kickstarter project on June 21st 2017, asking for $25,000 support from Kickstarter community to complete the development and manufacturing of the product. However, the fact of the matter is, Kado has already raised $1.2 million dollars from private investors in Israel from a company called ALTAAIR Capital. News of this investment is openly available from Kado’s website and such a news is very significant that a 3rd party business website also covered the news by publishing an article online. See both links below. (If link doesn't open so copy and paste it to your browser)

      Globes Israel Business Arena PR:

      Kado Website 1.2 million PR:

      It is very curious and rather questionable why Kado used Kickstarter to present a story and a need for funding support from the community when they already secured funds multiple times over what is required to complete their development.


      Joshua Sorias

    2. Dirk on

      Nice, solid update! Can't wait to see that PCB populated! :)

    3. Karen

      Thank you for the update and congrats on the Japan trademark! :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Diana McDonald on

      Thank you for the update, very informative.

    5. Bob Meinhard on

      This update is most appreciated. Thank you.