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Forget about low-battery anxiety: grab a super-thin wall charger and charge up anywhere. US/EU plugs & cables for all your devices.
Forget about low-battery anxiety: grab a super-thin wall charger and charge up anywhere. US/EU plugs & cables for all your devices.
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Posted by Kado (Creator)

Dear backers,

We can't find the words to say


You were over 2000 to back us and help us raise more than 113K$.
This is awesome!

We want to thank each and everyone of you for helping us get closer and closer to our objective - to get Kado out there! 

In a few days we expect to continue our campaign on a different platform and spread the word about Kado even further. We'll keep you updated, of course. 

Finally, a big THANK YOU to our creative friends over at Tross for their ongoing support,
our PR partners and other fellow creators with which we enjoyed cooperating. Last but not least, we want to thank Kickstarter for providing companies such as Kado with an efficient and helpful place for turning ideas into reality. 

As always, if you have any questions just shoot us a message and we'll be happy to reply.

Your Kado team!


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    1. Bob Meinhard on

      @ Lukas how many Kickstarter projects have you backed? I have backed over 30 and it is almost ALWAYS a very bad sign when the Creator starts talking about other projects before they have started to deliver what they promised in their campaign. I am just throwing out a word of caution. And no, it doesn't happen all the time and I am already plenty worried. I hope these guys prove me wrong. @Creator It is great that you want to fulfill perceived backer demand and desires. My strong advice as a CURRENT and actual, real backer is to focus on fulfilling what people have already pledged their hard-earned money for. Let the people who asked for other things wait.

    2. Kado Creator on

      @Emil Mydral, Hi Emil, first of all thanks for your message. It makes us feel there might be things unclear about our intentions, so it's important for us to explain. It goes without saying that our commitment to our backers is solid. We launched our campaign on this specific platform to reach people who can relate to us and to what we do - and we managed to do just that. But during these past 43 campaign days we had many people asking for different things regarding Kado chargers, for example, to have them equipped with plug types we don't support yet. We saw real needs emerging in real-time and we want to address them. We will use the funds to produce the chargers and deliver them to you, our backers, as mentioned. This doesn't interfere with the feeling that we must continue developing our products further, so that more users will be able to enjoy them in the future. Kado was established to be more than a "one-trick pony" company and works to provide users with more innovative products that will make their everyday lives simpler. Please let us know if you have any additional thoughts about this. Your Kado team

    3. Emil Myrdal on

      I have to agree with Bob on this one. This seems very sketchy, or not the "right" thing. like, what does this mean for US? the og backers? Got a mail that said estimated delivery december 2017.. sooo, what do you need even more money for now? blatant cash grab?

    4. Lukáš Rejl

      It's a standart practice to do that, nothing to worry about as far as this goes.

    5. Bob Meinhard on

      Hmmm. So you got 454% of what you asked for on Kickstarter and now you are moving on to the next crowdsourcing site? Wow. How about focusing on the people that backed you here first?