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The Terah Project is designed to incorporate the ruleset of Paizo's Pathfinder Role-Playing Game into a new steampunk-based world.
The Terah Project is designed to incorporate the ruleset of Paizo's Pathfinder Role-Playing Game into a new steampunk-based world.
264 backers pledged $14,145 to help bring this project to life.

What about?

I'm thinking of looking into having an artist do a web comic that does print copies at the end of each set, similar to how Girl Genius does their's. Toss me some comments on what you think.

I'm also looking into doing Terah novels, but right now my only option is to go vanity press and have Tawen, Anthony, or I write the first few. Some feedback on that would be great too. I keep bugging Dave Gross, but he gets better contracts than I can offer. =P Should we start with a vykati tale? Maybe a little back story on Simon? If you've read the playtest, you'll know that there's little nuggets scattered throughout the spells on what kind of person he was.

Another thing I'm intersted in hearing some feedback on is ads in our products. I'm bound by my deal to the Foglio's to put Girl Genius ads in any product that mentions Spark, but with them, you know it's going to be a classy ad that's fun to look at. I was thinking that a section at the end where it can be easily ignored after the first perusale (unlike those Disney DVD ads that you CAN'T avoid) of different things that would interest our readers would be nice. It wouldn't be based on who bought the space, it would be based on what our readers might enjoy. Similar series to what we're doing or 3rd party stuff that adds to what we have, good steampunk books etc

Notice that I'm running out topics? Well, not really. There's still the adventure path series after Pebble in the Pond. Did I mention that it's called "Of Toys and Tyrrants" yet? It's still in the planning stages, but there's a few things I can share in future updates.

I'm a pretty chatty person and I've learned that most backers are the reader type. When it was suggested I do more updates, my thought was, "Yeah! I can talk these people's ears off." Don't think that's happening though. You're all a tough crowd.


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    1. Carl Rossi Creator on May 24, 2012

      Well two things on the comic.. It would be six months to year before it even started and that's if I start looking now. It would be licensed, not produced directly by us. And there's no way I'd use a kickstarter to get it going. Doing that would mean that I stretched too thin and have no business going there yet. =P

      Now the novels, I've been looking into almost since the start. Although beyond using it tease Dave Gross occassionally, I haven't made any offers yet. I've mentioned that possibility to the werecabbages long ago, but it might be time to bring it up again.

    2. Praemus on May 24, 2012

      I'm all for a comic book, to help layout the vibe of Terah. I see both a fun attention getting item; as well as a way to help flesh out stuff you may not experience in an AP. However, I also see Felicia's point and she's right.

      Quantum Role-Playing here on K$ was going to announce a second project, before the first one was released; and there were definitely folks that didn't like that idea. Especially since the game was to be released much earlier than it will be.

    3. Felicia Hudson on May 24, 2012

      I would like to see Terah well established before comics or novels come out. There would be more interest then, that and it wouldn't feel like you were constantly reaching into your players wallet (Players have a tendency to get hostile if they feel like your marketing strategy is designed to force them pay for a new product every month). Ads are fine if they aren't in the middle of the book. That is just annoying. Put them in the beginning and it feels like you have to slog through so much stuff you don't care about just to get into the book. So i'm down with ads if they are at the end of the book.

    4. Hugo Solis
      on May 24, 2012

      Wow, nice branching out :) A comic sounds like a fantastic idea! Also you may try and grab a not-so-famous writter who's more available ;) There are plenty of Werecabbages around.