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Are you really getting the most out of life? Why not get the most out of death, too.

"Very well written... poignant and funny too."

DEAN ZANUCKProducer, Get Low and Road to Perdition


ONLY 10 HOURS remaining to reach our Kickstarter goal!  We're so glad you stopped by.  Here's a poster we made to pass around at the American Film Market this week...  

     Just so you know - Kickstarter is an ALL or NOTHING campaign. This means your credit card is NOT CHARGED A DIME unless we reach our full $15,000 goal by 11/11/11. So, thank you in advance for your participation. Every single tweet, status update or mention, never, ever goes unnoticed.

     And here's the really cool thing about Kickstarter - you're not just "donating money" - you're receiving fun and unique "Good Day to Die" gifts in return!

What’s the film about?

Eighty-one year old Lily Bauer has terminal cancer, and it's not going away. So she decides it's high time to cut her losses. To do this she enlists the aid of her hunky caregiver, Eric, and favorite daughter-in-law, Celeste, to organize her own meticulously-planned themed assisted suicide, amid her favorite place on earth - the Amazon Rainforest. Struggling to honor her final wish, Eric and Celeste diligently work to bring every detail of the Amazon right into Lily's bedroom. This throws the unlikely duo into an outrageously unpredictable adventure of romance, passion, and death, waking them up to the true meaning of life.

Who’s involved?

CLORIS LEACHMAN has attached herself to play the lead character of Lily Bauer, and FAIRUZA BALK has attached herself to play Darla. We also have interest from several other established actors, as well as three Academy Award-winning producers.

Where does your money go?

Right into the production of “It’s a Good Day to Die” (after Kickstarter takes their five percent). It’s time to upgrade our website, complete our official investment package, hire a Line Producer to solidify our shooting budget and schedule, and work with a Casting Director to secure the cast.

Can we exceed our $15,000 target?

ABSOLUTELY! Exceeding our goal would be a dream come true. We’ve set our mark on the low end, which means any extra funds you donate will move us further down the path of production.

Can you increase a pledge once it’s made?

Yes! Just sign in again and click the “Manage Your Donation” button.

What is Gregor wearing right now?

Black sweatpants and a green baseball cap. Yep... STILL, since day one of the campaign. And he's not changing until we reach our goal.

Is your pledge amount publicly displayed?

It doesn’t have to be – you have that option when you donate.

What should you do after you pledge? 

First, share this page with your friends. YOU will make the biggest difference for the success of this campaign. Then visit us at to follow the making of “It’s a Good Day to Die.” We’ll keep you abreast of casting developments, production announcements, and share behind-the-scenes footage – you may even catch Cloris preparing a batch of her famous tortilla soup.

We welcome you to the “It’s a Good Day to Die” family!


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    Our movie is called "It’s a Good Day to Die", and because of your good karma, today is NOT your day.

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    We’ll send you a signed production photo from the set of "It’s a Good Day to Die."

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    You just bought your personal copy of the film. We'll also send you the signed production photo.

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    You've just earned an official credit on the film. “Thank You for breathing LIFE into 'It’s a Good Day to DIE.'” Your name will be immortalized on screen. Plus you get a copy of the film, a signed production photo, and an autographed headshot of Cloris Leachman.

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    All of the above and a signed, limited edition, "It’s a Good Day to Die" film poster. Also the first 10 Contributors at $100 or more receive a gift package of CLORIS LEACHMAN'S DELICIOUS HOMEMADE TORTILLA SOUP. (So good, it turns soup-haters into soup-lovers.)

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    You’ve just been invited to visit the set of "It’s a Good Day to Die" (at your own risk). You’ll spend a day with us and enjoy lunch with the cast and crew. Plus of course, all of the above.

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    Everything you see above, plus… super-swag from the set of "It’s a Good Day to Die." You'll choose one of the following; A) the broach that Lily gives to her daughter-in-law before she dies, B) the Scarlet Peacock butterfly that Lily hangs in her bedroom, C) the Beethoven sheet music Lily keeps on her piano, signed by Cloris Leachman, D) set of highball glasses that Fritz Hoffman uses in his study (rumor has it that Hal Holbrook loves the part of Fritz), E) Fritz’s Captain Picard uniform from his scene on the USS Enterprise – (it’s a long story, but trust us, it’s great swag!)

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    All of the above, plus… we’re flying you to the set for your day with the cast and crew and you have a featured part IN the film! It’s the least we can do. Not everybody thinks this is cool – so if you’re moved to donate at this level but don’t want to be on camera, heck, we’ll put your cousin or your cat in the film instead. (By the way, there is a role for a cat, but like the title suggests… he dies.)

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