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Moebius -- A new adventure game from the creator of Gabriel Knight and Gray Matter.
Moebius -- A new adventure game from the creator of Gabriel Knight and Gray Matter.
5,836 backers pledged $435,316 to help bring this project to life.

Happy Moebius Launch Day!


Moebius is released--happy launch day! Thank you to everyone for supporting this game and making it possible for us to get here. We're all very excited to finally be here! 


We also have some fun launch activities and contests going on. Don't miss the Live Launch Party today at 2 PM EDT/11 AM PDT/6 PM GMT at with Jane, Robert, Julian Kwasneski (Voiceover Director), Owen Thomas (Malachi Rector), Colin Benoit (David Walker), and Cesar Bittar and Katie Hallahan from Phoenix Online! 


This game could not have happened without the amazing support of the adventure game community, and as a thank you, we've got a discount code for you to share with friends, family, and fellow adventurers for 20% off Moebius at the Phoenix Online Store! For the next two weeks, they can use the coupon code CSGMOEB20OFF during checkout. Feel free to post & share the code, and you can use the image below with it as well! 


Finally, we are running a promotion on Facebook--get this post to 500 likes and we'll get a new Jane Jensen short story! You can also vote in the comments on what your pick for the short story is: 

1. Moebius: Malachi and/or David

2. Gabriel Knight: Gabriel's Ancestors

3. Moebius: Benedict de Mont Froit and St. Armand

4. Gabriel Knight: Gabriel and/or Grace

This promo is only running from now through Thursday, so like & share to get us to 500! 

Thank you once again and enjoy Moebius!

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    1. eXoScoriae on May 22, 2014

      Oh boy... the reviews have me worried. But even if this game is horrible, I bought a collector's edition of it.

      The estimated delivery of my $100 pledge was March of 2013. Now obviously that didn't pan out, but that's fine. Nearly every kickstarter I have backed has been delayed to some degree.

      I am curious however as to what the wording "this release cycle" now entails. When this KS was first launched, and release dates were so close, it seemed to suggest that this game would take about a year to finish, and that some other games would release in that time frame as well, and this would comprise a "release cycle". With the delay of Moebius, I am curious as to what entails the release cycle currently. What sort of time frame are the several hundred backers around the $100 level looking at in regards to their DVD versions, "annual" t-shirt, and music cd?


    2. Missing avatar

      Nurot on April 28, 2014

      I finished the game today. I liked it a lot and I am looking forward to the next installment.

      Great story and well balanced puzzles (not to easy and not too difficult to be annoying).

    3. James Young on April 18, 2014

      Up to chapter 6, characters, atmosphere, music and voice acting spot on.
      About 8hrs so far so surprised some people are complaining too short :P
      Anyway, good job! Cool game!

    4. Remy Monsen on April 17, 2014

      Well, Had the time to sit down and play it today, and while I definitely did enjoy the game, I have to say that the puzzles were way to easy and the solutions usually way to obvious. The game was also very short, but that's usually always the case when the puzzles are to easy (Broken Age part 1 and Broken Sword 5 part 1 are also two very good examples right here from kickstarter with the exact same problems).

    5. Missing avatar

      Sergio on April 16, 2014

      Whatever happened with:

      "Our plan is to have a "casual" and a "true adventure" option at the start of the game. This will allow us to provide an easier path through for those who are not hard-core players -- while allowing our 'true adventure' path to be uncompromised (and by uncompromised we mean classic Sierra-style puzzles)."

      It seems to me only the "casual" path got into the final game! Where are the Sierra style puzzles?

      VERY disappointed.

    6. Missing avatar

      on April 16, 2014

      @Ratatoskir. Thanks, I was able to find the link from an old email and download the books. This is the problem when you back too many projects.

    7. Ratatoskr - Battle Squirrel of the Varl on April 16, 2014

      @Tomahawk. I'm pretty sure those were released months ago, though I can't remember when exactly. But I've had them on my computer for ages. Not sure where you can get them now, unless they're in an old dropbox.

    8. Missing avatar

      on April 15, 2014

      Has the "GK1 and GK2 novels as ebooks" been released yet?

    9. Missing avatar

      Bjørnar Hansen on April 15, 2014

      Congrats on the release! Will we be notified when the Linux version is ready for download?

    10. Iuri Bachnivsky on April 15, 2014

      Congrats on the release of Moebius!

    11. Tomimt on April 15, 2014

      Sadly I can't really join on those positive reviews. I'd give 2,5 stars out from 5 personally. Moebius has potential, but it never really manages cash in. The resolution of the story felt flat and the game design leaves a lot to be desired. All in all it's just an okay game, not horribly bad, but not terribly great either.

      I don't think I'll be replaying it anytime soon.

    12. Xaeno on April 15, 2014

      Still no Key either. Hope it will come soon.

    13. Missing avatar

      Moni Ghaoui on April 15, 2014

      I am severely concerned about the abysmal reviews that Moebius has gotten:

      Great. Looks like I Kickstarted a dud.

    14. Missing avatar

      SteveW on April 15, 2014

      Looking forward to the Linux release... hope it's coming soon.

    15. Missing avatar

      Matt West on April 15, 2014

      I can't remember the last time a game had me so enraptured with it's story and environment. Loving it.

    16. Jane Jensen Creator on April 15, 2014

      If you haven't gotten your download key and are at the $50 or above level, check your Kickstarter inbox. If it's still missing, email

      If you're on the $16 and $30 levels, make sure you responded to the survey we sent out. If you did & selected Moebius, check your email for a message from either or If you still don't have anything, email

    17. Jason Victor on April 15, 2014

      Great!!! I already played a small part in the beginning on my Mac and it runs great, and I'm hooked into the story already. Very clear that it has Jane's flair for story-telling and engaging gameplay!

    18. ☆Umbrae Soulsbane☆ on April 15, 2014

      Should I already have a key to download this?