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Moebius -- A new adventure game from the creator of Gabriel Knight and Gray Matter.
5,836 backers pledged $435,316 to help bring this project to life.

Video Update #2: And the winner is....

Posted by Jane Jensen (Creator)

We have a winner!

Here's the final results from the poll:

Name your #1 choice

Moebius -- 61%

Gray Matter II -- 21.9%

Anglophile Adventure -- 17%

RANKING (on scale from 1 to 10)

Moebius -- 8.59

Gray Matter II -- 7.61

Anglophile Adventure -- 6.86

I'll be reorganizing the page in the next day or two.  Stay tuned!


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    1. DJ on

      Thanks for the video... I am so excited

    2. ike on

      Thanks for the great video updates so far and details on ones coming up! I am very eager to see what kind of games some of the talented [understatement] people involved in the GK series can produce today. If it is possible to recreate even a portion of that magic you can certainly count me in as a long-term backer.

    3. Missing avatar

      Casey Nordell

      @ Jonah, I understand what you are saying, but $50 for one game isn't too outrageous... last time I checked, games done the traditional way cost in that range ($40 for a Wii game, $50 for a PC game, $60 for xBox/PS3 game). So why would $50 for a new Jane Jensen game not be a good value for you? (At least just for this one cycle?)

      Your pledges are part of what determine if there will be one game or two. If too many of you lower your pledge because you fear there may be only one game, that may become a self fulfilling prophecy.

      Please help support the CSG model. In a way, your pledge is a pledge of faith, but in another way, it is part of being something wonderful.

      For over ten years, I dreamed of a new Jane Jensen Game. Now in the last two years, three games: Gray Matter (released), Cognition (announced), and Moebius (if kickstarter succeeds)... I'm in heaven if this all goes well.

    4. The Evolutionary on

      Looked at comments, that said...I saw the project's update regarding games being done and the "value" of the $50 tier.I went from backing with $50 to $30 after I saw that update. (and yes I saw the note about the kid's e-book/game). If we can get at least one more adventure game on the list for this cycle, I'll raise it back up to $50. To go that high though need to see more than 1 game in the year cycle (not including games for young children)

    5. Leo on

      Anglophile adventure is something I am DYING to play! Mostly because it´s different than anything else out there. I love traditional broody mysteries, but it would be nice with something else and I am a big fan of old-fashioned England, so I hope it´s gonna get made one day!

    6. Joseph Austin on

      @ruben - its just concept art, meant to give you the feel of the game concept.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ruben on

      I like the project, it sounds good, but please, fix the hands of the girl, they're both wrong drawn: the perspective of her left hand and the little finger of the right (too big). I know that it's only a concept art, but she is the main character in the picture, and if the game will be in comic style, it's important do it well from the beginning, especially in a campaign like this.

    8. Missing avatar

      Martijn on

      And contrary to some commenting above the Anglophile did not speak out to me. Looks like a site for a pick-nick with a nice cup of tea, not a real adventure that would draw me in. But then again, that's maybe just me.....

    9. Missing avatar

      Martijn on

      Since we have a winner it might be a good idea to modify the kickstarter campaign to make it more concrete. I don't see the budget rolling in just yet - maybe this community based gaming does not speak out as much as reviving the adventure game genre with GK-like content.

      Tim Shafer's done a great job raising spirits for the comical adventures (MI, DOTT, etc). Looking forward to you doing the same for a more mature voodoo mysterious one!

    10. Missing avatar

      Pandacon on

      I couldn't decide, so I didn't vote. They all look interesting, so I'm just hoping they all get made so I can check them out.

    11. Matt Combes on

      Agreed on Anglophile ... I think the lack of a true title hurt its chances, honestly. I voted for Moebius, as it has sort of a world-traveling, darker "Uncharted" type adventure feel to it, which I like, but Anglophile Adventure made me harken back somewhat to King's Quest days, and with those pretty hi-res graphics, I think it'd be a real treat. I never played Gray Matter, so my interest for a sequel is rather low, but obviously I'm in the minority there.

    12. Luis Bermudez on

      True, Mobius is best for the first one, but Anglophile seemed like the most unique out of all of them, and I would like to see how that one carves itself out as well.

    13. calbeb on

      I was really hoping Anglophile Adventure would end up in 2nd. Out of the three concepts, that's the one that sounds the most unique.

      I'll be happy with Mobious though, and if it looks like we'll get Gray Matter 2 as well I'll pick up the first one.

    14. Lee Thompson on

      Need maor backerz!

    15. Missing avatar

      Andreas O. on

      "Here IS the final results"? Oh Jane... ;P
      Anyway... nice that we're approaching 200K. I just hope there are still enough people out there who haven't heard about this.

    16. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      I voted for Moebius. AA totally didn't appeal to me, even though even if that was chosen I wouldn't have lowered my pledge. I don't do that sort of thing.

    17. Missing avatar

      foxtails on

      I voted for Anglophile because I've never seen such a unique story in an adventure game before even when I knew it wouldn't win. I'm still glad I showed my interest in it though as It's not that far from being second. :)

    18. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      Whilst I voted for Moebius, I would have, like so many other comments here, been happy with any of the three. I might just up my vote a little bit more after finding out the winner of the poll. Here's hoping that we breach the $600k so that we get two of 'em.

    19. Missing avatar

      Niall J.D. Somerville on

      Well, I might have been odd as what I opted for for the first project poll (Moebius) wasn't the concept I rated highest (AA). I figured I'd try and think all businessy, and concluded that Moebius was probably the easiest sell of the three, which seemed like the best move at this stage to get people on board... mind you, I know nothing at all about business and probably figured entirely wrong.
      I was kind of partial to all three concepts, but AA won me over by virtue of the originality of the setting (the Regency is a period that I've never seen used in games before; someone must have before now, surely?) and the fact that it's not quite the sort of thing one expects from the person behind Gabriel Knight et al. Hopefully we'll get to see it (and Grey Matter 2) in the future too.
      Best of luck!

    20. Missing avatar

      Tean on

      An expected winner, this is gonna be so exciting!! Looking forward to all the updates you are planning, they sound interesting and fun. I am thinking about raising my pledge, I guess I can do that under "manage your pledge"? I DO hope to see all three games...
      Now you´ll have to excuse me, I have to go and drool over the Anglophile Adventure pictures...

    21. david_f_knight on

      I also voted for Moebius. However, I would have been quite happy with any of the three for the first game; I hope all three (and more!) are made eventually.

    22. Christoph Zürcher on

      Also voted for Moebius (the other project sound great too!). I love the idea to be able to participate by voting this early in the project and I enjoy the frequent video uptakes. Keep up the good work!

    23. advmal on

      I thought all three were fantastic. I voted Gray Matter 2 but ranked Moebius and the Anglophile Adventure right behind it. I really hope all three games come out soon.

    24. Jen W. on

      I seriously want to play all of them. They all sounded like a lot of fun.

    25. Katie Hallahan on

      I am so excited for sexy Malachi Rector.

    26. Daniel Alexander Porter on

      This news is great! Truthfully, I would have been happy with any one of the three, as long as Jane is at the helm the game will be amazing...

    27. Sven Opitz on

      I will be glad to receive Moebius. I voted for Anglophile Adventure but I agree, most people looked at the image and got the wrong impression.

    28. Irfon-Kim Ahmad on

      Aww. I was really hoping for Anglophile Adventure! I liked the look and feel of the graphics, and the other two games felt similar to me, so I thought that would give some variety. That said, I'm happy for any of these games. :)

    29. William C Crawford on

      TBH, I really don't get the appeal of Anglophile Adventure. Maybe I'm missing something there, I dunno. The other 2 sound awesome, though.

      And since the general consensus turned out to be the same as my feelings, I've upped my pledge a couple tiers.

    30. Simon Archer on

      The 'problem' with Anglophile Adventure was that the concept art looked like a 'farm sim'. A very pretty farm sim. It didn't, I feel, really sell the otherwise awesome, scandalous story and traditional adventuring gameplay that it promises.

      As a Gabriel Knight fan, Moebius was an obvious first choice in terms of mood and mystery, but the story behind AA was equally appealing and interesting! All the games are equally exciting in fact!

    31. Rasandes on

      Cool! I voted Moebius. Hope you'll get a lot of bucks so you can hire great voice actors for the game!

    32. Teemu on

      If we get 2 games this season, Moebius & Anglophile Adventure would be a really good pair, because they are so totally different.

    33. Missing avatar

      Alessandra on

      I voted for Moebius, so I'm pretty happy with the outcome! The premise of Anglophile Adventure is great, too, but I guess Moebius and Gray Matter 2 were just too strong competitors. I hope I'll get the chance to play all three games in the future.

    34. Missing avatar

      Joe on

      Jane, don't let this put you off Anglophile Adventure. Sometimes people don't know what they want until they get it...! I voted for AA, but Moebius was a close second... so I'm still happy!

    35. Alan Dripps on

      I wanted Gray Matter 2, but I'm cool with Moebius. Anything in the vein of Gabriel Knight is good with me!

    36. Missing avatar

      Medeival on

      Super!!!!! I like Moebius.

    37. tarasis on


      Poor Anglophile Adventure :( though I look forward to Moebius.

      Hopefully people will now get on board and back this Kickstarter now they know what the first game will be.

    38. Missing avatar

      João Paulo on

      Yay ! I am in for all 3 games and more !

    39. Mats Andren on

      yaaay! cant wait to see more. cheers jane!