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Moebius -- A new adventure game from the creator of Gabriel Knight and Gray Matter.
Created by

Jane Jensen

5,836 backers pledged $435,316 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Jane Jensen on February 16

      CSG Manager Katie here! International deliveries definitely DO take longer, but if you've still not gotten anything, please email me at and I can look into it for you. Thanks for your patience and support!

    2. Creator Marty - GK 20th! on February 13

      I pledged 250 dollars, I live in the UK and I have not received anything. However it was never about the goodies for me. It was about kickstarting Jane and Roberts studio. I'm guessing that since the we have heard nothing since the release of GK 20th and moebius that a new title is in the pipeline that is flying under the radar! Therefore my objective is complete and wheels of adventure are in motion. I only wish I had a means of knowing what is going on at Pinkerton road and feel a bit left out of the creative loop that was somewhat opened up for moebius. Ho hum! �

    3. Creator Basti Grünwald on February 10

      @Eugene: Haven't recieved anything so far, either. May take a little longer for abroad deliveries.

    4. Creator Basti Grünwald on February 10

      @Diana: Thanks for the information about customs.

      Lebe auch in München, habe aber bislang noch keine Info vom Zollamt erhalten. Hast du jetzt USt bezahlt für deinen ~200$ Pledge? Wieviel?

    5. Creator Eugene Zheng Yong Sheng on February 5

      Hmmmm...i haven't received anything thus far. Anyone having this same issue?

    6. Creator Martin O on December 29

      @Diana: That was nice of him!

      I know shipments in the EU up to 150 € are not subject to import duties (Einfuhrzoll) and up to 22 € you don't have to pay VAT (Umsatzsteuer) (that's for Austria and apparently Germany too; depending on the country this threshold may range from 10 € to 22 €).

    7. Creator Diana on December 29

      @Martin O
      Hahaaa, der Zollbeamte war sehr freundlich zu mir und sagte mir mit einem Augenzwinkern *genau 22 Euro*. Bis 22 Euro werden keine weitere Steuern erhoben. Glück gehabt!

    8. Creator Martin O on December 29

      @Diana: Thanks. Good to know they didn't really care for the actual pledge amount. Luckily I've never had a problems with Kickstarter packages sent to Austria yet (nothing hold back and no additional costs).

    9. Creator Diana on December 29

      No tax!

    10. Creator Diana on December 29

      @ Martin O
      Also wie gesagt, ich war heute auf dem Zollamt München Garching-Hochbrück.
      Es lief alles problemlos. Ich habe 224 + 10 Dollar gepledged.
      Am besten ist es, die Kopie der Backer-Pledge auszudrucken und mitzunehmen. Personalausweis nicht vergessen!

    11. Creator Martin O on December 29

      @Diana: Since the actual pledge is $100 or more, do you have to pay additional tax etc.?

    12. Creator Diana on December 29

      For all here in Germay living in Munich (Zollamt Garching-Hochbrück).
      Das Zollamt benötigt nur eine Kopie der Backer-Pledge, welche sich auf Kickstarter ausdrucken lässt. Das Kickstarter-Problem ist auf diesem Zollamt bekannt!

    13. Creator Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22 on December 29

      Lookie here, the same day I read (and commented on) update #73 a package was waiting when I came back from work. In it, Pinkerton Road-rewards. :) Now all that's left, is beta testing Linux-Moebius so for the moment that 'Got it!'-box will remain unchecked.
      ### Member of the Pinkerton Road Cavalry ###
      ### Dreamfall Traveller ###

    14. Creator Alex on December 22

      I finally received the replacement game box and it's in the shape it should be in. Thank you to you both Jane and Katie.

    15. Creator Mark on December 17

      My rewards came today and everything looks great! The packaging for the games was very nice! Thanks so much for all your hard work!

    16. Creator Freddy on December 17

      Hurrrrrrrrrrah.... i got all !!! Thanks a lot - Tshirt , PC DVD , Soundtrack and Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary !! :D

    17. Creator gbutera on December 15

      So happy today! I got all the things! Yay! Thank you I will treasure them always!

      I loooooove the tshirt! Sign me up in advance for anything else you do!


    18. Creator Alex on December 15

      I already got a quick reply from Katie letting me know that Jane will ship me a replacement box today. Hopefully this replacement will be in perfect shape.

    19. Creator Brian on December 15

      I got the box and everything was perfect inside. Thanks Jane and Katie!

    20. Creator Alex on December 13

      I just got the game and the bottom (and bottom side) of the game box is is pretty flattened. I'll be reaching out to Katie at Phoenix Online Studios to see if a replacement box can be re-shipped. If a copy of a game being sold as brand new was sitting on a store shelf in the condition I got it in, I would have avoided it like the plague. Definitely in it's current condition, it's not display material. It's also a shame that there was no cardboard inside the game box to prevent denting like this from happening in the first place. Everything else seems in order.

    21. Creator Freddy on December 12

      i hope i will get the package ....i agree with W.G.

    22. Creator Andres Janssens on December 11

      Please let there be lots of bubble foil around those boxes

    23. Creator W.G. on December 6

      Bad idea to ship in December (more packages will get lost during the holidays).

    24. Creator Karl Mok on December 4

      King's Quest revival to debut at The Game Awards, along with tribute to Sierra founders…

    25. Creator Mark on November 18

      Thanks for letting me know!

    26. Creator Alex on November 18

      @Mark Scoville.
      I followed up with Phoenix Online Studios about the physical rewards and received this reply from Katie.

      "We've gotten everything ordered and will be packing them up and shipping in early December. Thanks for your patience!"

    27. Creator alberti on November 13

      You promised a French translation for Mœbius, is always on the agenda?

    28. Creator Mark on November 13

      The last update that mentioned the physical rewards was quite a while ago, and it said the physical rewards for both games would ship when GK released. It's been a month now since the game's release, and there hasn't been any word about shipments that I've seen. Is there an ETA for when everything will ship out?

    29. Creator Jason on October 15

      THANK YOU!!! Well done with Gabriel Knight, Day 1 was excellent so far! I wish your company the best and hope to see more games in the near future! Thank you for this successful kickstarter!

    30. Creator Diana on October 15

      Dear Jane,

      you have done a really great Kickstarter! I always felt familiar with this campaign :-)
      Here I do a little Thank You for all wich people where involved!
      I want to thank you for the updates (and there where a lot).
      I want to thank you for beeing always in touch with our backers!
      I have never played any title (no Moebius, no GK1 remasterd) I waiting for your boxed verisions :)
      Do you planning an next adventure-gem?

    31. Creator wilco96 on October 15

      I didn't get any mail. How long do i have to wait??

    32. Creator Marty - GK 20th! on October 15

      Hi there Jane and Robert, did I see a screenshot of the magic shop from grey matter labelled grey matter 2? In Janes work list? In the GK Promo video? If so more detail please lol � ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    33. Creator Gregory McIntyre on October 15

      it's after midnight *repeatedly hits refresh*

    34. Creator Mark E Hengst II on October 14

      When/where do we get our keys for the Gabriel Knight remake? I looked back and do not see any info for this anywhere. Thanks!

    35. Creator Jane Jensen on October 11

      Hey all, Katie, CSG Manager here!

      Christian: The only physical copy of the game will be the one being made for the CSG. I am not certain right now if that will include the soundtrack on it, but I'll find out. The pre-order of the game is for a digital copy ONLY, both game and soundtrack. Depending on your tier or what game you chose for the Kickstarter, you will be getting/have gotten links to the digital download of the soundtrack.

      To those asking about Linux: My apologies for not replying sooner to your comments here; this was actually recently asked in the forums, but I know not everyone goes there, so I'll copy in what I wrote there:

      "Linux versions are going to be at the top of our priority list once GK is out. We did need to update some key people to Unity 4, but we also need QA on it to make that happen, and understandably, they're very focused on GK right now. We had to release the game [GK] within a certain time period, so for many reasons it's the priority right now, and we're still a relatively small team. We haven't forgotten about the Linux versions, though!"

    36. Creator Christian Giegerich on October 11

      Hey guys, can anyone tell me if the physical version of the soundtrack will be included in the rewards? I don't really have to preorder GK1 again to get a physical copy, right?

    37. Creator Dan Serban on October 6

      In the end, there's no product. I helped fund the development with a stated goal of Linux support. There is no such thing.

      To boot, complete silence, I love it.

    38. Creator Joseph Jezak on October 6

      I'm also really disappointed with the way that Linux users have been treated throughout this kickstarter. As a CSG Member and a Linux user, I feel left out. I honestly wouldn't mind a delay if I felt like there was progress being made, but it seems like the only news we get about Linux is bad news and silence. Not porting the GK1 remake is a huge disappointment as well.

    39. Creator Dan Serban on October 5

      I am getting to the point of being angry that Linux was used as a dangling carrot to get people to pitch in. Where is my copy of Linux? Months after release, I still don't have a game.

    40. Creator Riggo - Avatars of Underworld Ascendant on October 2

      ...for Charles Dexter Ward

    41. Creator Riggo - Avatars of Underworld Ascendant on October 1

      Any Lovecraft lovers out there? If so, just search on Kickstarter!

    42. Creator Jonas Salonen on September 12, 2014

      Thanks for the info, Robert.

    43. Creator Robert Holmes on September 11, 2014

      Jonas: The survey has not yet gone out. In other news:

      I know many of you have had concerns about sound quality issues on the soundtrack. I understand the issues. Let me just say it's a very long and ugly story, and in the words of one of my pals in I.T. "If you don't have it in 3 places, you don't have it".

      Anyway, we are currently working on new versions of the problematic tracks to address issues of compression, sample quality, looping and others. I feel confident we will have much better final versions in the game, and to all you who got the soundtrack, we will make these available to you also. Sorry about the confusion. The game and the finished soundtrack are going to be killer!



    44. Creator André Fettouhi on September 11, 2014

      This is absolutely lame that the Linux version of Moebius again takes a backseat now because of the GK1 remake. Is the Linux version gonna take a backseat when the ipad version comes out? Has Phoenix Online even upgraded Unity to version 4 so that they can build a Linux version at all? What about Cognition is a Linux version still going to happen?

    45. Creator Jonas Salonen on September 11, 2014

      As nobody seems to answer in the comments section of the newest update I'll ask here: has the survey for the address information etc been sent already?

    46. Creator Freddy on September 9, 2014

      Thanks for replying back fast :)

    47. Creator Robert Holmes on September 9, 2014

      They will follow GK shipping, likely between mid October and mid November

    48. Creator Freddy on September 9, 2014

      Thanks Robert got my soundtrack for GK1 :) - any news on the Physical rewards ? :)

    49. Creator Robert Holmes on September 9, 2014

      Andres: All backers at the appropriate level should of received the Moebius soundtrack, and will receive the GK20th soundtrack. That would be all the music from this season. Email me at if you did not get the Moebius music.

    50. Creator Brian on September 9, 2014

      Physical rewards tend to be the LAST thing in these Kickstarters. So it'll be October I'm guessing - will they go the way of wasteland and push the release date to make sure backers get the physical goods or not... that's what we should be asking.

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