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$5,171 pledged of $10,000 goal
By Cynthia Shelton
$5,171 pledged of $10,000 goal

Additional Rewards! Pump Up The Volume!

For the $25 pledge rate - get a minimum of five of your friends to pledge $25 also and you can get a group cartoon done of your posse!

For the $100 pledge rate - I will make you something cool out of Delta Water Hyacinth!  I have to wait for it to start proliferating first, then I have to harvest and dry it and then weave it into things like hats and place mats, small rugs and chair seat covers.  In October I will send a group email to eligible pledgers photos of the woven thingies and they can claim something, first come, first serve.

But NONE of this can happen if more people don't play.  So tell a friend.  Tell two. Tell your posse, family, barber, and the guy who collects the recycling.  Bookmark the site on your Smart Phone so you can spring the video on people on BART or the Subway. 

Thank you for your support thus far.  I'd cross my fingers but I'm too busy typing emails to everyone I know.


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