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$5,171 pledged of $10,000 goal
By Cynthia Shelton
$5,171 pledged of $10,000 goal

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Dock Dorks is at the printer

Hello KickStarter community,

Just a note that at the eleventh hour (today), I submitted the final proof approvals for the first issue of The LiveAboard and it will be printed in time for the Alternative Press Expo, October 13-14 in SF.  True to the LiveAboard lifestyle, I have completed the book while bopping around from anchorage to marina and back, catching what WiFi as I can and biting my fingernails to the quick.  I even managed at the last second to get one more printer referral than needed to pay for the whole 1500 print run.  AND, drumroll please, nautical writers Cap'n Fatty Goodlander of Cruising World Magazine and Max Ebb / Lee Helm writer from Latitude 38 Magazine were kind enough to preview it and write glowing back page blurbs!  Very exciting.

So come say hi at APE if you are in the neighborhood, and stay tuned, because I am cooking up a new KickStarter campaign for Issue Two of The LiveAboard Series, The Berkeley Bubble.

See you there - C. Shel

Plan B nearly there


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Cest La Vie

Well, we didn't make the 10K goal, but I'm happy anyway.  Here's why.  The KickStarter Process required me to really examine my project hopes clearly so I could explain them.  I learned how to make a video with my computer.  I reconnected with estranged family and friends.  I got warm fuzzies from all of the votes of confidence from far away. Thank you Backers! I met new people and found great projects other people were doing.  Thank you KickStarter for a great idea paired with a well-made site.  This has been quite a month.

The good news is that my backup funding plan is working, so Dock Dorks will be printed, and I will get a half table at the Alternative Press Expo in SF in October.  You can keep track of progress, order your copy of Dock Dorks,  and see new cartoons at so keep in touch. 

Best of all, I found a Forever Friend who will be sharing the journey with me.  He is right now out in the hot sun selling all of his worldly belongings so he'll be able to come with me and Austin on the sailboat.  Now that's commitment!  More to look forward to in future issues as The LiveAboard journey continues.

aka The LiveAboard


My mantra since high school has been Anything Can Happen and Usually Does.  Once again it has proven to be true.  As it turns out,  I will not be setting out on my sailing journey solo after all.  We have taken on crew - a man and a dog.  They turn out to be the perfect plot twist for the end of Issue Three, Delta Dingo.  I am looking forward to cartooning the challenges of romance, sailing lessons, and a 6 gallon holding tank in a 30' boat in the as-yet-unnamed Issue 4.  First noted quote, " I will NOT poop in a cone filled with cat litter!"

But hey, we're still working on Issue One Dock Dorks, and the countdown is now in hours...

Just so you know, I WILL be printing Dock Dorks, even if the KickStarter goal is not met.  I'll find a way.  It has to happen.  But it will be a better process and result if the KickStarter help comes through.  Not just for the money.  I work harder when I have people to please - and that's you. 

So if there's anyone you can think of who might be tickled by this project, NOW is the time to send them a link.  It's all over Saturday at 1pm PT.  

NEW REWARDS - See the rewards section for how to get a CD copy with J-card of Field Notes by the Jawless Fishes, my nebulous one-time band.  Also, I will have a glam 5x7 b&w photo with dingo on La Bonita taken and sign it for you - as if I were somebody.

On Cinco de Mayo, please check on my website for Life After KickStarter.  It's been one hell of a busy month and I've learned a ton doing this fundraiser.  There will be more videos (with better sound) on YouTube to look forward to now that I have figured out the iMovie application.

Mostly I'm warmed by the support demonstrated and am hugely encouraged to continue with this loopy story of sailing and searching.  Thank you All.

Cynthia Interviewed on Central Valley Business Times

Hey, I got my wish and didn't have to hold the camera this time!  Check out this CVBT two part interview about crowd funding featuring Dock Dorks as an example of someone trying this format for the first time.

Hooray for passing the $2K mark!