Mythica: Fate of Heroes Board Game

by Berserker Labs Game Design Studio

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    1. Sergey Vlasenko on

      Thank you very much for update! I just wanted to ask - if it will be possible to get the FedEx tracking number when the parcel will be sent?

    2. Steve Parksmith

      hi can i add still?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Cole Collaborator on

      @Sergey, We're going to figure out some way of getting you tracking numbers. Hopefully it won't come to individually emailing them to you, but if that's the only solution that is the one we'll go with!

      @Steve, I love that question! Our expansions are a bit limited, that was a smaller print run; but we have many core games available. We do plan on doing another print run of expansions once this lot is out the door, if the response is good after people get to play the games.

    4. Eric Maxham

      Bonus points for using "eleventy billion" in an update! I'm really looking forward to getting the game, thanks for the update.

    5. Sergey Vlasenko on

      @Jeremy Cole -thank you for reply. Yes, it is vital for me to get the tracking number - it will assure my getting the parcel 100%. Much obliged!

    6. Missing avatar

      Jake howard on

      @Jermey Cole - Hey guys, how goes the assembly? Any ideas as to when games should start going out?