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Mythica: Fate of Heroes is a sophisticated fantasy adventure game with innovative mechanics and intuitive, dynamic gameplay.
Mythica: Fate of Heroes is a sophisticated fantasy adventure game with innovative mechanics and intuitive, dynamic gameplay.
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Production Update (a little bad news, a little good news)

Posted by Berserker Labs Game Design Studio (Creator)

Greetings Beloved Backers,

We're a tad behind schedule, so we thought we'd send a little update to explain the delay and reassure you. If someone had warned us that Indie game design would often be 1d3 steps forward followed by 1d4 steps backward, we might've hesitated to start Berserker Labs. No, who are we kidding, we wouldn't have hesitated. We're old school gamers... trust your dice, right?

Unfortunately, there are occasional, unforeseen, semi-catastrophic setbacks that emerge from the shadows like a Beholder Lich floating out of the darkness while the party is worrying over the rusty lock on a bait chest. When that happens, all you can do is respond like scarred and seasoned adventurers... roll initiative and make the best move. 

I won't name the guy as I throw him under the bus, but we had an interesting setback. The middle man in our production process (the liaison between BLGDS and the overseas manufacturer) was pulling a bit of a scam. Apparently, he was sending all the right emails to clients (like us) and to his higher-ups, but not doing any work and planning to quit his job when the ruse was discovered. 

Fortunately, he wasn't ambitious or nefarious enough to be stealing our money or anything like that... he was just being misleading and collecting a couple months worth of remote paychecks, while starting a new job or living on a beach or something. 

So, the good news is that the plot was uncovered, the guy was fired, and the replacement representative for the manufacturer is incredibly enthusiastic, apologetic, energetic, and committed to making things right with us.

Unfortunately for yours truly, adding a bit of insult to the injury, the art files that were meticulously prepared for the original production process (according to the advice/direction of the swindler) were not at all what was needed (wrong color profiles, wrong file types, incorrect dielines... ugh), resulting in extra work for us and more time wasted. 

But that brings us to now, we are happily back on track, the last files are being updated and uploaded today, and the new representative is pushing us to the front of the production line. In short, we got pretty lucky, someone scored a critical hit and the Beholder Lich went down without much fuss, only lost time. Well, our bard was wounded, but he'll probably live.

So onward. In Mythica terms, the Death Clock has been wound again, another Hand of Fate has been dealt, and we're pushing on excited that the End is Nigh. Thanks for all of the support. We'll keep you posted. 

-Karl & Jeremy 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Peter Phipps on

      I'm glad we are back on track. Thanks for the update. Thanks for transparency.

    2. Steve Parksmith

      Hi, thanks for update - any idea when will complete?

    3. Tate OKelly on

      That’s quite the story. You could have just blamed it on me for all the instruction manual proof reading errors I found for ya! Hehe

    4. Missing avatar

      Icarus Steel on

      Beholder Liches are no joke! Glad to hear that at least the money went to the right place. Sorry about the artwork and frustration.
      My son and I are excited to get a hold of this game!
      (Don't call for a couple of weeks after it comes out, please ;-) )