$8.00 pledged of $32,000 goal
By Matthew Brewer
$8.00 pledged of $32,000 goal


I already have a company ready to start development of this app. The company is a well known, reputable company. Also noted by Inc magazine as the 165th fastest growing new company in the USA. My app will market well to parents, grandparents, families, and teens. The idea is when you open the app it will sync your contacts, then let you select a list from your contact list. The app will then automatically send a text message to those you chose when your battery life reaches 1%. It will inform them you are indeed safe, your phone is about to die, 

Risks and challenges

It is going to cost 65,000 dollars to get this app made, and marketed by a major company. I myself gave saved quite a bit, but am $32,000 short. I thought I would try kick starter, I have heard lots of success stories from people using this website.

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    I am trying to raise enough money to get a team of app developers to build this app that will let you select contacts from your phone and when your battery life is down to 1% the app will automatically send a text to everyone who you selected to notify them you are indeed safe, but your phone is dead. Everyone who contributes will get a free download of this app once completed.

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