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$18,618 pledged of $100,000 goal
By Wovyn
$18,618 pledged of $100,000 goal

Three weeks in ... and what a ride!

Hello to everyone from the team at Wovyn!  I know we've been quiet, but holy cow did we NOT expect what would happen when we launched on Kickstarter!  We've been hit from all directions ... including directions that we never new we had.  Things have been keeping us WAY too busy!  I apologize for not posting anything sooner.

I'm going to see if I can cover some of the high points, and make sure to provide more update over the next three weeks ... that's all we've got left in the project!

  • First off ... thank you to all of the backers we have today, and to all of the interested parities that have reached out to us!  We never imagined the number of messages that we have received, and all of the contacts we've developed.  We have been buried in backer questions, partnering requests, business opportunities, and even investor inquiries.  Thank you to everyone!
  • Next, the biggest question we have had is "How can I get more sensors?" and we have created an answer for you.  Rob, Dave and I put together a pretty cool solution that I'll tell you about at the end of this post ... but you can now get the sensors that you want!
  • We also appreciate all of the input from you on where we go next.  I'm already deep in the R&D for adding 1-Wire and Z-Wave support to the Loom software.  That means that you could use any or all of these supported sensor/control technologies with Wovyn.  This is our key differentiators with our architecture ... you're going to see us expanding our support with more and more sensor and actuator technologies.  (I'm actually heading to Sensors Expo and will be meeting with a number of different vendors while there!)
  • On the "Cloud" side of things, we've been approached by numerous new companies and platforms about adding support!  Again, it's what Wovyn was designed to do.  We've now added eight more APIs/platforms to our list: Exosite, Zapier, IFTTT, Evrythng, Homeseer, Ninja Blocks, and Electric Imp, and senseGrow.  It was fun to sit down and chat with several of these companies while at the Maker Faire in San Mateo a few weeks back.  Again, we're glad our architecture was designed to just keep adding API and cloud support!
  • Speaking of the Maker Faire, we got to have some fun out there, and even hung out with Robert Scoble and Leo Laporte while we were there.  We hung out with Robert at his house and did a brief audio recording, and then a full video with Leo.  Much thanks to both of them!

Listen to the Robert Scoble Wovyn Interview

Leo Laporte Interview

Wovyn Custom Pledge Calculator

As I said above, we've worked out a solution to how you can customize your pledges, and get the exact sensors that you want.  In addition, you can let us know which ones you want - with your current pledge, or with an updated pledge.  In addition, you can also create your Loom account now, and we'll be opening up access for feedback on in July!  Here's what you do:

  • Visit the link below
  • Confirm the type of sensors you'd like with your current pledge
  • Increase your pledge for those of you who would like additional sensors
  • Create your Loom account for early access to the portal

The link for the Wovyn Pledge Calculator is: loom.wovyn.com/kickstarter

Lastly, WE NEED YOUR HELP obtaining additional backers!!!  Many of you are as passionate about the project as we are - we REALLY want to get Wovyn into your hands - we just ask you to PLEASE tell your networks about the great system you've found, and how they should check it out as well.  You all can make this project happen!!

Thank you again Kickstarters!



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