FlowMotion Smartphone Stabilizer | The End of Shaky Videos

by FlowMotion Technologies

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    1. Salvador on

      Congrats! Hopefully will the succes of your campaign not be the end of the company. I've experienced it many times, most recent with Virtuix Omni and a project that could not order that many memory wafers. For example need for bigger (unknown) supplier which leads to price disruption or quality issues, availability of needed resources and such. How do you plan to cope with this and also that your backers will be served in order (another 'thing')..

    2. FlowMotion Technologies Creator on

      @Salvador - Thanks for the comment. We have been thinking long term when choosing production partners and suppliers, and they are all ready for a larger order. So the success of the campaign should not affect our production or delivery timeline.

    3. Jørgen Stokke Halvorsen on

      Congrats! This is awesome in a market that is becoming pretty flooded with gimbals, glad you managed to come up with the idea of putting the battery in the gimbal instead of the handle. Really makes it different and more wearable than the rest of the pack!

    4. FlowMotion Technologies Creator on

      @Jørgen Stokke Halvorsen - Thanks!

    5. Missing avatar

      Keith Hubbard on

      Thanks for sharing. I'm really looking forward to this stabilizer.

    6. FlowMotion Technologies Creator on

      @Keith Hubbard - Thanks! We are really looking forward to delivering it to you, and to see all the cool content you will create.