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FlowMotion ONE - Capture smooth cinematic videos with your smartphone. Auto-follow tracking, motion time-lapse, and so much more.
FlowMotion ONE - Capture smooth cinematic videos with your smartphone. Auto-follow tracking, motion time-lapse, and so much more.
5,508 backers pledged $1,325,241 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goal Announced - GoPro Camera Adaptor

Posted by FlowMotion Technologies (Creator)


You have been asking and we have been listening (and developing). Our first stretch goal is a GoPro adaptor (add-on).

If we reach $300.000 you can add the adaptor to your pledge for only $9!

With the adaptor you can mount GoPro Hero 3, 4 or 5 to FlowMotion ONE. 

NB: Features such as tracking, live stream to Facebook / Youtube, panorama photos and motion time lapse will not work when using ONE with a GoPro. 

We have also updated the campaign movie with more close-ups of the product. More videos explaining features and details are coming soon. 

Happy weekend!

- The FlowMotion Team

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    1. FlowMotion Technologies Creator on

      @ Andy Doyle - Yes, just increase your pledge with 9 dollars.

    2. Missing avatar

      andy doyle on

      do i just add 9 dollars to my orinigal pledge in the manage your pledge section ?


    3. Missing avatar

      Niko on

      Fantastic, great work, and good price for all @nikofire

    4. FlowMotion Technologies Creator on

      FlowMotion is a technical product that is quite expensive to produce, and therefore, we can not give the GoPro adaptor to all our backers for free. We gave early backers an early bird discount as a way of thanking you for believing in us and supporting us early on. The main reason some Kickstarter projects do not manage to deliver products to their backers is that they sold products too cheap and production becomes too expensive. We do not want to make that mistake.

    5. Stefan Tynell on

      Payable stretch goals? �

    6. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Technically, this is a payable Add-On, and in NO way a stretch goal. I backed the Snapzoom and their stretch goals really stretched them and yet they delivered honorably.

    7. Simon Tam on

      Will this adapter support Xiaomi Action cameras too? (Please, please, please say yes.)

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      But I will probably still end up buying this attachment piece. lol! looks awesome

    9. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      This is what I was anticipating....they slowly get you with all the upgrades.

    10. Missing avatar

      Poul Poulsen on

      I'll pay the $ 9 the GoPro adaptor to get the strech goal "award", but I honestly think you guys are taking advantage of your early backers. We helped you spread the word and got you more backers than you had ever hoped for. You extended the offer to get onboard on your project at a low price, and then you reward us, the early backers, by letting us pay an extra $ 9 for the GoPro adaptor. I am personally disappointed. I think we deserve better! None the less I think the FlowMotion is great idea and will be a great product, but the way you are "selling" a strech goal to those who helped you get where you are in the first place, is not appreciated. I recommend you handle you success wisely, and I do not think you did in this case, I really do not!

    11. Missing avatar

      Murat Isgoren on

      I have some questions about gpro attachment
      -As far as I can understand, adapter for gopro5 is basically a frame adapter?
      -If the answer of the question above is yes, than we should sat goodbye to ALL OTHER action cams? Why no universal adapter?
      -When action cams direction is to the front, does it capture any part of Flowmotion?