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Corrections to a recent article on Pono

Posted by the PonoMusic Team (Creator)

Hi all,

An article recently came out with unfounded claims suggesting PonoPlayers pre-ordered though Kickstarter would not ship until 2015.

Our team wants to reiterate our commitment to all of you: Delivery of the PonoPlayer still stands as originally expected—October 2014 or December 2014 depending on your specific player.

We’ve been working extensively to stick to the timeframe we promised all of you backers and have dedicated ourselves to following through. In addition to shipment of the player this fall, we will launch our music library in October with about 2.5M tracks.

New pre-orders, now being taken through our online store, will be sent in 2015.

We hope this clears up any confusion! If not, please send over any questions or concerns to

Our very best,

Team Pono


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    1. jan janssens on

      So it's november. That means I can exepect the player this week?

    2. Missing avatar

      Ray Ketchem on

      Okay cool. It's Oct 28. When should we expect to take delivery of our PONO?

    3. Missing avatar

      Richard Rosado on

      Thanks for the fast update. To be honest, I hadn't heard of this article, but am glad you folks are staying on top of the news feeds to keep these crazy rumors from gaining credibility.

    4. Missing avatar

      Seamus McDonnell on

      Can there be an official announcement please regarding the delay of PonoMusic being rolled out in the UK.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Bender on

      I'll appreciate I've you explain the reason for the delay ... please do that to your backers!

    6. Missing avatar

      randy syhymmel on

      Still waiting............

    7. Missing avatar

      calvinbean on

      And you even provided the link. That tells me something. Thanks!

    8. Ed Jennings on

      Thank you for correcting the misinformed "Doubting Thomases".

    9. Philip C Gossett III on

      "Don't critize what you don't understand son, you never walked a mile in that mans shoes."

      Elvis Presley

      I'm sure when they come out Apple, Samsung, Sony etc will want to get in the game. I'll be waiting for my Pono to arrive at its new home.

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris Smith on

      I have seen some really crappy journalism denigrating a product they haven't seen. Can't wait for their smug smiles to slide away, replaced by one of happy realisation that top quality sound is a wonderful thing as they listen to a Pono Player.

    11. Jamie Whitehorn on

      Good update :-)
      Never seen anyone get so many things wrong in just six paragraphs. Be really nice if he manned up and published a correction / retraction. Almost wonder if it was done deliberately as click-bait.

    12. Shawn Doyle on

      Thanks for clearing that up!

    13. Glenn Kelly on

      Darned rumor-mongers!

    14. Rick Canedo on

      Well done with the update! Needed the communication for some minds to be eased. What an uninformed, piece of crud article that is! I hope he is not a "journalist" He just lost all the cred he may have had.