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Pono's mission is to provide the best possible listening experience of your favorite digital music.
Pono's mission is to provide the best possible listening experience of your favorite digital music.
18,220 backers pledged $6,225,354 to help bring this project to life.

Pono Supports Rainforest Connection


Pono means righteous. When we began this journey, the soul of music needed a voice, and you, our backers, banded together to give it one.

Today, independently of Pono, I want to tell you about another subject of great urgency, and a solution that can — with our help — do something truly important.

Climate change is the defining challenge of the 21st century, and every day we ask ourselves, what can we do about it? Well, this is Kickstarter. This is where we band together to turn great ideas into real solutions. Today, I'd like to introduce you to another bold undertaking, and to ask you to join me on Kickstarter in making it real.

Today, please join me in supporting Rainforest Connection, a creative and timely technology that can fight climate change and mass extinction at a point of immediate impact... by protecting endangered rainforests in an entirely new way.

You helped us build Pono to save the sound of music, and now, we've got a chance to help save the music of the rainforest. Through the power of sound, this technology can give the forest a voice. When the forest is threatened, the forest can speak. And for the first time, you can hear it.

This whole endeavor becomes truly powerful when every one of us steps forward to give as little as $10 to this unique campaign. If you watch this short Kickstarter video, I’m sure you will see why this is so important.

When Pono backers join me in supporting Rainforest Connection they will also be given access to an exclusive reward—a unique ultra-high-resolution audio download of the sounds of the rainforest. Trust me when I say you've never heard anything quite like this, and just wait until you hear it on your Pono!

I'm also proud to announce that I will be personally donating 10 limited edition PonoPlayers to the Rainforest Connection campaign to be offered to 10 generous backers as rewards.

Once again, please join me in supporting the growth of this solution.

Thanks, Neil Young, Pono

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    1. Jussi Myllyluoma

      Climate change is not a myth. We are observing it happening all over the planet, and we have solid scientific data showing that the climate has been changing constantly, at various rates and in various directions, on this planet for at least 500 million years. We can even observe it happening right now on other bodies in the solar system, like Mars and Jupiter.
      Nor is the question of anthropogenic climate change in the realm of myth. It is securely and solidly fully ensconced in the realm of politics.

      But any relation to the question of global warming notwithstanding, saving the rainforest is a vitally important issue entirely on its own merits, for an infinite number of reasons.
      While I do agree with those expressing hopes that the Pono project updates stay on topic and not devolve into a general billboard for worthy causes, I also appreciate having had this particular project highlighted for me.

      Perhaps we can find a compromise: if you post shout-outs for worthy causes as an appendix to updates on significant progress of real relevance to the Pono project itself, then no update can be perceived as unsolicited spam, right?

    2. Chiknhed on

      @Creator It would be a GREAT idea to send a last minute email to Pono Supporters concerning the remanding 9 Special Edition Rainforest Connection Pono players! There may be 9 folks that would love to do something like supporting at that level...Especially the naming of a section after a loved one and getting a Special Pono player with it.

    3. Marsha Tyszler

      @naysayers, it seems some of you are upset over this Update that Neil posted -- and that's just unfair. Perhaps climate change and the environment aren't causes that you believe in, and that's fine because everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions. However, it's unfair that some of you feel upset because Pono/Neil is informing Pono backers of an outside KS campaign to support. As one who has backed a "healthy" number of campaigns and is actively interested in crowdfunding, I can tell you that this is not an uncommon occurrence on Kickstarter. Many campaigns connect with each other and try to help each other out by posting information to their respective backers. This collaborative community is largely what makes Kickstarter unique as compared with other crowdfunding platforms. Usually, there is a direct correlation of sorts (ie: a campaign raising money to build custom guitars may tell its backers about another campaign with awesome guitar tuners), however, often times there isn't any relationship at all. If you truly believe in the spirit of crowdfunding, then you'd support the idea of campaigns supporting other campaigns. Moreover, being informed of an outside campaign does not obligate you to donate to them. And so, Pono/Neil is not doing anything different than most other campaigns. At the end of the day, it's perfectly okay not to support The Rainforest Connection, but don't whine and complain that Neil is "spamming" or acting as a "vehicle to advertise other causes" and whatnot when nearly all KS campaigns do the same thing in the spirit of supporting each other. If you find this problematic and feel the need to rant negatively, then sadly, perhaps Kickstarter is not for you . . . .


      @Neil, thanks for getting into the commonplace KS spirit of sharing other worthwhile campaigns that we may not have heard about yet. This is the first I'm hearing of The Rainforest Connection, but I'll surely check what their campaign is all about and/or inform others on social media. :-)

    4. Missing avatar

      Tariq Ali AlRaisi on

      Makes sense.


      Thanks for letting us know.

    5. Silverback on

      Done.... Neil .... Thanks !
      I forwarded the message to anyone I could reach !

    6. Missing avatar

      Gregory Jon Tarrant on

      The studio quality 24 bit music is a great way to hear music and hear the dynamic range , Neil Ypung .Man made Climate change is a giant hoax ! you may not like trees being cut down but the facts are no warming at all or sea rise except.. one pacific island .. Global warming is giant Hoax !

    7. TundraLTD on

      I like the idea of the Rainforest Connection project but when it started in with the "climate change" I TUNED OUT. Anyone that thinks the climate of the earth is supposed to stay the same year to year doesn't understand that we do not have a set place in space, everything is moving and yes the movement and change in distance from the sun makes a big difference (ellipsoidal orbit). Heck even the Sun has an orbit in the milky way galaxy, it doesn't just sit there, we're just along for the ride

    8. Jerry on

      Robert Ryan
      Agree he should have to follow the rules but has so much money he does what he wants as Barlow said he don't give a Rats Ass about lots of things

    9. Chiknhed on

      I am excited about listening to the LIVE sounds in the location I will be sponsoring. I hope they help us I.D. the various sound to the life forms making them :)

    10. Jason Emery on

      @Piers Williams, this is not a suitable venue for your trolling. If you don't have anything good to say, don't say it at all.

    11. MobiusEngine on

      I backed. I have to admit I would not have done so without the hypnotic prompt of Neil, the strange power of Pono, or the juicy juicy download promise.

    12. Chiknhed on

      Hey Neil, how about some of your close friends…like Jack White!?! Someone like Jack can come up with some creativity that helps us move the ball forward!!! Don't know till you ask!

    13. Chiknhed on

      Those of you that have questions about climate change and causes owe it to yourself to hear this CD/Book and then see how you feel.…

    14. Paul Haggerty on

      Okay, backed it.

    15. Chiknhed on

      Thank you Neil. I have spent countless hours in forrest and cringe every time I see mindless cutting. If I can spend $300.00 on a Pono Player, then I can spend $250.00 on a worthwhile cause of honoring life and protecting wildlife and forrest. NOTHING is a guarantee and I get that. But what is…is ones intentions.. The intentions of those that are attempting to save the planet in different ways is the right intention, and that speaks to my heart and love for the gift of my life experience on Earth. Earth will survive without humans. Humans will not survive without Mother Earth. Therefore it is my privilege and Honor to support this effort.

      Keep- On- Rockin- In-The-Rain-Forrest :)

    16. Lory Hawley on

      I am moved by this project. I am honored to support the work of individuals who take action in such a simple and effective way. Also, if you love audio recordings of the rain forest check out the binaural recordings of Gordon Hempton.

      I am surprised by the negative comments. Really folks????? We are all on the same planet, regardless of political views, financial status, or belief systems. You may question the causes of climate change, but you can't deny that climate change is occurring.

      Our ship is drifting towards the reef (excuse the metaphor) and you are standing on the deck arguing about how we got there. Start rowing, do something to help that fits your world view.

    17. USM-Valor on

      How about we apply some logic to the situation, eh people? Does anyone here think rampant, illegal deforestation is good? No? Then ignore the bit about climate change and focus on this aspect of the project.

    18. Mike Hope on

      Hey, whatever raises awareness is okay by me. We can't listen to Pono if we don't have a planet. I don't want to be listening to Pink Floyd while the planet is burning and I'm driving over a cliff!

    19. Missing avatar

      Robert Ryan on

      EVERYBODY has things they think are important. Most are in fact more important than a music player for well-off people. Don't you think that climate change is a polarizing issue? For a large portion of folks that are helping Neil his spam was unwanted. Of course it's not a huge deal, but I have no problem stating that it was in bad taste.

    20. Hobbes Chan

      Thanks for this. I pledged too.

    21. Missing avatar

      Alan Barlow on

      Good call Pono. Well measured email for an important cause. I'm in. For the people posting negative comments, why bother? If you don't agree then don't get involved and just support the things you want. And I don't thin NY gives a rats arse whether he alienates or creates unpopularity for himself. The environment and the protection of it is much bigger and more important than the Pono player and bigger than any music, or indeed any human. As much as the aforementioned items are important. Have some thought and compassion and if you can't find them then shut up.

    22. Ricardo Landaeta on

      Thanks for this. I'm in. Climate change is not a myth!

    23. Royce Edwards on

      Wow, I sure hope Pono isn't going to become a fundraising vehicle for all sorts of non-related causes. While I'm glad that people are passionate in their beliefs, this simply isn't the proper venue to promote them.

      You know next to the "post comment" button is the message "Be respectful and considerate" and I would humbly suggest that this includes not spamming your supporters. Have a fantastic day.

    24. Missing avatar

      Robert Ryan on

      Neil, you in the music community surround yourself with people who are in percentage overwhelmingly liberal. But the people in this country are divided on this issue with many people, maybe as high as 50%, thinking that global warming is a myth. You should stick to what you are doing with Pono. You run the risk of alienating large portions of people that are helping you with your current project.

      This request was in bad taste.

    25. Missing avatar

      Piers Williams on

      this is not a suitable venue for promoting your personal causes. your uneducated rants as a flak for the climate terrorists about the canadian oilsands show you have no clue as to what is going on

    26. Ian Kendrick on

      Thanks for this, Neil and the guys. I have pledged.

      Am really happy to see a wider community forming. Is what this project is all about for me. As well as the music of course. And the player....

    27. Mark Howard on

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention. This will mean a lot to my girlfriend.
      Just offset her cars emissions for a year and it is worth every cent.
      Here is the link once again!

    28. Missing avatar

      Ronald Southward Jr on

      The link to back the project is above... but I'm happy to copy/paste:

      Every action to combat this global problem is a step in the right direction, they all add up regardless of what any other nation does or does not do. We cannot afford to sit back and wait for others to act first.

      Love And Only Love

    29. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Engel on

      So WHERE do we go to contribute? A link would be nice.

    30. Missing avatar

      steven raff audas on

      Please contact the CHINESE and let them contribute. America has reduced its Carbon Emissions considerably over the past 20 years. CHINA is Growing their Carbon Emissions
      Daily with No End in sight. Regardless of what WE AMERICANS do, if the CHINESE don't get on board it will all be nullified.