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Pono's mission is to provide the best possible listening experience of your favorite digital music.
18,220 backers pledged $6,225,354 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by the PonoMusic Team (Creator)

Dearest backers,

We are absolutely thrilled and overwhelmed by the amount of LOVE we have received from AROUND THE WORLD in just the past 24 hours. It's incredible. Your donations show that PonoMusic should exist... You have officially joined our movement to keep the heart of music beating.

On our end, we are continuing to spread the PonoMusic word. We were at SXSW yesterday unveiling the product and are continuing to spread the word today in Austin. If you could not make it to Neil's talk at SXSW, you can listen to it here on NPR. We also included a photo below of (most of) the team--can you tell how happy we all are to be here?!

Some other announcements:

Please know that we are working very hard to answer your each of your questions personally, as quickly as we can. (A note: if you scroll down to the bottom of the campaign page, there is a huge FAQ section too!)

We also added two more offerings to the Artist Signature Series--James Taylor and My Morning Jacket! More to come so stay involved and stay tuned...

Thanks again... We feel so blessed.

Stay righteous,

the PonoMusic Team

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    1. Craig Danuloff on

      What am I going to do if you offer both Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello signature series players? Looking forward to wrestling through that problem. And to my Pono!

    2. Missing avatar

      Ben Bronicel on

      If Willie is in, so am I.
      Where is Tom Waits?

    3. Missing avatar

      frederick gill on

      I pledged money I cannot spare and will have to sell some dvd to cover. No problem, I t r ist you guys. I am doubly glad I d d it n o w upon seeing all the negative comments (driven by the fruits?) I want to hear Cortez as it was recorded. I also want to hear 'everybody's g o t something to hide' as it was recorded. A ny chance?

    4. Robert Farrell on

      Will there be any Frank Zappa music available?

    5. Ian Barnett on

      Would like to see a Ryan Adams - Artist Signature Series.

    6. Missing avatar

      Greg Roensch on

      I kicked in $5 for two reasons:

      1) To express my support for Pono (even if it's only a small contribution so far).
      2) To request a signature series featuring THE WHO or Pete Townshend.

      Thank you.

    7. Derek Warner on

      I am so excited to finally be able to experience music besides going to the audio store and drooling over a 10,000$ setup. Honestly I don't know whether I have actually heard alive music before. Will be like the blind given sight for the first time. Truly cannot wait!

    8. Missing avatar

      Ben Anderson on

      This is so wonderful! Is there going to be any other Artist Signature Series? Would love to see a Black Crowes series!

    9. LUCA ZIELLO on

      Thank you ....... you still believe in quality.
      If you can, please.....
      " NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE" Pono Editions!

    10. Missing avatar

      john fitzgerald on

      At last a light at the end of the tunnel, held aloft by that searcher neil young. As u are playing cork ireland this summer how about an opportunity to meet u neil and listen to the pono music system like the sold out dinner for 30 in california, there are 2 fans here west cork would beg steal or borrow to have that opportunity in cork, ireland, europe.

    11. Piotr Mielecki on

      The result is fantastic and gives me personally fantastic kick forward. There’s one thing which I’d like to remark: some information about the project in other languages (French, German, Polish etc.) would be appreciate. My German friend doesn’t speak English, for example…
      Best regards!

    12. stefano zarelli on

      Congratulaions and thank you Neil and co. for this amazing project!
      Would be fantastic if we could have a Springsteen or Elvis Costello edition

    13. Trevor Catterall on

      I second Jack White edition.

    14. jimblue on

      The result off a fantastic collective energy from a group of people that believe in the music within us all ...... JIM

    15. Dan Williams on

      Please offer up a Jack White model

    16. David Friedman on

      I'm in with the Springsteen edition!!

    17. Missing avatar

      Glen Bourgeois on

      YAY! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for making it possible so that a guy like me can bring 24/192-quality sound wherever I go. (And thanks to Neil for letting me know about it!) My apologies if I've missed these in the FAQ, but here go my two questions:

      1) With territorial rights issues impeding on the availability of high-resolution digital audio through legal purchase outside of the US (non-Americans know who I'm talking about), will PONO have a Canadian store? A European store? A "Rest of World" store? Or will sales be strictly limited to the US?

      2) I saw your "underwater" graph alludes to the elusive 384 kHz sample rate. Any chance PONO players will be able to play 384 kHz? Any chance resolutions _higher_ than 24/192 become available in the PONO store?

      And here's a frivolous third question:

      3) Any chance of seeing a Poco signature PONO? (Phonetically too good to miss ;) ).

      Thanks again!

    18. Missing avatar

      Daniel Harris on

      I have purchased 45's , 33 1/3rd's , 8 tracks , cassettes , mini discs , and purchased hundreds of iTunes.
      I have owned various high end stereo equipment, quad sound systems and specific components to try and achieve nirvana promised by each decade of new innovation.
      I have been to hundreds of live concerts and no matter how hard I've tried I have yet to hear music that was better than either live or the best analog recording back in the day.
      All along this journey all I wanted was the best sound I could get to listen to the music I have loved.
      So thank you to Neil and everyone who believed his vision. I am so excited that this has happened and can't wait to share it with all my young relatives and kids I work with who have never known music the way it was meant to be heard.
      My purchase of the Neil Young signature Pono will be with me to the grave and I will move on a happy man.
      If you ever see a smiley faced old dude with a Pono, that would be me, dead or alive!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Stacy Baird on

      I'd pay $1000 for the Jimmy Iovine (Mr. Beats) signature edition! Twice that if you got a "Dr. Dre AND Mr. Iovine" signature edition.

    20. Missing avatar

      Kevin coontz on

      This is an awesome development for music,Leave it to Neil to make things better ! I cant wait to hear this, Ordered The Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young edition of course ! thanks Neil and everyone who have a stake in this incredible development .

    21. Missing avatar

      Barry Stankiewicz on

      As we say here in the Boston area, I am "wicked" excited. Being able to hear music the way it was intended to be heard is exciting. Please hurry so I can close out my iTunes account. No more MP3s.

      Since I missed out on the Neil Young Signature Series, I got the next best thing, the CSN&Y.

    22. Missing avatar

      Gareth Dormon on

      I am so excited & proud to be even a little tiny part of this. It's the best thing to happen to recorded music in my lifetime. Any Chance of getting a Bruce Springsteen edition? I just saw him in concert in New Zealand & he reminded everyone there what REAL music sounds like! I'll happily pledge $400 for a Boss Pono :)

    23. Missing avatar

      David F. Wade on

      This is an excellent explanation of what has occurred within the music industry. My very favorite music came from an era when the vinyl album prevailed, and the truly creative albums flowed from beginning to end. Unfortunately, those days are currently behind us. I support the PonoMusic effort that is not only Neil Youngs dream, but all of our dream.

    24. Osman EL-BABA

      The fastest KS Campaign out of the 200+ I backed....kindly think about Hardware enhanced Stretch Goals ...Digital output : spdif,optical,HDMI... thanks

    25. Missing avatar

      john foord on

      Hi Neil and the crew! could you please please educate my fellow brits by doing a few interviews on the bbc! Remember, it's the largest media outlet in the world, with tv and radio.
      Fantastic results on the fund raising and when I've saved all my pennies I'll buy my own little Pono to enjoy the music thought lost long ago.
      All my love to you all and see you again when you play here once more.

    26. Missing avatar

      James Yell on

      Wondering which will be Neil's "top two favourite albums" ... tonights the night ... rust never sleeps ... zuma? ...ragged glory? - any2 of em would be great of course - even better pono certified!!!
      congrats to the entire pono team on the kickstarter - righteous :)
      Any indication when the ponomusic store might be available internationally? Australia specifically?

    27. Missing avatar

      Li jianmin on

      If your guys can persuade Bob Dylan in, I don't mind pledge second one. By the way, except your store's music, could I upload my own music through USB to the player?

    28. ercolini luca on

      Con questo progetto ponete le basi per risvegliare le nostre emozioni!!!! siete stati geniali, buon lavoro!!!

    29. the PonoMusic Team Creator on

      Thanks for the kind words! We will put all your artists signature series into SERIOUS consideration!

    30. Morten Lind on

      Dear NEIL YOUNG:
      I spread the words years ago, when you first announced this. I am SOOO GLAD that it is taking off. Thanks for sticking with it. Can't wait to enjoy your super sound. Thank you for delivering us into goodness ;-)
      "Support Pono: Sound shouldn't be awful just because it's digital."

    31. Ove Duesund on

      The first time I`ve ever backed a project but this is too good to miss! Pearl Jam edition is ordered and I cannot wait for the day when it drops into my mailbox.

    32. JK on

      Wooooo James Taylor!!

    33. Shane Kennedy on

      Great to see Pono is waking up music fans to what they are missing, long May ye run!! Desperately disappointed not to get a Neil Young edition (settled for pearl jam) would love an option to trade, the time difference between the states and Ireland meant I never really stood a chance by the time I got home from work. If not, no worries........I can't bloody wait to get my pono. Keep on rocking. Shane Kennedy

    34. Missing avatar

      Lars Bentzen on

      Thanks for doing this! This is what many music lovers have been waiting for...

    35. Chiknhed on

      When I saw that Neil was behind it I said of coarse I'm on board! I trust Neil when it comes to the integrity of the art of music. Not only that, it is true, when I listen to work straight out of the studio it is different from what goes down on CD. A few years back i noticed a difference from my old Akai reel to reel vs CD's...but I never could put my finger on it...till Neil brought it up! I'm Ready :)

    36. Missing avatar

      adam erickson on

      This is the best Kickstarter ever!

    37. Missing avatar

      Mitch Faris on

      Oh my God thank You! I thought CD's sounded like crap and then MP3's ugh!!! I'm a recording artist and It has been so disheartening to think that no one would ever hear anything close to what we hear on a playback in the control room. : )

    38. Missing avatar

      dave pettigrew on

      great talk neil. looking forward to getting this in hand to hear the difference. all the best as you finish up the beta and move to the real thing!

    39. Missing avatar

      Sean Watkins on

      Way to go Neil and crew! It's pretty cool to see a dream coming true.

    40. Fabio Araujo Cintra on

      What about Bruce Springsteen Edition? That would be great!!

    41. ron kennedy on

      finially i get to help neil on one of his projects.cant wait for the next one lets all get together in an army of electric cars and fix this tarsands carbon pumping nightmere lets get all the neil freeks to each make 100000 pounds of bio char and bury it its a start.thanx neil so proud to have supported you.

    42. Fabio Araujo Cintra on

      PLEASE! More Neil Young Pono Editions!

    43. Missing avatar

      Marc de Oliveira on

      Two words: Bob Dylan
      Can I hope for a Bob Dylan edition?

    44. Kristel Labarry on

      BIg thanx from FRANCE to PonoMusic team ! I've been interested in the Pono since reading about it in Neil's book. Cant wait till october ;) ;) ;)

    45. Warwick Curly Brown on

      But overseas and with the time difference we Australians had no chance of buying the Neil young editions,,,PLEASE help us support you and Neil and this project by letting us upgrade to a Neil young signature pono

    46. Warwick Curly Brown on

      Oh man..I bought a yellow and black one..cause that's my football team colors the Neil edition had sold out..then I added a poster...but by doing so it canceled my pono order because I presume one cany have two things as a I has to cancel my entire order, I've reordered the black and yellow one..very excited

    47. Missing avatar

      Douglas E. Wiggins on

      In the now famous words of Olympic Snowboarder, Sage Kotsenburg: "I heard it's going to be crazy. I'm definitely stoked to be a part of it!"

    48. Missing avatar

      Karen Purvis on

      Please, please, please more Neil Young editions!

    49. ron kennedy on

      i have been not buying as much music as i can waiting for this.cant wait till october

    50. Scott Winfield Allen on

      In order to truly hear music , u need to feel PonoMusic